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  1. I drink so much water I sometimes flush out electrolytes. Gatorade zero is my friend, lol. I also have had low B12 levels and that is a great place to look. I had had long Covid that sapped my energy but the vaccine thankfully fixed it. I stayed calm and played detective with my body. Some antihistamines turn my mind to mush, and others keep me sharp. Try only one new thing for a week. Keep a record of it to track what works and what doesn’t. I take the New York Times weekly quiz to also test my level of memory and compare results with what I’ve changed. You can be your own scientist too!
  2. learn2cook

    5 months post op - Thankful

    Congratulations! I really like how you communicated effectively for yourself to get a change to happen in your household! It’s amazing all the things you can do now, Weightloss and beyond.
  3. Pre-surgery I loved eating eggs every morning for breakfast. I would put leftover veggies in and Cabot Hill 50% lite cheese. After surgery I can’t tolerate them. The dietitian suggested trying them at the 6th month mark. Smelling chicken other people are cooking makes my stomach cramp too, but pork and steak are back on the menu, venison too.
  4. learn2cook

    My mammogram didn’t hurt??

    I have such loose flabby breasts now, so I smooshed to really flat pancakes. I’m not super sensitive so the feeling was the same, just deflated.
  5. learn2cook

    Support Buddies

    If you graze eat constantly the weight comes back with RNY. It’s still work and keeping good habits that makes you loose or maintain weight with RNY.
  6. I’m so happy you’re speaking up for yourself @vikingbeast! I’ve noticed that’s a positive attribute many of us achieve after WLS. Maybe it’s the process of fighting for ourselves to get the surgery, and all the work before and after? I’ve also noticed a big difference between a nutritionist and a fully fledged dietitian with licensure. Dietitians also can meet nation accreditations in specific areas like bariatrics. Look before you listen!
  7. learn2cook

    Liver reduction day of surgery

    Do your best, it’s all anyone can do. I’ve watched WL surgeries on TLC UK and Dr. Shaw Summers would comment on large livers as, “ some people just have big livers.” The docs will alter plans if it’s so. Stick with your bariatric plan.
  8. learn2cook

    I need cofffeeeee NOW!

    Me too, just one or two ounces in the shake in the morning. My doc frowns on it, but compared to 4-5 cups it’s a livable choice.
  9. I found if I was eating liquids I pooped liquids. As soon as I switched to the ground meat phase, there were no more surprises.
  10. I love this fish idea! I never asked if they would cook it.
  11. I hear you! I was drinking my protein shake outside at recess when I had duty, just to get some liquids and protein down. I eat snack outside with the kids during the morning snack break. It’s usually an once of cheese or deli meat. I prepare meals ahead of time on Sunday and Wednesday and pack little 2 or 4 oz OXO toddler packs for lunch. I save a meatball or an Epic venison bar for after school snack. Now, my problem is the weekend when I don’t have that structure. I’m looking for healthy tips to make good choices with my unstructured time and I need to unstress. Just a work in progress…I’m thinking of yoga Saturday morning? Has anyone had luck with that? Xtinadoesit how stressful is your home life?
  12. learn2cook

    Moms that do it all

    I was a nanny, then preschool teacher, mom, and now elementary teacher who restricted calories or fasted and I agree with the above posted. Look at history too, Victorian, Edwardian, WWII moms did not play with their kids. They sent the kids to play in the backyard and called them in for meals and a nap. They sat at the table and had family conversations. The children had excellent communication and self soothing skills. The exception was rainy days when moms couldn’t wash laundry or the floors anyway and the kids were inside so they played games or sang or read together, not too labor intensive. You might want to have an exclusive “chamber pot” for yourself :) As for cleaning, who’s inspecting your house anyway? Divvy up the chores to the kids, use paper plates, have the kids wipe down the shower/bath after use, have the kids sort socks and fold and put away their own clothes because it’s good for them to help around the house! All the while you keep drinking your water and electrolytes and protein drinks. You’ve got this covered, you’re the boss!
  13. learn2cook

    People and their comments pre and post wls

    “People suck. That’s why I’m a cat person.” You’re right, and hilarious! It does sound like your husband is on the good side and supportive of you. All of us have stories of weight micro and macro aggressions. It’s reflective of those that do it, not you. I try to surround myself with positive people and not turn that onto others because of race, identity, or religion, or gender because I know how bad it feels. Pets rule! You’re also awesome for posting instead of eating your feelings:)
  14. My cousin had surgery in Burlington Vt. I think there’s only one hospital there. I had surgery through Beth Isreal Deconess/ Lahey clinic. Several of my acquaintances had surgery through Mass General Brigham. Both Boston hospitals have WLS centers in associated hospitals, like South Shore hospital in Plymouth and Weymouth have WLS centers associated with Mass General Brigham Woman’s. Yeah, the big hospitals are glomming together and branching outward making very complicated names. Where you go depends on your insurance, or where they take self pay.
  15. learn2cook

    The infernal itch

    Me too! Clear it with your bariatric staff first, or an allergy doc. I use the meltable kids Zyrtec tabs under my tongue, and the kids liquid Benadryl.
  16. learn2cook

    Intro and my story

    Yes, I’m so happy for you too, all of you!
  17. learn2cook

    Tomorrow is my surgery

    If your arthritis is in your knees you can get steroid shots every 3-4 months. There is external cream for arthritis too, ask the pharmacist. Congratulations on your new life!
  18. learn2cook

    Vitamin question

    They were asking me in the hospital to take the vitamins, good thing I packed them ;)
  19. learn2cook

    Psych Meds after Gastric Bypass

    Thank you for sharing such a personal heartfelt story. My brother is bipolar and schizophrenic and he gets great relief exercising outside all year, particularly winter. He has been able to reduce his meds and loose weight as a result.
  20. learn2cook

    Any August 2021 Bypassers?

    I had my bypass surgery and feel ok. I’m drinking the shakes and walking around. I still feel like me. Those of you waiting for your turn, you will do fine.
  21. Any August 2021 bypasses? Is the other name.
  22. Check out the August surgeries on “where are my August peeps?” That group is mostly sleeve. There’s another for August bypass. They are both easy to find on the recents page. By the way, my surgery is the same day as you! I have the hardest time after dinner with this liquid diet. I’ve been sewing, chatting on the phone, organizing my house, sewing, basically anything that keeps my hands busy and my mind off food. I’ve turned into a bit of a monster and told my family that the kitchen is closed at 6pm! The lights are off and I put a chair in front of the door. Eight days in and it’s working. Beware of watching TV because of the ads. I’ve been streaming videos or watching PBS when I do watch. Good luck and check out the other groups! You can do it for this short term.
  23. learn2cook

    Really Need Some Help

    I’m so sorry about your dad. Covid knocked everyone for a loop, and it’s still going. You also lost your support system, that would derail anyone. We’re all cheering for you! You might want to try AA, or OA?
  24. learn2cook

    Any August 2021 Bypassers?

    Good news TinDe! I’m on day 6 of my pre-op liquids. I felt like the first three days were tough, but then it got easier. I started coloring intricate designs to keep myself busy during down time. I’m sewing too, anything to keep busy and my mind off of hunger or food.
  25. I was told to bring my special asthma meds and my non-lactose shakes because they were not usually stocked, and lip gloss. The nurse told me about the long charging chord too. No jewelry or piercings or anything precious because hospitals are big theft places.

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