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  1. 2 week post op and i am on puree and soft food. My GERD has been on 1000 and I cannot take it. Everything I eat flares it up. I cannot not do puree due to having issue with consistency of foods. I know a lot of you may think its all in my head, but the graininess of it I cannot tolerate. I was given a ricotta bake recipe which was amazing. I was wondering if anyone had any to share? Had my first post op appointment yesterday, down to 315 from 339 the day of surgery. I want to continue this downward trend without any problems, but eating has become a serious pain and I feel like I'm heading to a point with I might develop a fear of eating. So please please please, if any one has any recipes I would greatly appreciate it.
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    No one forced you to reply to this post. There was no reason for your two cents because it does not apply to you. I still dont get the relevance of guns and someones sexuality and there weight lost journey. This is the problem with Americans like you these days. I mean absolutely no disrespect, but i feel like you group of Americans are Always discrediting those the don't show the same values are you guys. Always trying to group everything under one umbrella because you guys are uncomfortable to deal with the issue on the plate. I'm all for gun rights, but why assult rifles and military grade weapons. There's no need for all that. This lady was trying to create a space with ppl like her and myself count talk about things that bother us during our journey. We did not force you to answer this post. Again I don't mean to sound disrespectful but I just can't see why you had to answer. Sent from my SM-G973U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Recipes...I NEED RECIPES LOL

    Already on Pantoprazole (Protonix) 40mg for chronic gastritis from before the surgery. Spoke to them yesterday, was told to take a 2nd one at night or Famotidine (Pepcid) 20mg at night. Sent from my SM-G973U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    I'm Losing My Mind

    Good Evening my fellow sleevers. I am 8 days post op. I feel great, almost no gas problems. I'm able to tolerate food a lot better. My problem though is consistency of the food. I'm a weird person and food are appeal if the consistency is right. Therefore as you guys would tell the puree is not going so well haha. Taste great, but the graininess and or chuckiness literally makes me want to throw up. Due to this I don't feel like I'm getting adequate amount of protein. All that I've been eating is hummus; which gets me and doesn't get me, eggs, fish, and today i was able to tolerate chicken breast baked and cubed. The protein shakes does a number to my stomach and sends me to the bathroom. With that, i am scared to try it again. Does any body have alternative high protein option? Also does any body have raging cravings for thing that we are not suppose to eat? Me i crave fast food, carbs; lots and lots of carbs, and cheese weirdly enough? Any suggestions? Sorry if I'm rambling, but i can't sleep and you guys know what I'm dealing with. My friends try to help but they think its as easy as telling yourself "no you can't have these things". I guess my eat problems are really an eating addiction. So I'm extremely scare of reverting back to my old ways and looking like the biggest FAILURE there is.
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    I'm Losing My Mind

    How do i keep a food diary? See I've never done that. I hated counting calories and I always had an issue especially when it came to when I personally cooked food. Like do all foods have the same nutrition facts no matter the brand. Like if I buy generic chicken versus perdue chicken, do they have the same nutrition value? How do I account for fat content and etc? I'm a haitian american growing up on haitian food. I never had to really worry about nutrition facts so its not something I really taught myself. So hope you guys can understand my frustration.
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    I'm Losing My Mind

    Thank you thank you. I've been afraid to add things because they were so strict on this stage being straight about protein.
  7. LaurentSyl621

    I'm Losing My Mind

    Have either of you dealt with cravings?
  8. LaurentSyl621

    I'm Losing My Mind

    Omg thank you so much. You and Aubrey have given me such great information. Yea, people suck haha.
  9. I know the feeling. I've seen that scramble eggs help me and canned chicken, like for chicken salad. I've tried the pureed foods and the texture doesn't work for me. Idk, if they are allowing that for you. After surgery, i started at stage II which was soft, mushy food or puree.
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    Hey March surgery folks

    Thank you for the suggestions. I'm so afraid of what i can and cannot eat. I am at the soft foods and puree stage, which i think is stage II. Yes i ambalsobvery sick of the sweet stuff. Have you tried the meal replacement chicken soup?
  11. LaurentSyl621

    Hey March surgery folks

    I had my surgery March 30th. I am suffering from a lot of upper GI gas, belching, and discomfort. I take the Gas-X and I drink water. I walk the recommended amount of 15 mins every hour. I was the first patient of my date group to be up and walking and I haven't changed my mindset from that, but the gas and belching is becoming unbearable. Any recommendations of what to eat, because I'm a picky eater and baked fish and canned tuna has not been doing it for me. I was finally able to tolerate 1 egg that was divided into breakfast and lunch today.