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  1. I was told to bring my special asthma meds and my non-lactose shakes because they were not usually stocked, and lip gloss. The nurse told me about the long charging chord too. No jewelry or piercings or anything precious because hospitals are big theft places.
  2. Thanks so much for sharing! You look younger and happier.
  3. learn2cook


    Anybody else getting cold feet? I was not loosing weight anymore on the pre-op plan because I was thinking about how loosing all this weight is making me go through peri-menopause again. (I had it bad with arthritis aches, sweating, migraines, and moodiness.). I was thinking that I’m paying and working hard to go through it again. Then I had an asthma attack and couldn’t sleep for three nights in a row. Finally my epiphany happened and I remembered that the terrible asthma is why I want to be healthy. The pre-op plan reduces inflammation and helps keep asthma away! Peri-menopause is temporarily, I want to see my son grow up. I’m back on track. What is keeping you on track?
  4. learn2cook

    Tragic accident

    I am so sorry for your loss.
  5. learn2cook

    No pleasure at eating anymore

    I am glad it was something fixable that will heal with time. Yeah puréed foods are boring. In time you will have more variety.
  6. learn2cook

    No pleasure at eating anymore

    Bruno, You are very sensitive and eloquent in your writing even with English not being your first language. Our world needs more writers and artists like you. You are very important to the future of our world and to your family. I believe you feel so many things, or did before depression came like a loud thunderstorm. Maybe food was your previous creative outlet? Maybe it was how you expressed yourself in the past and feel blocked now? Please, please, please get help right now. Call your doctor’s emergency number and meet him/her at the hospital. Tell them you don’t feel safe. Get the therapy immediately because you are saying you will harm yourself with a lack of food and water. Let the hospital help you get your electrolytes and proteins back in order to physically feel better. I love your writing. Please keep writing. Love, Meg
  7. learn2cook

    Liquid diet help

    Super great ideas! Good for heat waves like NE is having right now. Thanks!

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