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  1. I think dating depends on your interests, geography, and your sexuality. I see you are in Alaska. Men outnumber men 4/1. If you like women, finding one will be more difficult. Between technology and Covid, most people date online first, so the chances of meeting someone are much higher, but you have to do some fine sifting. Work dating still happens but can be extremely awkward or a possible lawsuit. I haven’t found any more navigation problems post surgery with dates. I’m still picky and turning inappropriate men and women down. They don’t care if I eat less than them!
  2. I used to say I was built like a polar bear and could tolerate the open windows in classrooms in the winter! Lol
  3. learn2cook

    Any August 2021 Bypassers?

    I would contact a bariatric therapist on your team or any therapist you can get your hands on. Everyone needs help these days so finding any therapist will be a bit of a challenge but worth the effort. It’s true that weight loss is 90% a mind game. When I get stuck, it’s a strength to ask for help. You’ve already shown strength by asking for help here. Keep us posted on your discoveries.-Meg
  4. learn2cook

    Any August 2021 Bypassers?

    I’m in the same boat. The holiday season threw me off. I will also admit to getting tired of feeling cold and tired, so the extra treats during holidays kept me toasty. I’m trying to get my weightloss groove back without being too extreme. So I looked back at my logbook. I loose weight when I drink all my water. I got back into it this week. I loose weight when I track my food. Still working on that, I was doing well half of this week. I know I can do better next week. I know I loose weight when I plan my meals. Gotcha, that took more effort and shopping but I did my planning and prep. Ok now I remember I loose weight when I switch my exercise up instead of the same old routine. Gotta plan that, think heavier weights, new class, new machine at home? What else could help me/you? Maybe more micronutrients, or vitamin D, or a phone call to friends or family, or a hobby to keep those hands busy, guitar, or crochet, a massage, I don’t know what makes you feel fulfilled or relaxed but I’m going to try them. I’ve lost 115lbs since Sept. 2020, but only 43lbs since surgery in Aug. 2021. I’m 5’4 or 163 cm and I’m half done with the weightloss phase. Oh yeah, my co-workers told me of an ax throwing place near me because people are so angry at covid, they go to this place to throw axes at stuff in a room! I also heard of a place that lets you smash stuff for 30 minutes for a fee. There’s pumpkins and dishes and stuff like that there. I like going to baseball batting cages and hitting balls, but they’re closed in the winter. Start googling ideas!
  5. learn2cook


    Congratulations on meeting a milestone for New Years!
  6. There seems to be a lot going on with this relationship with Emily. Your life overlaps in many places so if it’s not what you think it is, your life will be very unpleasant for a long long time at work, at home, and with friends. Your relationship is also relatively new. Are you normally someone who is a good judge of character? Or are you someone who quickly latches onto someone new only to be disappointed? I told people on a need to know basis because the WLS was such a new thing of hope for me, I didn’t want a know nothing to crush my dreams. Now that the deed is done and I’m feeling more confident, I’ve amended my hernia story to a few co-workers because I felt like I needed to have a more forthright honest relationship with them. It was the right move at the right time for me. Only you can speak for yourself. Keep in mind we are still in a recession and interest rates are climbing. Where your money comes from may be a big deal. A true long term friend will understand your reticence to share everything all at once with so much at stake. Maybe you two are life partner material, only you know. Best of luck on all of your life changes!
  7. learn2cook

    Average calories

    Until 4 months out, I ate about 600-800 kcals. Then the hunger signals came and I listened. I just kept logging, but not stressing about it. I eat about 1000-1200 kcals now and the weight still falls off. I’m in Christmas maintain mode until tomorrow but it my goal is to listen to my body. I read the Biggest Looser article too and was shocked/not surprised by the lasting results in long term weight loss for very restricted eating. I don’t want any more fads. My program emphasizes protein first, water, veggies, and it there’s still room, fruits, oh and go to group meetings online.
  8. learn2cook

    Falling off

    Stuff happens and we all spend time refocusing, congratulations you made the first step by reaching out! Then just make one more step like remembering your water. The act of drinking water reminds me I’m taking care of myself, replenishing my emotional fuel. I agree with Jaelzion, call your team. Add one step at a time so it’s not overwhelming.
  9. learn2cook

    I hit goal today!

