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  1. learn2cook

    So hungry 15 minutes after eating

    If it’s true hunger check out @lizonaplane ‘s posts. She worked through this with her program. The other option is you are still learning your hunger/satisfaction signals. Notice I didn’t say full. Satisfied is the sensation we are aiming for. It’s ok to be empty. You can be empty in your stomach and that may be the new sensation. You won’t die of being empty. You may find it clarifies your thoughts and allows you to move easier. Each person experiences hunger and satisfied differently. Speak to your team and go to the follow up support meetings, ask the bariatric psychologist.
  2. learn2cook

    Baristatic App?

    I use the free version of loose it. But this info is good to know.
  3. I assure you all of our relatives and ancestors survived war, famine, and plague or we would not be alive right now. I see my therapist when my thoughts get a little too focused on all the what if’s. I see WLS as a tune up for my body to keep it running more efficiently. I don’t need 2000kcals to go through a normal day, just 800-1000 of good quality protein and veg. and lots of water. If the apocalypse happens, I’ll survive on watery cabbage soup like my father did during WWII. People adapt mentally (with help from therapists sometimes) and our bodies adapt to almost anything.
  4. learn2cook

    One Year Anniversary

    You look “maavalous!”
  5. learn2cook

    Gastric Sleeve

    I had an ex boyfriend who had the surgery and his “patches “ cleared up for the most part. Skin removal surgery helped with the rest (like underneath breast area was not underneath anything anymore). His diabetes reversed so his skin tags and patches really reduced on their own.
  6. learn2cook

    What do non-cooks eat in the 4th month?

    I still dislike cooking despite my handle. An one point I broke down and ordered Omaha meats because they are individually wrapped and I don’t have to touch the raw meat too much lol! Now I buy from the butcher section and slow cook on the weekends. I do enjoy meal prepping for 3-4 days ahead. I like the Boar’s Head deli meats because they are fresh and have no milk to bind the meats (major lactose intolerance). I also roast veggies in the oven for winter prep. Or you can use the Green Giant steamer veggies in the microwave. In summer I eat veggies raw. Epic venison or Buffalo strips are handy. I can boil low fat sausage quickly. Breakfast is now eggs with cheese to get 20 grams of protein, microwave it in a paper bowl for speed if you need. I like seaweed snacks too!
  7. learn2cook

    Liver Shrinkage Diet (No weight loss)

    Hi @xKirstenx , I was loosing weight with “normal” food, not shakes before the pre-op diet. I lost 73lb, 33 kg. I lost nothing during the pre-op diet! So, don’t beat yourself up about the shake stage. Talk with your dietitian. We found the shakes had too much carb for me. That’s just me. I agree with gabbykittyvsg about protein. My usual real food, before and after surgery consists of 60-90 grams of protein per day. I suggest checking in with your bariatric center to review your personal nutrition plan because each person has a different protein/carb/fat goal based upon your gender, height, and build. And congratulations on your big loosing successes!
  8. Sorry, I saw you posted on Sunday and you’ve already lived through the worst of it. It only gets better from here. Like Catwoman I was immensely relieved to be done with the pre-op diet!
  9. Hi LadyH, and fellow teacher. You won’t feel this uncomfortable afterwards. I did teach 5th grade two weeks after surgery. I forgot to eat. I quickly figured out to sip protein shakes that first week back while I was teaching to keep my energy up. I took short walks up and down my street. Tomorrow will be the worst part. Try drinking some form of protein all day at work. My thoughts will be with you to keep calm and carry on.-Meg
  10. learn2cook

    Need drink ideas (alcohol)

