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  1. Its hard to believe it’s been 6 months since I “went under the knife”. What a 6 months it has been. From nervousness to excitement, from regret to happiness. The emotions have been all over the board. It definitely hasn’t been easy and it’s really only just began. I wanted to share a little of my journey thus far for folks that are considering the surgery, just had the surgery or anybody else that can relate or possibly get/stay motivated. Like most, the beginning was very difficult. I did a ton of research before the surgery. I thought I was prepared. But as the old adage goes, “you don’t know until you do it”. I struggled with drinking enough water/fluids, not getting enough protein, feelings of despair as I could only eat a tiny amount of food, total regret of having the surgery and wanting to call up Doc Brown to see if I could borrow the Delorean to go back in time. But around the 6 week mark, it seemed that everyday my attitude got a little better. I started to walk a little bit to clear my mind. I started just walking around the block. It’s about all I could do and I was a little paranoid of doing too much (silly in hindsight). I tried to really stay focused on sticking to the plan and just taking each day as it was and not look into the future. I started incorporating fish into my diet and nuts and I started walking around the block twice. I just kept telling myself that things will get easier. And before too long, they did. Fast forward to today and I’ve lost 164 lbs. I’ve lost 33% of my highest body weight. My BMI has gone from 58.3 to 38.9. I’m now walking 5 miles at a time, about 5 days a week. I eat mostly fish, salads, veggies and nuts. I actually eat carbs and some stuff that they probably don’t want me to but it’s limited and I’m burning so many calories exercising that I can handle some extra calories and not worry about it. I think I’m most proud of the fact that I’ve consistently lost weight every single week except in week 3 (seems like this is the week everybody tends to stall). I’ve learned to give myself a little credit instead of giving it all to the surgery. The procedure definitely deserves most all of the credit but I wouldn’t be where I’m at now had I not stuck to the plan, pushed myself to stay mentally strong and built a routine of exercise. Giving myself that little bit of credit has helped me in so many ways. I’m still about 80 lbs from my goal. I have a long way to go to get to that goal and of course even longer for a lifetime commitment to being healthy. I know whoever reads this has heard the line “if I can do it, anybody can”. I hate to use that but it’s so true. I used to lack motivation to get out of my Laz-E-Boy to even walk around the block. To put down the soda, stop eating a large pizza by myself, fries, Chinese food, burgers,wings, you name it. I found something inside me that clicked to get curious about the surgery. Then to actually go thru with it. Then to implement and execute the plan to improve my life. I wish I could say that I’m 110% confident that I’ll never gain weight again. That I’ll never binge eat again or go off the rails. I’m confident right now that I’m fully committed to a new lifestyle. I’m only 6 months in. I’m still not even that hungry. I can still only eat a little bit. At some point, those things will change. But I know that I never want to go back to what I was. I haven’t changed as a person in the last 6 months. But my attitude, goals and purpose has. For that I’m grateful. I wish all who reads this much success in your journey. Know that it will be different from mine and all others that you come across. There will be many similarities but your journey is your own just as mine is for me. If I can do it, anybody can. 👊🏼✌🏼
  2. Mike Long

    Still a slow loser

    I agree with others that you’ve done a great job thus far and it’s likely that you’re being to hard on yourself. There is no manual on how this should go. It sounds like you’re doing what you need to do. Your body will catch up to your mind. As your name implies, it’s a journey!
  3. Mike Long

    12 weeks post-op and hospitalized.

    My blood work has been good all along but once I got off the Lisinopril (about 1 month post op) I have felt much better. It’s anecdotal but maybe there’s something with these types of surgeries and diuretic BP meds. Good luck!
  4. Mike Long

    Any March Surgeries?

    I wish I had suggestions but sadly I don’t. I’m 10 weeks post op and I have zero hunger and zero desire to eat. I’m eating very little. I often wonder if my surgeon removed 99% of my stomach instead of the 75-80% LOL. If I approach 2-3 oz of food at a sitting, I can feel it in my chest and stomach. So I simply stop eating. I’m not getting in the protein that they recommend so I’m trying to work on that. Of the many things I’ve learned throughout this entire process, the one that sticks out the most is that everybody’s journey and situation is unique. My only suggestion is simply Just try your best to stick to the plan. I know you’ve heard that a million times but I think it’s the best course of action. Good luck!
  5. Mike Long

    What's your best post op advice?

