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  1. LisLuva

    Hair Loss

    Thats definitely one thing am really worried about
  2. The bariatastic app actually has a timer that helps you get all your liquids in and even times how much you chew your food maybe check it out.
  3. Hey this is really in my head lately and im not sure if anyone can help me i been on Methadone maintenance for about 5years now in recovery same amount of time since the size of the stomach is much smaller after surgery will it affect the amount of methadone i am on will i have to decrease or does the size of my stomach make no difference. If anyone knows anything or knows anyone that went through this particular situation LMK Thanks 😊
  4. Im just curious ive heard other people say that they take the pediatric Multivitamins like the "Flintstones" chewable ones. Any Thoughts?? Because honestly i cant afford all these things that are "required" Post and Pre Op so if theirs a way i can save i need it i literally have like a ridiculous amount of those vitamins lol
  5. So how does everyone feel about using Podwer Protein insted of the ready to drink i know they are way more convenient but sometimes a little more expensive also how do you prepare the powder so it equals the amount of protein and calories your supposed to have (not sure if that makes any sense) i hope it does am on the fence my surgery is April 26 and i haven't been able to buy anything i can't afford anything hopefully i can get some stuff beginning of the month.
  6. Thats kind of messed up for them to "require" you to purchase thoes particular products why shouldn't you be allowed to buy something else if you wanted i dont think thats fair especially since they are kind of expensive well for me at least.

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