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  1. TravelKat

    Protein taste issues

    Thanks for the info! Good to know
  2. TravelKat

    Protein taste issues

    The Premier ones I can taste now and they used to be my go-to drink. The only ones I have been able to tolerate post-surgery at the Slim-Fast Advanced but they still taste chemically to me.
  3. TravelKat

    Protein taste issues

    Thank you! I am going to look for these!
  4. TravelKat

    Protein taste issues

    I definitely learned not to put it into something hot! Then it tastes awful AND clumps!
  5. TravelKat

    Protein taste issues

    That's what the Genepro is. It's supposedly one of the least with taste, and it seemed like that to me beforehand, but now...ewwwww. It's amazing how much my tastebuds have changed since surgery (which is probably a good thing in the long run LOL).
  6. TravelKat

    Liver shrink Diet

    You can do it! Physically, you will probably not feel hungry. The protein fills you up. It's the "mental" hunger that is difficult. All the food commercials, the emotional reasons we eat, etc. THAT is the difficult part, but part of the journey. Have some activities or someone to speak with that can fill the void. Post a pic on your fridge or a reminder about why you are doing this.
  7. Is anyone else struggling with the taste of protein after surgery? Before surgery with my 2 week liquid protein diet, I had no issues, but now all the protein drinks and Genepro taste like straight-up chemicals. I can barely get it down due to the smell and taste. I am having trouble meeting my protein requirements of 65 g per day because of this. Natural protein foods don't bother me like chicken, hamburger, beans, etc., but I can't eat enough of that to make up the difference and need supplementation.