    It’s going to be hard. Very hard in fact. Make sure you absolutely want to do it. You will most likely have regrets shortly after surgery. You can’t know everything beforehand. You can only prepare so much. Having said that, if you really want to make a lifestyle change and can handle the mental battle, it will absolutely be worth it. I agree with the others, your journey will be unique. I’m only 10 weeks post op and it took me until about 2 weeks ago to stop regretting it. I just focused on day to day. I’m still never hungry, I have no desire to eat, I don’t get all my protein in each day but I’ve learned how to create a routine. As mentioned, everybody is unique. I think it’s important for people considering this to know that it’s not easy. It might be the hardest thing you’ll ever do. At least mentally. But as they say, the things most worth achieving are also the most difficult. Good luck should you choose this surgery.
  6. Mike Long

    Any March Surgeries?

    My surgery was 3/25 and what I’ve been told & the program has been virtually identical. My dietician told me not to worry about calories and only count protein. They don’t seem to be concerned about much else (at least at this point). Because I never had any pains or discomfort, after the 3rd week post op they graduated me to stage 5 or whatever I wanted to eat. That didn’t matter much for me because even to this day I have zero hunger, no desire to eat, nothing sounds appealing. I don’t Have any aversions (I had the sleeve) but I’m simply not hungry and have to force myself to eat. I’m barely eating and I’m not getting in the recommended daily protein amounts. I feel fine and have been able to cut out one of my blood pressure meds completely and all my labs are in really good, healthy ranges. I don’t know when my hunger will come back but I’ve lost 80+ lbs since 3/11 (2 week pre op diet) and 55+ lbs since surgery day. I started near 500 so it’s all relative. I stated walking 30 mins daily just recently and I’m probably only taking in 500-750 Calories/day. I guess I should be happy that I’m losing weight and feeling ok while having good labs. I know the hunger will come back. Good luck!
  7. Mike Long

    Any March Surgeries?

    Congrats! Truly amazing stuff. The cholesterol number is stunning. And the A1C is incredible. Kudos and keep it going!
  8. I’m very similar to you (although a guy). I’m 43, 6’6’ and HW was 492, two weeks pre op. I was a college baseball player and athlete from young age thru mid 20’s. I Met an Italian girl with a huge family (food porn to say the least lol) got a desk job, stopped playing sports and gained about 250 lbs and the rest is history. It’s crazy to think I was in pretty decent shape at one time. I’m just over 6 weeks post op and from the 492 two weeks pre op until now, I’m down to 416. My goal weight is 250 but if I’m honest, I’ll live with being 292. That would be a 200 lb weight loss and almost 50% total. I also don’t think the scale matters in the long run. If your health stats are good and in normal ranges and you feel good about yourself then what’s 199 vs 169 or 149? I’m sure many would disagree with this but when all the dust settles, your health matters more than the number on the scale. As long as you have good, normal ranges then I don’t care I’m I’m 292 or 250. Just my opinion though. Good luck!
  9. Mike Long

    Any March Surgeries?

    I’ll be 6 weeks post op on Thursday and I’m in the same exact boat. Minus the yogurt. I have zero hunger, get full after a few bites and nothing sounds or looks appetizing. I know this is the design but it’s demoralizing at the same time. Total and complete mental battle.
  10. Mike Long

    Any March Surgeries?

    I would look at it as a % at this point. I’m 5 weeks and a few days post op and I’m 70+ lbs but I also started at 492 (two weeks pre op). So unless you were as heavy as I was, your % might be close to the same or even better. Just food for thought.
  11. Mike Long

    Any March Surgeries?

    How do the chips taste? I have a hard time thinking they’ll be appetizing not being “real” chips. I take the procare bariatric multi vitamin and it can’t be cut in half.
  12. Mike Long

    Any March Surgeries?

