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  1. learn2cook

    Liquid diet to SoftProtein

    I had a chart from the doctor office that said the same, two weeks for each stage. I found I had to go slower and spend 3 weeks for each stage. I agree with trying one food at a time. The dietitian kept suggesting scrambled eggs for soft food, but I got foaming and it got stuck. Later I found out eggs and chicken are the most common things to get stuck at first, lol. Now they are my go to proteins, so you can try stuff later after more healing. Reach out to your team if something seems painful or you can’t keep liquids down.
  2. learn2cook


    About 7-8 weeks in, you will wake up feeling absolutely wonderful, you really will. Now a year later, I kind of miss the not hungry feeling.
  3. If you couldn’t cite Wikipedia or TikTok on a term paper why would you believe they are reliable sources now? I found I have more cavities, but there are reasonable explanations. One, menopausal hormone changes make women more susceptible to cavities due to dryness of the mouth. Two, weather/climate change is causing more allergies and mouth breathing. Three, cheap US dentists when on Medicaid use cheap filling products that don’t last more than two years, not many dentists take Medicaid anyway so you’re kind of stuck with who you find. Four, yeah the hernias and GERD caused lots of regurgitation. I never had a cavity until I was 44. Not everyone has the same experience. I can honestly say that the bypass and hernia repair have corrected the terrible GERD symptoms! Teeth I’m coming after you.
  4. learn2cook

    Get ready to blossom

    I love how you own it. You did it!
  5. I spent 11 years with a PCP who flat out refused me to have WLS. He actually was disqualified from practicing in MA. My first visit with the new doctor, she said “yes “ and was supportive the whole way. Switch doctors!
  6. Mine was the same as this. The two doctors got involved one to one. The surgical doc explained to the insurance doc why it was necessary due to extreme GERD. It sounds like it may happen if your surgical doc graduated from Harvard and the insurance doc was a retired pediatrician let’s hope. Crossed fingers!
  7. Congratulations 🎊🎈🎉!
  8. learn2cook

    Non Dairy Shake and bar options

    i found the Ripple powder for water and the Owyn premade shakes completely plant made. There were other plant options at VitaminShoppe but look at the sugars too. The prices just went way up on Amazon. I got my local shop to carry it.
  9. learn2cook

    bariatric surgeons in Southeast Michigan

    Welcome! I’m not in your area but I can tell you what to look for in a WL center. Others could chip in with ideas too… I looked for a place that was easy to continue seeing and traveling to because there are many visits. I looked for big sturdy furniture and scales. I looked for solid medical degrees of the docs and how many surgeries they had performed. I looked at the affiliated hospitals so I knew my insurance would approve good care. I made sure there was certified and licensed dietitians with Master’s degrees in science. Lastly I looked to find follow up care with pre and post surgical groups that meet up monthly and they chat. Those are all good indicators of a good, well run program. I think I’m luckier than most in such choices because I live near Boston MA.
  10. learn2cook

    My First Binge :(

    Slip ups happen to everyone. I found I could no longer work nights anymore. As soon as I stopped, 10lbs came off and stayed off. Melatonin and cortisol levels get all mixed up, I think we all know this at this point. I kept the snacking limited by eating “breakfast” at midnight. I prepared healthier snacks that didn’t trigger a binge, and left all money and bank cards at home, even deactivated the Apple Pay. Best of luck!
  11. “I found the psychological aspect to be the most important long term.” I wholeheartedly agree! Not everyone needs this but therapy has helped tremendously for me and my family. It’s important to address the underlying issues while making new healthy habits.
  12. learn2cook


    I never had the band or anything else. I’ve had bypass and it has helped with GERD issues for the most part. Only a small portion of us get dumping, like 10% or so? Anyone can correct me, please. I still have to plan meals, weigh and measure everything to keep myself on track. I work it as hard as any time before surgery only the surgery reinforces portion control and increases my odds for loosing and keeping it off. You will need to meet medical criteria to getting bypass or mini bypass. It sounds like you’ve done a lot of work to get to where you are now physically and emotionally! Congratulations:) There’s a thread on here or two about band to sleeve/bypass. You might find better info on there.
  13. learn2cook


