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  1. On 03/16/2022 at 08:33, Tonib91 said:

    Can someone tell me why I’m still

    Having menopause symptoms

    After mini VSG ? I only had 60% removed . Currently 5 weeks post op

    Fat cells contain and can help create estrogen, so when you loose weight quickly you unlock some of the stores of estrogen. I call it my personal global warming. I’m post menopausal and experienced a fake period, and random hot flashes. I can limit the nighttime flashes by going to bed a little bit hungry. I’m still trying to understand the food hormones and gender hormone links? Anyone else?

  2. I can see the allure of comfort being in charge of yourself, but I would not have been able to go out the same day. In the evening of the surgery I got up to go to the bathroom and was suddenly overwhelmed with both dizziness and nausea. The nurse with me hurried me back to bed and spent (what felt like forever but was probably 45 minutes) getting anti-nausea meds. Then it took a while for the meds to work.

    If I had fallen I knew at least a team of people could have been there to get me up. I’m not sure I would have the wherewithal to tough it out in a hotel room, or that my friend would either.

    Well, I do see the financial difference of just getting it done while you can. And truthfully, I had a difficult hiatal hernia repair that made my whole surgery time 6-8 hours. All I remember was going down in the morning and waking up at night. No one plans on extra difficulties. I’m hearing you on the financials/health and wishing you the best of recoveries! I’ve never regretted my RNY.

  3. On 05/09/2022 at 01:29, Tina 2.0 said:

    Tami, Re #1, the rings. Windex works so much better than lotion. It sounds crazy, I learned that at a jewelry store years ago. I have used it since then and it really works better than anything else.

    Hope your list continues to grow w/ NSV!

    All I could think of was the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding!” Lol

  4. I had the same symptoms as ms.sss. At 3 & 1/2 months on Thanksgiving, I tried Ben and Jerry’s lactose free ice cream. I had 1/4 cup and it hit me half an hour later, maybe less. I’m finding any sugar/carby food can trigger it, or sometimes it’s a reactive sugar drop a few hours later. Air popped light salt popcorn triggered it last time. I was never diabetic. I find dumping does keep me on the straight and narrow which is good! If you do want to try new foods, it helps to be at home with a time block of a few hours and a Protein Shake to counter the sugar lows.

    For those who think dumping is a get out of jail free card; there’s no weight loss. There may be a slight loss sometimes, but it’s Water from the both ends pushing it all out. Mostly I find I still gain weight and trigger an asthma attack from all the inflammation. I have even measured my ankles and found them to be 2-3 centimeters bigger the day after a carb incident.

  5. I’m remembering what it felt like when I miscarried. I felt like it was my fault. I felt like my body betrayed me. I felt alone because it wasn’t something you could talk about. I’m glad you said something, and I’m sorry for your loss. It wasn’t your fault, medically the offspring wasn’t viable, usually it’s chromosomal. Your body didn’t betray you, it was telling you something was wrong. As you move through your grief, I hope it brings you and your husband and family together. Treat yourself well and don’t be afraid of taking a deep reflection of your life choices. I found making small healthy goals to be helpful like brushing my teeth more, going to sleep earlier, and training for a 5k, then half marathon. Use all the healthy ritualistic habits in your back pocket, like drinking Water all day or, regular prayer/meditation whatever that looks like for you. Eventually you will feel ready to tackle bigger goals like weight loss, a new career, to give meaning to the “why” of your loss. My deepest sympathies-Meg

  6. On 05/01/2022 at 20:08, catwoman7 said:

    I know this sounds funny to say now, but enjoy it while it lasts. Because it won't. Honestly, once I got used to it, I hoped it would never end because it was so easy to lose weight when I was never hungry and didn't give a flip about food. My hunger and appetite came roaring back at about five months out, and then things got A LOT harder. For all but a very small minority of people, your hunger and interest in food WILL come back sometime during the first year. So take full advantage of this period to lose as much as you can while it's relatively easy.


  7. On 04/30/2022 at 12:16, canadianpopcycle said:

    I had 6 months of sick time accrued, so I took 6 weeks. I really wanted to spend that time working on changing habits, forming new ones and walking. I really wanted to make sure I was cementing my 'new life' before I introduced another element into the change.