    Wow, you worked hard and it shows!
  10. learn2cook

    Day 3...figuring it out

    When I eat with others, I try to distract myself from the food by listening and talking with others. When I’m alone I distract myself by looking at my phone. I purposefully put my fork down between bites and distract myself to make the meal last. Yeah, I joke that I’m learning anorexia habits, but it’s true. I also purposefully distract myself by pushing food around on my plate to look like artwork when out at a restaurant. All weird but it slows me down.
  11. I’m not a doctor and it sounds like something a doctor should see. I would want to rule out blood clots or diabetic neuropathy. Have you been moving about every hour while awake? I would see your doctor.
  12. As my grandmother likes to say, “It can only get better from here!”
  13. It looks like you’re doing great! It is part of my plan for continued weight loss to join WW when I get closer to goal and need more encouragement and accountability. I also plan on following my dietitian’s macros instead of WW if they don’t match up. Bravo to you for finding a sensible solution that works for you!
  14. learn2cook

    My 2.0 Bday and sexy AF

    Congratulations on your surgiversary! My elderly aunt says you “look strong like ox.”
  15. Real meaningful weight loss is a head game. It tests our resilience and adaptability. Most of us don’t know we have so many emotional areas to work upon in order to reach our goals. I’m with ShoppGirl, and I too didn’t realize how much I was emotionally eating. There’s nothing to finesse. Just be you and ask good questions because you are curious about finding real long term health. Also, three hours a week is only 1/2 hour a day. That’s a stroll around a parking lot or a park, marching in your house, dancing, or a bike ride. It could even be broken into 3 ten minute strolls per day. Just getting up from the couch to move during TV commercials would qualify.
  16. learn2cook

    Weight loss wall

    I use the free Lose It app for food, and track water on the free Fitbit app. I usually can keep track of water with my 32oz bottle (.95 liter) two fill ups and I am done. I find vitamins wherever they are available because supplies are so variable now.
  17. Yeah, what you had sounds like restriction or not chewing enough. I had RNY and hiatal hernia repair. I’ve read on here it takes longer to heal and it was true for me. I do dump too, mostly from sugar, or sugar/fat combo and it feels worse that getting food stuck. Food stuck hurts badly and the first time took 6 hours to resolve. Dumping is like Ms. Sss said, like shaking cold and hot sweats and stuff coming out both ends. I got dizzy and heard ringing in my ears like my whole body went into shock. There was definite heart racing too. The tiredness afterward is like after having a baby. Christmas at the in-laws should be interesting. Give yourself time to adjust to food. It took me four months to get off ground meat. Now I can eat steak. You will get there.
  18. There were 2 friends of mine that this happened to, both had healthy, successful babies. Follow your plans from docs, try to get them to team up. Both friends were discouraged from gaining weight during pregnancy and took extra prenatal supplements. Everyone turned out fine. They also were encouraged to eat more veggies and fruits than most of us. You’ve got this. Congratulations!
  19. learn2cook


    I agree with you. Food is fuel and a chance for good health. That’s a new way of thinking for most of us. I’m finding weight loss (15 months in it now) seems more of a head game. I spoke up for myself at work because now I truly feel I have power and deserve to express my goals and want to work in a team. After that, the weight fell off my body like I’m going on a down elevator. I didn’t need food to express myself. I have personal autonomy. That’s how my relationship with food has changed.
  20. Thanks @MiniBypassDude I didn’t even know what a MBP was supposed to be and I was pleasantly surprised! My favorite parts of your posts were “start loving yourself,” “forgive yourself,” and “you are worth it.” Honestly this WLS journey really really teaches those important lessons. Thank you for giving back important information and being honest. Congratulations on your healthier life!
  21. learn2cook

    Weight Training Options

    I use hand weights and Velcro leg cuffs. I also have a weighted vest hoola hoop and I use a yoga bolster to get full range of motion. I also have a couple of large stretch bands to work inner muscles, and indoor bike. The bike was the big investment but worth every penny of stress release it provides! I go to an in person yoga class that helps with core/balance and it costs more than going to the gym. I think you will get value in whatever you choose as long as you use it. You are worth it.
  22. learn2cook

    So hungry 15 minutes after eating

    If it’s true hunger check out @lizonaplane ‘s posts. She worked through this with her program. The other option is you are still learning your hunger/satisfaction signals. Notice I didn’t say full. Satisfied is the sensation we are aiming for. It’s ok to be empty. You can be empty in your stomach and that may be the new sensation. You won’t die of being empty. You may find it clarifies your thoughts and allows you to move easier. Each person experiences hunger and satisfied differently. Speak to your team and go to the follow up support meetings, ask the bariatric psychologist.
  23. learn2cook

    Baristatic App?

    I use the free version of loose it. But this info is good to know.
  24. I assure you all of our relatives and ancestors survived war, famine, and plague or we would not be alive right now. I see my therapist when my thoughts get a little too focused on all the what if’s. I see WLS as a tune up for my body to keep it running more efficiently. I don’t need 2000kcals to go through a normal day, just 800-1000 of good quality protein and veg. and lots of water. If the apocalypse happens, I’ll survive on watery cabbage soup like my father did during WWII. People adapt mentally (with help from therapists sometimes) and our bodies adapt to almost anything.

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