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  1. I have lost weight on my own before in the past. It can be done but putting it back on is just too easy. But what I learned then is that my skinny friends wanted me to stay fat, because they wanted to be the skinny friend, and my fat friends wanted me to stay fat. You may have that issue too when your weight loss is more noticeable but yeah, I don't need to hear judgement before surgery! As long as your boyfriend was supportive and you are happy with YOUR decision, that's all that matters. Everyone else can suck it. Congrats on your decision and hope you are recovering well!
  2. Thank you so much everyone for your responses. The closer I get to surgery (May 10th), the happier I am that I didn't make the decision to tell anyone -- except for my mom as she is my emergency contact. And OMG, she is driving me nuts with the phone calls and texts. Yes mom, I'm sure. Yes mom, I'm still getting it done. No mom, you stay home. Yes mom, I know that I am not just going to wake up after surgery and be skinny! Thank you Mom but No, I don't need your mother's sister-in-law's recipe for broth. This time next week I'll be 3 days post op. Crazy to finally say that!
  3. ShanIAmVA

    May Surgeries - check in!

    Hello hello my May peeps! My date is May 10th. Having a VSG in Mexico. I leave Saturday and will be in San Diego for a couple days. Seeing the sights, drinking clear liquids, planting my face against restaurant windows in Old Town. Good times! Pre-op hasn't been terrible as I was able to have chicken and veggies and sugar free popsicles but someone kept adding a teaspoon of blue cheese crumbles into my salad that first week. I live alone so not sure how that happened. And within a few days I got addicted to Protein Café Latte shakes and had to watch my intake Why I can't do anything in moderation, I'll never know! It's like I need to be addicted to something. Wish it was exercise but whatever. I hope everyone with May surgeries and beyond are doing well and have a lifechanging experience!! I am so thankful to this forum!
  4. ShanIAmVA

    Pre op diets

    Yeah, my program does not allow fruit juice either. When I need to satisfy my sweet craving I'll have a sugar free ice pop or grape flavored Crystal light. But I had to ditch ALL my juices when I started pre-op. And broth really helps with my salt cravings. Although I am trying to limit having broth because I don't want to get sick of it before I start my liquid only!
  5. Oh no, I am so sorry about the hernia but glad that it was detected and it can be taken care of at the same time. And you are so right - it IS personal. I am a very private person too and telling everyone my business has never been comfortable for me. I can do it here, on the internet, but never ever IRL. And when I am sick, I just want to be left alone. I can't deal with hovering. LOL Good luck to you also. May 6th will be here very very soon. I'll be looking forward to sharing our updates!
  6. Thank you my height and GW twin. The closer I get to having surgery the more convinced I am that only telling one person (mother) was the absolute right decision. And lately I am regretting even telling her. I get a LOT of calls and texts giving me pre-op diet advice and mental preparedness advice. I finally had to tell her to give it a rest. LOL Of course, I did tell her that I appreciated her enthusiasm and support. haha Thank you for your response and validation!
  7. I am on pre-op now but my doctor only provided a list of suggested protein shakes and Premier was one of them. What I would do is ask your doctor (bypass the nurse - no pun intended haha ) and tell them that you had already purchased XYZ and your budget is not permitting (or struggling with) the purchase of Bariatric Advantage. And ask the doctor if that is a deal breaker for your surgery. At the very least, perhaps they can discount the cost to something less than $90. The good news is that you'll be drinking these even after surgery so maybe buy their product for pre-op and save the Premier shakes for post-op.
  8. ShanIAmVA

    The nightmare continues...

    I am going to Tijuana, Mexico for my sleeve on May 10th and the cost is the same today as it was in 2014. Although there is an additional fee of $80 because the first place they take you once they pick you up from airport is to a clinic to perform a CT scan because of COVID. It's a nominal fee, IMO. I do not have a fear of flying during the pandemic but I understand that might be a showstopper for others. And the hospitals there take the same safety precautions as we do here in the States. And now that vaccinations are available to most everyone now, that can always be taken care of before you go. I'm really just saying all this because I don't want you, or even the OP, to be deterred from taking that route even in the world of COVID. I would never have been approved here. I don't have any significant underlying medical issues due to weight and my BMI does not quite reach the requirements to qualify. Mexico was my only, and financially best, option. JaysWife - If you get another denial, why don't ask your doctor what they think of surgery in Mexico. Personally, my physician cheered me on. Good luck to you. I know how much this means to you.
  9. ShanIAmVA

    Breakup Because I Had WLS

    Yup, this is pretty much it. Don't take this personally. In fact, consider it him doing you a favor because if he can't support your new eating (and drinking) way of life then that is not someone you want around. And if can't see all of the other wonderful things you bring to the table, that is his selfish choice. You need a strong man, not this wimp!
  10. Thanks for the update! So glad you are not in much pain anymore. I did hear about the drinking water thing after surgery so I'll be sure to opt for IV fluids rather than getting water down. Hopefully that will be an option. I hope you get some rest over the next few days and get those steps in!
  11. I'll be thinking about you! You'll do great!!
  12. I find this very strange. Ever since my surgery date was scheduled, my relationship with food has totally changed. Before I made the decision to get a sleeve done, I felt hopeless and depressed about my weight. In a totally counterproductive way, I soothed those feelings by overeating. For years I have done the "I'll start tomorrow, next week, next month" dance and those tomorrow's, week's and month's never came. But now that I have an actual surgery date, my hope has been restored and my circumstantial depression is evaporating. With that, I find that my unquenching desire to eat is evaporating, too. Don't get me wrong, I am still eating things that are not good for me but it is not constant and I don't find myself anxious to get hungry again so I can gorge. If that makes any sense at all. I hope this feeling continues as it will make my 2 weeks pre-op diet go a little more smoothly. (Although I am thinking of starting at 3 weeks out to allow myself a week to adjust - i.e. make mistakes) No need for replies. I'm just putting virtual pen to paper right now. For those who read this, thanks!
  13. ShanIAmVA

    What is your why?

    I have almost all the reasons everyone else mentioned in these responses and other than the obvious health reasons, my big one is this - I want pictures of myself with my mother before she dies. When my dad was dying, I didn't take any pictures of us together in those last couple years. I was embarrassed and ashamed and that shame robbed me of visual memories. I don't want that to happen ever again.
  14. I know this sounds crazy but I got those "excitement" twinges in my stomach reading your last two posts. I guess it is because your excitement level is coming through so loud and clear. Get ready because your life is about to change for the better!! For the hospital, do you have a pair of those socks with those rubber grips on the bottom? Not sure if you will get a pair while there but I know that is definitely on my list!
  15. Thank you! And I hear you about the emergency contact. If I didn't have a conscience, I would have given the doctor's office a fake name and number but I didn't want to throw out bad karma by lying. LOL I didn't check out your profile and it may be in there but do you have a surgery date set yet?