    I didn't have any post op complications or issues. I know not everyone has the ability to take so much time off, but I found it really helpful for my emotional well being as well. I didn't know if I'd be super hormonal, in pain, or whatever and I thought healing mentally and physically and only focusing on ME would be beneficial, and it was.

    I LOVE that you were able to do this! (I say this as someone who is trying to turn toward self care instead of food when problems arise.)

  8. I felt similar to you. Hang in there, you will find new favorites or old ones that work for you. Right now you are newly healing. Follow your plan, but mostly just get your Water in and the Protein. Many of us find stuff tastes differently from before. There’s several threads on crystal lite and sucrose. Many of us find warm tea, Soups, or broth more comfortable in our bellies early on too.

  9. I cook often in an Iron pan. It helps boost the iron content. It can go right into the broiler or oven. I take Vitamin C like the others said too. Raisins have a high iron content if you’re looking to add a little extra here and there. A couple times a week, who am I kidding, weekends only, I remember to throw in some spinach/ham in an omelette and eat it with 4oz of V8. Kapow!

  10. Hi and welcome! I don’t have personal experience with your doctor. Which surgery are you getting? It’s a big step to a new life, and well worthwhile. I can only speak from personal experience about disordered eating, but it’s something many of us on here experience. The surgery is a tool to help combat the weird relationship to food, but only a tool. There are no magical elevators to a new life. Most of it is hard work, and as most worthwhile things in life, hard work makes the goal more precious.

  11. When I was 32 I lost 50 lbs in 6 months and I stopped ovulating. The actual reaction was one long weak bloody leak that never stopped. See your ob/Gyn to get to the heart of the matter. You may need a different or stronger birth control. I had thin inner walls that made intimacy uncomfortable without lots of lube. There’s all sorts of solutions for this, and yes it’s probably related to the weightloss, but there’s no need to suffer.

  12. I just have regular allergies/asthma so I’m not familiar with your particular situation. I would suggest a long chat with your dietitian or your allergist’s dietitian. You may have to go on a strict elimination diet to get to the cause. You might need to carry an epi-pen. You might need mega dosages of antihistamines, I honestly don’t know. Your doctors and supportive professionals should be giving you more guidance. Ask them for help ASAP.

  13. Mine was discovered during the routine pre-op tests. I knew something was there because I had acid reflux and other hernias before. They were surprised the hernia was all the way up to my larynx. I think the recovery took longer because of the repair, the surgery was 7 hours due to it with the RNY. No regrets now that I can lie down flat to sleep, and sing again!

  14. On 03/21/2022 at 09:26, The Greater Fool said:

    I had a complete meal for lunch the day before surgery. I was going to have a nice dinner but I just didn't feel like doing it. My Docs only rule about eating was not after 6:00pm the day before surgery. I was never on a liquid diet, but on a more rational low calorie diet.

    food you ate even 12 hours before surgery is no where near the surgical field.

    So a couple grapes is not the end of the world. Relax.

    Good luck,


    Same here!

  15. Just think positive thoughts about your face. Didn’t you look more youthful with a defined jaw line or sharper cheekbones? Retin A is your friend if you are not sure. (I wonder if retinal could work on my baggy tummy lol, but the inner scientist in me will try it just because I’m now curious.)

  16. On 04/09/2022 at 13:18, TheWeightisOvr said:

    Thanks for this Learn2cook. I’m going to YouTube chair & hatha yoga to get some more information on that. Weight lifting is definitely one of my interests. Wishing you the best on your long term weight management. I know it’s a lifetime change for all of us. Your screen name is cool. Is it related to cooking at all or any cool things you learned throughout your journey?

    I found I still dislike cooking, but there is always something to learn about weight loss. Most of meaningful permanent weight loss seems to be learning a new way to think. That’s why this meeting place is important. WW never really addressed it in any depth, neither do the support groups at my center.

  17. I’ve been trying to work out of a stall, and I did confirm my bust out with negative scale action. The thing is, I noticed that I was drinking more Water than normal, like my body demanded it. I was breathing deeper, not panting, just like deep yoga breaths, I was sleepy earlier (good for combating night snacking). And I was finding myself chilly on this lovely Spring. What clues does your body tell you BEFORE you see the scale when you’re burning calories? Or what clues do you see when you are maintaining properly?

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