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  1. learn2cook

    Halfway through my weight loss journey!

    I feel like that was super fast, way to go!
  2. learn2cook

    I’m 4 months after gastric bypass

    You are really taking care of yourself and it shows!
  3. learn2cook

    Moms that do it all

    I was a nanny, then preschool teacher, mom, and now elementary teacher who restricted calories or fasted and I agree with the above posted. Look at history too, Victorian, Edwardian, WWII moms did not play with their kids. They sent the kids to play in the backyard and called them in for meals and a nap. They sat at the table and had family conversations. The children had excellent communication and self soothing skills. The exception was rainy days when moms couldn’t wash laundry or the floors anyway and the kids were inside so they played games or sang or read together, not too labor intensive. You might want to have an exclusive “chamber pot” for yourself :) As for cleaning, who’s inspecting your house anyway? Divvy up the chores to the kids, use paper plates, have the kids wipe down the shower/bath after use, have the kids sort socks and fold and put away their own clothes because it’s good for them to help around the house! All the while you keep drinking your water and electrolytes and protein drinks. You’ve got this covered, you’re the boss!
  4. learn2cook

    Covid after gastric bypass

    I can’t say my experience has been that rough. My bypass was in August and I still take Prevacid. I hope your recovery goes quickly because you have been working hard to improve your overall health!
  5. learn2cook


    I keep a simple notebook journal for my feelings and thoughts. I remember when I start to feel depressed so I can go back and take note. I used to use a calendar with happy, sad, angry, blah faces. When I get to two weeks or more I evaluate the extenuating circumstances around me, like major life changes, allergies or menstrual cycle. If it can’t be logically explained I seek out therapy. It sounds like you know what is causing the problem. Food used to help you cope. Therapy will help you find the root of your feelings and name it, and express it in a healthy way instead of overeating. While you are looking for a therapist (try your WL center first, but there’s lots of online options too) try tracking when you feel like binging and all the stuff going on around you. I’m finding Friday nights very tough. Maybe you’ve been struggling for a long time and need medication and more help. Mental health is physical health. Physical health is mental health too.You did the first step of identifying the problem and the second of asking for help. You will figure it out and what works for you. Keep us posted on your progress. I know you can do this!
  6. learn2cook

    Salem Hospital/Salem Mass Recommend

    I went to Beth Isreal Deconess Milton. Should I recommend Brigham Mass Gen Salem to my North Shore friends?
  7. learn2cook

    Jumping in

    Finding out someone stuck up for you is so heartening! I’m so happy for you. Endo is no joke.
  8. learn2cook


    Really like your haul! I LOVE thrifting, cheap, one of a kind, good for the planet, win, win, win!
  9. learn2cook

    I've gained weight...

    My word: buff, my mom’s word: smart, grandma’s word: dapper! Three generations cheering you on.
  10. Oh yeah, one night stay was average for sleeve or bypass.
  11. I had RNY and was in and out of the hospital with one overnight. I took two weeks off of work. Going back was HARD, mostly because there is a lot of walking/standing. I think it depends on the procedure, your job, and any other medical complications you may face. From others I’ve talked with in my follow up group support, two weeks was average to go back to work.
  12. I’m so sorry this is happening to you.
  13. learn2cook

    People and their comments pre and post wls

    Bravo! You are my hero, well said.
  14. I would talk with your team. I also know I wasn’t given the ok to eat any of that stuff until 7 weeks out, and only after getting my protein in first. I got those symptoms after 2 bites of “protein ice cream.” It was classic dumping. It could have been the fat or the sugar, either way it’s not something I want to repeat. Talk with your team!
  15. learn2cook

    People and their comments pre and post wls

    “People suck. That’s why I’m a cat person.” You’re right, and hilarious! It does sound like your husband is on the good side and supportive of you. All of us have stories of weight micro and macro aggressions. It’s reflective of those that do it, not you. I try to surround myself with positive people and not turn that onto others because of race, identity, or religion, or gender because I know how bad it feels. Pets rule! You’re also awesome for posting instead of eating your feelings:)
  16. learn2cook


    I’m so sorry for your postponement! It may be like my ulcers and hiatal hernia, the docs just want the condition stabilized before they shock your body further with surgery. Luckily you are heading in the right direction with surgery:)
  17. My cousin had surgery in Burlington Vt. I think there’s only one hospital there. I had surgery through Beth Isreal Deconess/ Lahey clinic. Several of my acquaintances had surgery through Mass General Brigham. Both Boston hospitals have WLS centers in associated hospitals, like South Shore hospital in Plymouth and Weymouth have WLS centers associated with Mass General Brigham Woman’s. Yeah, the big hospitals are glomming together and branching outward making very complicated names. Where you go depends on your insurance, or where they take self pay.
  18. learn2cook

    Zero pounds…

    I too am lactose intolerant and love fish as my protein choice! I found I got less picky after surgery because my choices become more limited for a while. I used OWYN protein drink. There are more choices on Amazon. I did not use shakes except to taste until the pre-op diet. I lost 75 lbs before the pre-op sticking to eggs, and fish for protein. My dietitian has a range of protein for me to eat daily. Your dietitian will probably have that for you too. It was very hard for my to loose weight on the pre-op and post op liquid phase. My dietitian (sounds so bougie) fingered out there was too many carbs in the drinks for me to loose, even though I was 900 cal. or less. (Irish potato famine and Holocaust descendant). Each person is unique so it’s really a trial and error experiment to find what works with you. Having a professional who’s seen this before has helped me figure out what is sustainable. You can do this! Making mistakes just means you learned a new way to try instead.
  19. learn2cook

    The infernal itch

    Me too! Clear it with your bariatric staff first, or an allergy doc. I use the meltable kids Zyrtec tabs under my tongue, and the kids liquid Benadryl.
  20. learn2cook

    Intro and my story

    Yes, I’m so happy for you too, all of you!
  21. learn2cook

    Am lost

    I’ve started with the Flintstones with iron. I have B vitamins in a meltable tab for under the tongue. Then there’s chewable calcium citrate with vitamin D. I had a bypass, other surgeries have different requirements. I might have to change up my vitamins when I get blood work done. Right now I’m seeing if the Flintstones is ok for me. I would call your dietitian. At my center they kind of run the show.
  22. learn2cook

    Got the call today...APPROVED!!!!

    Congratulations, you slogged through a long process. You’ve earned it!
  23. learn2cook


    I feel your frustration and worry. I just came off a 3 week stall. I think I was emotionally surprised I still have to work so hard at loosing weight. My mind knew the surgery was one tool, my emotions thought the first six months would have the weight slip off like water. I woke up and realized I still need to truly work it! The difference with WLS, when I try hard 2-4 lbs comes off versus 1/4 lb. I applaud your move to reconnect with the weight loss community. Maybe your dietitian can help? Does your weight loss center have a group to meet with? That helps me stay on track too.

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