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  1. learn2cook

    Acid Reflux

    I agree with the above post. I slept sitting up for years, and continued after surgery for a couple of months. Did you have bypass?
  2. learn2cook

    Final Choice

    I got bypass because of a hiatal hernia and severe GERD. I also wanted it to possibly get dumping and I do. It makes me walk the straight and narrow.
  3. I was woozy and needed help so walk at first. I was “out” 6 hours for surgery because the hiatal hernia repair was very difficult they said. I walked every hour during the time I was awake. I drank things even when I felt nauseous. The nurses gave me meds for nausea. The pain was minimal but I’m not a sensitive person. I drove myself home the next day. The hardest part at home was getting out of low seats. It helps to sleep sitting up, or at an incline for a few days or weeks if you had GERD. Keeping up the fluids and walking often helps all the other issues. I had asthma complications with the anesthesia so bring your meds from home, and speak up about your needs while in the hospital because once you leave no one will help without a full work up in the ER. So, if you have moderate to severe asthma, ask for intravenous steroids or intravenous vitamin A to help you get over stuff dripping into your lungs while “out.” Ask for what you need for your health!
  4. learn2cook

    no appetite

    I’m sorry about your dog.
  5. Oh Smanky that sounds awful! My doc said I need to have another endoscopy to get the all clear for no gerd meds. I had H- repair too. I won’t know until next month.
  6. learn2cook

    13 Days post op

    I’m going to be honest and tell you I had bypass and almost feel no restriction. I measured and weighed everything to make sure I was not overeating. At 4 months I listened to my body very very quietly and consistently to learn my new signals. If I hiccup or sneeze I have gone too far. It’s when I hear or feel a gentle rumble sensation that is the just right spot. I can miss it easily so to keep loosing weight I still have to portion and measure everything. I know I can maintain when I get to my goal, because I can listen. Really though, no restriction at 6 months, I can eat half a pizza easily and still gain weight. The weight loss truly comes from hard work only. I do feel like I have regained a sense of signals from my body. My old satisfied signal came at 45 minutes. Now it’s 20-35 minutes and I can sense it easier.
  7. learn2cook

    Work Accommodations

    I’m a teacher and if I do need to “go” there needs to be a live person responsible for the classroom at all times. I’m remembering the surprise liquid #2 that happened in the early weeks before ground meat.
  8. learn2cook

    Work Accommodations

    I asked for more frequent trips to the bathroom. I didn’t always need it, but it helped a lot.
  9. learn2cook

    Protein and pain

    I have always been lactose intolerant. My team approved the Ripple powder to make the shakes, and OWYN shakes pre made. The approval was based upon nutrition, protein and sugar content. Some who have suddenly switched to intolerance say they like the Fairlife lactose free milk with collagen protein thrown in. I haven’t tried that yet. As for pains and tweaks. Your body is going through a lot. I still find it weird I can go down stairs one leg then the other. Weight and arthritis kept me from doing that until recently. Of course my thighs then reacted to being woke up again. Just give yourself time, it’s all weird and good. If you have concerns call your team.
  10. learn2cook

    Surgeon's advice after vomiting

    I have found the sublingual ez melts for B-complex help me tolerate them. I had been chronically low even before WLS. I take it in the morning with a calcium chew from Celebrate. I take a Flintstones with iron at night just before bed. When I was younger, also when pregnant I could tolerate the pills by Solaray by Vitamin Shoppe. Again, I took them at night before bed. Also, iron and calcium bind with each other so they should be taken separately, including separating milky drinks or foods from your iron intake. I had a very difficult time finding the prenatal vitamin that didn’t turn me inside out so I feel for you. Many use lactose as a binding ingredient, as do many medications like Zithromax. Maybe that is the culprit?
  11. learn2cook

    Crying over granola

    True. I have found I don’t even like too many refined carbs anymore because they get stuck in my intestines and take a week or so to sort out. These foods will still exist in the world and you will eventually be able to have them again. (I do occasionally need to remind myself of this about holiday treats.)
  12. learn2cook


    I’m glad you’re here. I used to know many athletes in CO who had MS. I have found the weight loss has helped me tremendously with mobility (arthritis).
  13. learn2cook

    Eating too fast maybe?