    A close friend of mine received some vodka for Christmas last year and we experimented with what tasted good with it, V-8 juices?! They are too sweet now. Maybe some concentrated green tea with fresh mint with vodka? Straight whiskey? Maybe look up some old timey drinks from the 1920’s?
  11. I drink so much water I sometimes flush out electrolytes. Gatorade zero is my friend, lol. I also have had low B12 levels and that is a great place to look. I had had long Covid that sapped my energy but the vaccine thankfully fixed it. I stayed calm and played detective with my body. Some antihistamines turn my mind to mush, and others keep me sharp. Try only one new thing for a week. Keep a record of it to track what works and what doesn’t. I take the New York Times weekly quiz to also test my level of memory and compare results with what I’ve changed. You can be your own scientist too!
  12. learn2cook

    Considering It

    What she said ^^^^^. Also, I do work hard to count my protein and avoid the pitfalls, but my work shows up on my body. Before surgery I did the work and half a pound would be the loss. After surgery AND weight loss work, I see a solid 2-4 lbs difference per week. Yeah, I know next year I’ll be closer to goal and half a pound loss will sound great, but it’s nice taking the down elevator right now. The physical stomach restriction will make the difference in maintenance too!
  13. learn2cook

    One year today

    Hard work pays off, congratulations!
  14. learn2cook

    Long period

    Oh @Heather E , my thoughts are with you! At least you were already making moves to improve your health! Best wishes and keep us posted.-Meg
  15. learn2cook

    5 months post op - Thankful

    Congratulations! I really like how you communicated effectively for yourself to get a change to happen in your household! It’s amazing all the things you can do now, Weightloss and beyond.
  16. learn2cook

    Just got my surgery

    I still feel hunger after bypass. I feel light headed and weak feeling. I do drink my fluids religiously so I realize it must be hunger. There is no sensation of fullness so I measure everything possible. So, I’m still trying to sense a signal or off switch. I’m glad metformin is helping @lizonaplane!
  17. learn2cook

    Back spasms severe

    I had some Gatorade zero to balance electrolytes and or banana, and some small amount of magnesium, like milk of magnesia, and a calcium chew or milk. I used to be a serious runner and it alleviated cramps like Charlie horses. I have 2 prunes and a calcium chew when I’ve overdone exercise. Basically you are restoring potassium and calcium. The magnesium relaxes muscle (and most of us need a little boost in the other uses). It should take about an hour to half a day to feel the effects.
  18. learn2cook

    Gastric Bypass Yesterday

    Congratulations on your surgery and I hope you continue to have a peaceful recovery ❤️‍🩹!
  19. learn2cook

    Increase appetite

    I would try a three pronged approach. Obviously start with your surgeon. Ask for a referral to a bariatric therapist for some back up. I would also meet more regularly with the bariatric dietitian for hands on real tactics to feeling full. I would be tempted to go back to WW as well for group chat and accountability. I had to get a new hobby of crochet to keep my hands busy and give warm clothing to the homeless shelter to “feel full.” You will find your fullness and feel comfortable in your body too.
  20. learn2cook

    Holidays and weight gain

    I expected to gain a pound or two. Just you what you need to do to get back on track; walk, drink water, track your food. You will be right back on the loosing side in no time. Remember some of holiday foods have higher sodium contents and be patient with yourself while you flush that sodium out with water. Remember the good feeling of being with loved ones and keep moving forward to your goals. You can do this!
  21. learn2cook

    Eating leftovers?

    I pack several days worth of food prepped just for me in little 2 and 4 oz. containers. I like eating the same thing over and over. I make sure to put some kind of sauce on the protein to keep it moist. Most meats tend to dry out the longer you have them unless they are tightly sealed. Of course everyone’s taste changes. I only prep three days ahead.
  22. learn2cook

    Surgery is done!!

  23. learn2cook

    UGH - Thanksgiving Regrets

    Your #2 resonated with me, “ give yourself permission to succeed rather than FAIL.” Yep, I’ve been there. Thanks for your honesty and keeping things real.
  24. learn2cook

    Insurance Through Postop

    Not only is this a great celebration for you but it is encouragement for the rest of us. Congratulations and thank you!

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