    I was 5 weeks post op yesterday. Like you I’m barely eating. I have no desire to eat and when I do it’s forced. Nothing sounds good at all. I’m having difficulty swallowing all the pills required (which I never had any issues before). This is a mental battle. I haven’t had any pain or discomfort or any real physical issues other than getting a little lightheaded when getting up to fast at times. I’ve managed to cut one of my blood pressure meds in half so that’s good. I’ve lost 70 lbs in 7 weeks (5 weeks post op & 2 weeks pre op diet). While I’ve lost a good amount of weight, I hate that I have zero hunger and I can barely eat. It sucks majorly. But I’m hopeful that as time goes by that will change.
  13. Mike Long

    1 month post op

    I’m 4 weeks post op today from the Sleeve and I’m down 62 lbs from the start of the two week pre op diet and 37 lbs from surgery day. it’s been 100% mental for me to this point. I’ve had virtually no pain, discomfort or uncomfortableness. But it’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever encountered mentally. I’ve learned a lot already on this forum and have really enjoyed the content and the people sharing their successes, failures and everything in between. Even though I have a very long way to go, I’m hopeful this was the right decision.
  14. Mike Long

    1 month post op

    Thanks! And I agree about self awareness.
  15. I couldn’t agree more. Kudos for saying it and also for your success! You’re below your goal. That’s amazing!
  16. As everybody else has said, the “3 week stall” is a real thing. I will be 4 weeks post op tomorrow and from about the 12 day mark to the 22 day mark, I only lost 2 lbs. I started to freak a little because I’m barely eating and have no hunger or desire to eat. My nutritionist said it was normal and I confirmed that here on the message boards. My best advice is like everybody else said, stick to the script and only weigh once a week. I’m down 60 lbs in 6 weeks (2 weeks pre op diet until now). So while I had that little “stall”, I’m averaging 1lb a day. So I look at the big picture. I wish I had your hunger!
  17. Mike Long

    Light headness

    I experienced this as well. I’m 4 weeks post op tomorrow. I was on blood pressure meds before (still am) and never felt light headed in my life until after the surgery. The solution was simple, I cut one of my meds in half. Since I did that a few days ago, I’ve only felt the sensation once or so. I spoke with my PCP & surgeon and they both agreed it was best. Not sure if you’re on BP meds but maybe talk to your dr’s about it if you are.
  18. Man to man, you look great bro! Congrats on having the mental toughness to not only lose the weight but get fit as well. Inspiring stuff!
  19. @Nanagrrl3 I’m 4 weeks post op tomorrow and I was cleared for full solid foods after 3 weeks. I have been overly cautious about eating the entire time. While I haven’t had any issues with food coming up or pain/discomfort, I have no desire to eat and can seemingly only eat tiny bits of food. I get full really fast. I totally agree with @catwoman7 that we’re all very different and to try soft foods like fish or soft meats with sauce. Fish has a ton of protein and very low calories. This is a mental struggle that only people who have had this surgery can know. I can’t wait for the day when I feel hungry, can eat without worry and move on. I really wish I knew when that would be. Good luck!
  20. Just curious, why are you doing this? Did you have a complication with the sleeve?
  21. I eat either SF pops (they really are fantastic) or a piece of cheese. Sometimes I’ll have some peaches or pears but rarely. I have found that eating a little something helps me in the morning not be as blah feeling.
  22. Mike Long

    Any March Surgeries?

    This is fantastic m, congrats! When did you weight 436? Almost 100 lbs is amazing but I’m curious the time frame. I started at 492 on 3/11, surgery was 3/25 I was 471 and as of 4/11 i was 439. So I’ve lost 50+ in about a month. I know that won’t continue but a good start. You’re killing it bro!
  23. Has anybody tested how much you can eat in one sitting? A friend of mine who got the sleeve told me that once you’re on soft foods or beyond that I should push the limits, so to speak, so I can understand what being full is. I can’t bring myself to do this. I’m only 17 days post op and I haven’t had any issues so I’m in the soft food stage. It’s difficult because I’m not hungry at all and also I have a mental block around getting sick. Where do people stand on this?
  24. The wife comment is about recovery, yes. She doesn’t get it that I can’t be lifting and pulling and working on a shed just after this. Anyhoo, I didn’t have all of what you’re saying with food. I just ate what I wanted when I wanted and how much ever I wanted. I definitely didn’t have a healthy relationship but I never was cerebral about it. Also having a desk job doesn’t help. I also am not a person who cares what people think of me so I didn’t have body image issues. My why is I realized that there’s nobody in their 70’s, 80’s or 90’s walking around my size. They don’t exist. I have two young boys that need me and I want to see them become men. So I made the decision. Right now I hate it. Absolutely hate it. But I’m hopeful each day and week is better than the last and I’ll get a grip on the mental anguish I’m going thru.
  25. Mike Long

    Any March Surgeries?

    Very sorry to hear this. My surgery was 3/25 so I’m in week 3 as well. Hopefully you can get better and get home. Positive vibes sent!

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