    I agree with lizonaplane, again. I have felt that, but only when eating candy and it was a dumping episode. I do remember seeing my diabetic mother react like that many many times during a meal. Definitely reach out to your doctor.
  14. learn2cook

    "Head Hunger"

    What is a food addiction reset?
  15. learn2cook

    Bypass yesterday

    Congratulations and welcome to the groups! How are you feeling?
  16. https://www.nytimes.com/2022/01/10/well/eat/food-cravings-strategies.html?referringSource=articleShare I read this article and wondered what cravings people have, and what strategies you use to limit them? My weird craving has been ice cream which makes no sense because it’s cold outside and I’m lactose intolerant. I took more calcium tablets in case my body was asking for calcium and vitamin D. But what do you do for yourself when pie or cookies or chips are calling your name?
  17. I went through a pork chop phase, venison, ground buffalo, salmon. Lobster was the best. Right now I’m mostly eating chicken, fish, and veggies. I missed veggies so much!
  18. learn2cook

    Pouch reset

    I can tell you as a woman that breast fed and produced barely enough milk, the hunger is beyond imagination. A whole large pizza with tons of toppings was one meal! The hunger was that ferocious! Those hormones take about a year to reset and now you are evaluating your goals. I agree with the above, start with your team. Journal to weigh pros and cons of more surgery or weight loss. Honestly, after month three I realized the rest of the weight loss is entirely up to me. Surgery is not a magic bullet. Weight loss is work no matter how you do it. How hard and consistent is really up to you.
  19. learn2cook

    5 weeks post op and pregnant

    Yes, this happened to two different women at my church and they both had healthy babies. Just follow orders and vitamins. Congratulations and you can do this!
  20. learn2cook

    Why is it so hard to find a good therapist?!

    I found a therapist this way too! I had to look closely at styles of therapy and where they went to school. I picked one that had mentored with one of my son’s teachers. You can find a therapist based on location, topic, and style. Most therapy is telemedicine now so maybe locations are not so important. I would think cultural would be very important!
  21. learn2cook

    havent lost in 2 1/2 months 10 months post op

    A menopause book I read a while ago suggested rubbing iodide in a 2 inch square on your belly. If it gets absorbed within 2 hours your body needs more iodine for your thyroid which regulates metabolism. I could be off with the time, but the solution is to repeat the iodine each day until it takes 6? Hours to absorb. I just eat dried seaweed. It does help, but slowly.
  22. learn2cook

    havent lost in 2 1/2 months 10 months post op

    I would really consider what your real goals are, 160 seems realistic. Many on here have said the last 10 are the hardest. I wouldn’t try anything extreme unless you’re going to do it the rest of your life to keep it off. Look closely at what you could shave off of food. Could you eat one less bite at each meal? Could you mix up your exercise routine? They body responds when we try new things. Have you met up with TOPS or WW? Do you have a group or friend to have a friendly competition? Sometimes I watch 70lbs of life on YouTube. She has an online Weightloss challenge. I personally just broke a stall by reintroducing rubber bands on one lifting day, leaning into keto, and now use a noise machine for better sleep. Hopefully I’ll get your problem of the last 10 by next year. Good luck.
  23. learn2cook


    One lady in my WLS support group loads up her day in the beginning. She puts collagen in her protein drink. She has a Gatorade zero when she first wakes up, while she’s still in bed.
  24. learn2cook

    Bucket lists — where to begin?

    I love kayaking, canoeing, swimming, basically anything in and on the water that’s quiet. I’m working my balance endurance up through yoga to balance board paddling.
  25. learn2cook

    Tendonitis, Rotator Cuffs, and Changed Physiology

    Yes I’ve experienced it too, but I was blaming arthritis which I do have. If I lift heavy weights I pay for it in the joints. I’ve been trying to lift less with more reps until I get stronger for the heavier weights. Yoga seems to help the most. The heat pad helps with stiffness too.

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