    My brother used to call me “Niagara Falls” after a giant waterfall because my nose ran so much. I did indeed cough and gag on the shear tonnage of mucus. Allergy meds now do the trick. This spring in the US has record pollen due to global warming/ weather. GERD feels like allergies too so I still agree with above posters. You will have to figure it out by process of elimination.
  14. learn2cook

    Social eating after gastric sleeve

    “Drinking ages you, anyway.”lol clap, clap, clap
  15. I’m remembering what it felt like when I miscarried. I felt like it was my fault. I felt like my body betrayed me. I felt alone because it wasn’t something you could talk about. I’m glad you said something, and I’m sorry for your loss. It wasn’t your fault, medically the offspring wasn’t viable, usually it’s chromosomal. Your body didn’t betray you, it was telling you something was wrong. As you move through your grief, I hope it brings you and your husband and family together. Treat yourself well and don’t be afraid of taking a deep reflection of your life choices. I found making small healthy goals to be helpful like brushing my teeth more, going to sleep earlier, and training for a 5k, then half marathon. Use all the healthy ritualistic habits in your back pocket, like drinking water all day or, regular prayer/meditation whatever that looks like for you. Eventually you will feel ready to tackle bigger goals like weight loss, a new career, to give meaning to the “why” of your loss. My deepest sympathies-Meg
  16. learn2cook

    Taste issues

    I felt similar to you. Hang in there, you will find new favorites or old ones that work for you. Right now you are newly healing. Follow your plan, but mostly just get your water in and the protein. Many of us find stuff tastes differently from before. There’s several threads on crystal lite and sucrose. Many of us find warm tea, soups, or broth more comfortable in our bellies early on too.
  17. learn2cook

    Hitting Rock Bottom...

    You can do it, the surgery does make a big difference. It takes patience and perseverance to jump through the hoops but it looks like a lot of medical problems will actually help prove your case with insurance. Do it for you.
  18. learn2cook

    Can you ever drink soda again after surgery

    I was enjoying a ball game and the stadium restricts bringing in water. The venders ran out of water and I shared a diet soda with my son. I know why it’s restricted by doc, felt full of chemicals and air after two sips. If you can tolerate it great, I couldn’t. I used to love DC, divorced now 🥲
  19. learn2cook

    Hi New with questions

    Hi and welcome! I don’t have personal experience with your doctor. Which surgery are you getting? It’s a big step to a new life, and well worthwhile. I can only speak from personal experience about disordered eating, but it’s something many of us on here experience. The surgery is a tool to help combat the weird relationship to food, but only a tool. There are no magical elevators to a new life. Most of it is hard work, and as most worthwhile things in life, hard work makes the goal more precious.
  20. learn2cook

    Nonstop Cycle

    When I was 32 I lost 50 lbs in 6 months and I stopped ovulating. The actual reaction was one long weak bloody leak that never stopped. See your ob/Gyn to get to the heart of the matter. You may need a different or stronger birth control. I had thin inner walls that made intimacy uncomfortable without lots of lube. There’s all sorts of solutions for this, and yes it’s probably related to the weightloss, but there’s no need to suffer.
  21. I agree with catwoman7, maybe some lactose intolerance?
  22. Cool! I was already thinking of micro blading for the eyebrows and you answered my question about head hair.
  23. I’m curious about other WLS centers. My center has an online support group that meets while I’m working or on my way home. I’ve gone to it during school holidays but found they talked about breaking stalls or simple facts. I try to bring up meatier topics like feelings about food changes or non-scale victories and it’s crickets. Just wondering…Thanks
  24. learn2cook

    One-derland after 6 months

    Yeah! Thanks for inspiring me.

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