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  1. I appreciate your input on this topic, @CarmenG. 1) Is there one or two main things you don't like about the bypass, or is it just more restrictive overall? And 2) Have you done much exercise in either case? Just wondering if that was a factor in your weight loss.
  2. Midwest Grateful

    July 2023 buddies

    Awesome news! Congratulations on a successful surgery. I hope it's smooth sailing going forward. Now just get that BP down. 💟
  3. Midwest Grateful

    Depressed before surgery

    @MasonMoonGirl... Congratulations on saying no and resisting the temptation to give in to food invitations! I respectfully disagree with the suggestion to go to Com Con. Not at this stage. I am on my pre-op liquid diet (day 5 of 14). It's doable. Day 3 was my hardest, especially emotionally. I have been seeing a therapist to help prepare me for a drastic lifestyle change (I'm also a counselor, so that was an easy choice). Good for you for making that choice as well. The liquid diet isn't half as challenging as the mindset re food choices, etc. Hang tough. You're wise to begin this serious lifestyle change now. From all I've read - and I've researched this for eons, as well as know several people who have had WLS - the ones who get therapy or at least find a way to change their lifestyle and their mindset surrounding food are the ones who stay consistent and are less likely to return to old destructive thinking and gain weight later. Keep those boundaries clear for you and others to see. Anyone who doesn't respect your boundaries and journey, put much space between you and them. This is too important. All the best! 💟
  4. Midwest Grateful

    July 2023 buddies

    All the best on your surgery day! Looking forward to hearing how you're doing. Keep us posted. Hang in there! Keep the calm going. 😊
  5. Midwest Grateful

    Weak Bariatric Vitamin Brands? Doesn't Make Sense...

    Thanks, everyone, for the feedback! I'm sharing my supplement requirements from my program (see attachment). They expect more than what the typical bariatric vitamins offer, even if I were to take 2-3 per day. Plus my neurologist requires a daily minimum of 25mg of B6 - most don't come close to that, so I'll just take an additional B complex. I'm just surprised the dosages are so low in the vitamins. I'm looking into each supplement suggested here, so I appreciate your input. I start my pre-op liquid diet tomorrow.
  6. Midwest Grateful

    July 2023 buddies

    Just days away. Good for you! Hang in there!
  7. Midwest Grateful


    I am so sorry, @Layla1222. That's so hard. I don't know if this is an option, but I'm in the program at Cleveland Clinic's Bariatric & Metabolic Center. My surgeon is well known and respected. If you're looking for another opinion, I would highly recommend. I have some serious health issues, which is why I chose this program. My surgery is in a few weeks, but so far I'm incredibly impressed with the specialists. I wish you all the best, and I'm praying for you now... Don't hesitate to reach out. 💟
  8. Midwest Grateful

    July 2023 buddies

    It's a serious decision, for sure. My plan was to try the meds first. While waiting for insurance to approve, I continued to further my research. I realized there really aren't solid empirical/blind studies that show potential risks with long term use. Some of these meds are new, and others still don't have reliable studies long term. I realize the meds work for many, but once discontinued the weight returns. I know a few people who had to stop the meds; one in particular was on Wegovy for several months and couldn't stop vomiting. In the 1990's, I used phen-phen for weight loss. Later, studies revealed that drug was linked to serious heart issues. So I've learned to be pretty careful about weight loss meds. Everyone can choose their line in the sand. For me, this surgery is solely to stop my complex health issues from progressing by addressing persistent inflammation (the weight loss will be an added plus!). We're all different, and I respect everyone's decision for their journey. For me, this decision has been a 7-month process, and I needed every bit of it to research and feel comfortable with it all. I'm hopeful for the future, but I also know that the surgery doesn't end my obesity. It's just the beginning of a lifelong journey for however long I have left on this planet. I wish you all the best! 😊
  9. Midwest Grateful

    July 2023 buddies

    I appreciate hearing the update. It sounds like you're doing well, and are on top of it. Way to be self-aware! Glad the pain was low level...or not an issue. Which surgery did you have, @Colin Bennett?
  10. Midwest Grateful

    Mounjaro side effects

    Way to choose your battles. You got this!! ❤️
  11. Midwest Grateful

    Surgeon suggested bypass instead of sleeve.

    @MelvaJ, I am 62. I'm scheduled for the sleeve next month, and you bring up something I've been considering. I'm going to create a new post on this, but I have resisted having the bypass. I'm second-guessing my choice. I appreciate your input. Thanks for sharing. I wish you all the best with your revision. 💟
  12. Midwest Grateful

    Over 50 sleevers

    I'm sorry, @StJules. I haven't had my surgery yet (coming in July), but I've read plenty of posts here that are encouraging re slower starts to weight loss. I'm 62 and wondered if it is slower in the beginning because of age, but that doesn't always seem to be the case. And really, I think there are a few people who lose a LOT in the beginning, but that's not as common. I think they just stand out to us more and we become hopeful...or at least I do. Hang in there. Hopefully we'll all be able to report significant weight loss soon...and more importantly, better health! This is a good forum. I encourage you to keep reading posts that address your concerns. Lots of helpful people here! Welcome! 😊
  13. Midwest Grateful

    July 2023 buddies

    Welcome, @FifiLux! Thanks for sharing. I'm sure many of us can relate to your story. I know I can. I totally agree that google searches get a bit scary and confusing. I find Facebook groups (I've tried two) to also be less than optimal. I'm new also, and I've found that this group has been friendly, responsible with reliable info, and generous with sharing. So helpful! I hope you'll find it the same. Also, I think many places require a two week pre-op liquid diet, but I would check with your program or surgeon's office. I'm getting my surgery from a large clinic in the midwest. I was told to follow this diet as a liver cleanse (I have liver disease and they're doing a biopsy). But this diet seems customary for many. Your surgery is coming sooner than mine (July 27th). All the best!
  14. Midwest Grateful

    July 2023 buddies

    Hi Mpumi... Welcome! So fortunate to have great support. All the best to you!
  15. Midwest Grateful


    I can't imagine. I'm still six weeks from my surgery date. How about playing some of your favorite music? Or journal about your thoughts and how you feel currently? Or go for a walk as LindsayT suggests? You are now hours away from your surgery. We'll look forward to hearing from you when you're able to share. I wish you the best, Big red man! You'll do great!
  16. Midwest Grateful

    Complex Health Issues & Physical Limitations

    Catwoman7, that's so encouraging. I'm learning more about how diet alone is key. So kind of you to respond. Thanks so much!
  17. Midwest Grateful

    July 2023 buddies?

    Hi! I'm scheduled for July 27th.

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