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  1. learn2cook

    Face & wrinkles

    Just think positive thoughts about your face. Didn’t you look more youthful with a defined jaw line or sharper cheekbones? Retin A is your friend if you are not sure. (I wonder if retinal could work on my baggy tummy lol, but the inner scientist in me will try it just because I’m now curious.)
  2. learn2cook

    Slow Losers Club…..officially *sigh*

    I found I still dislike cooking, but there is always something to learn about weight loss. Most of meaningful permanent weight loss seems to be learning a new way to think. That’s why this meeting place is important. WW never really addressed it in any depth, neither do the support groups at my center.
  3. I’ve been trying to work out of a stall, and I did confirm my bust out with negative scale action. The thing is, I noticed that I was drinking more water than normal, like my body demanded it. I was breathing deeper, not panting, just like deep yoga breaths, I was sleepy earlier (good for combating night snacking). And I was finding myself chilly on this lovely Spring. What clues does your body tell you BEFORE you see the scale when you’re burning calories? Or what clues do you see when you are maintaining properly?
  4. learn2cook

    Price of diet?

    I agree with the above posters. I want to tell you it’s not to bad. Remember you are eating less, so a normal healthy meal I could eat before surgery is now roughly two meals now (with a little more protein thrown in).
  5. learn2cook

    Slow Losers Club…..officially *sigh*

    I’m a slow looser like you and sometimes panic over the stalls. I also panic a bit about not loosing the majority of weight during this golden year-year and a half that our tool gives us. Then I look at the big picture of a 130 lb loss and don’t worry so much. I’m shorter than you and lost the majority of weight before surgery. I’m averaging about 3-4 lbs a month after the 6 month mark. “Keep swimming, keep swimming “, said Dory. I also have osteoarthritis like other posters and found that weight lifting (smartly) , biking, rowing, and gentle yoga like chair or Hatha helps me stay active without pain. My garden gives me a good amount of gentle activity too. Now if I could only loose weight by activity alone, alas it never works!
  6. learn2cook

    Doc app

  7. learn2cook


    Well, the asthma is reduced and GERD is gone, I can walk faster and more often. I wish I had done it years ago. Being able to breathe is priceless.
  8. learn2cook

    Stall or I am done loosing?

    I’m at 8 months too. I had to be gentle with myself because I got Covid (masks off at school). I honestly gained 10 lbs eating nothing but l/s chicken broth. There’s always going to be something, but I have to put one foot in front of the other to get to my goal. I found that tracking my food intake is helping again. Just keep trying stuff to see what works for you. You’ll find your weight loss sweet spot.
  9. learn2cook


    I got them early on from eggs, chicken, and tuna. I was ok after the 6 mo. mark. I agree with above posters to let your team know. Being post menopausal, or close to it, can effect your saliva thickness and quantity. That’s why cavities and heart burn are suddenly prevalent at that time. I know this happens to diabetic men too.
  10. It sounds like the vaccine wore off as all vaccinations explained happen after four months. High/Low IgE levels may mean you are susceptible to allergies, and getting colds easily. There’s not much you can do about it except vitamins, healthy eating, and moderate exercise, the same goals everyone on here is trying to obtain. I see a specialist for asthma/allergy and take the meds they suggest.
  11. learn2cook

    Pregnancy after sleeve UPDATE

    Congratulations! I got pregnant while still overweight and the goal was to maintain weight, so don’t worry about stalls. Also my midwife said babies are like parasites and get what they need from our bodies whatever else we are doing. Sounds like you’re getting excellent care. I’m a teacher too and caught Covid right after the masks came off. It was brutal with double pneumonia even though I had had Covid in 2020 and had all my shots and boosters. Just an observation in my son’s pediatrician’s office and from my elementary school, this version of Covid is causing a lot of secondary bacterial infections and creating Diabetes I, Crohn’s disease, and PANDAS. If you’re not getting better from Covid at week 2 keep asking questions and ask for antibiotics. I’m not a doctor! My school has 200 kids and 4 brand new cases of Diabetes I, 3 Crohn’s, and 1 Pandas is a lot. Something’s going on, ask questions.
  12. Cool! I was already thinking of micro blading for the eyebrows and you answered my question about head hair.
  13. You are reaching out for help after identifying a possible problem. Your current success has been fantastic. It might take some sleuthing on your part to identify your needs and get help. I went to psychology today . com . (I’m afraid to mislead you with a bad link.). My family was not acknowledging grandfather’s memory loss and it devastated my son. The whole situation snowballed out of control and now we’re all in therapy to learn how to talk. Does this affect personal weight loss? Yes, but also taking care of myself mentally allows me to nurture myself and my kid! I’m sorry this has happened to you. You have the knowledge to persist in finding help for yourself. I believe weight loss is a mental game to switch from old ways of doing things. When we make the decision to get WLS it’s also a decision to try a new way of handling problems because life is often challenging. I know you can do it!
  14. I only have had bypass so I can share what my team said. At one month I was eating 2 oz of protein. It was still soft like yogurt. I would have a snack like 1 oz cheese and make up the difference with shakes. I needed a lot of snacks of cheese and yogurt to keep my energy up at work. I used the little OXO toddler containers to measure and prep. Now I use the 2oz containers for mustard or dressing or veggies. My team’s goal was for me to eat real food, and 4 oz of protein at one meal, 3x a day. I have a support group for the program with switch, bypass, and sleeve and we all have that goal. The switch people have higher protein goals due to higher malabsorption. I personally was not able to eat 4 oz of real food until 4months. Most folks in the program get to 6 months before eating 4oz. That was 4 oz by volume, at 6 months I explained that I was very hungry and they said to switch it to weighed (with a food scale) 4 oz. When you can eat 4 oz weight of protein then start eating veggies. It’s based upon what you can do individually. Obviously drink 64 oz volume of water, and take the vitamins, the rest is up to you and your body. I had many surprise liquid poops until I got to soft meats like fish and sausage innings. When I ate real food as opposed to the shakes I got regular again.
  15. learn2cook

    Did you lose your tummy fat last?

    I’m pear shaped and have lost weight/inches off my stomach, but the extra skin still hands off the front like an apron. I’ve a ways to go yet and try to look at a number of non-scale victories like climbing stairs easier, new smaller flattering clothes, or balancing on one leg longer than 10 seconds. I still measure mostly so I find the right sizes online or in thrift stores. I realized that the bat wings on my arms are not going to give me an accurate measure because there’s so much leftover skin. I try to focus on my muscle definition instead. The skin is my Clark Kent outfit, but underneath I’m Super Woman!
  16. learn2cook

    Lactose Intolerant

    I’m totally lactose intolerant from forever. There are some cheeses that are lactose free naturally like Cabot Hill Farms from Vt. I know states fight over their cheeses, but most drier, aged cheeses have much less lactose like cheddars and parmigiana. Watch out for deli meats, medicines, and some sausages and canned meats because they often use lactose as a binder. Ricotta is a great choice to avoid tummy trouble. The upside is that you are NEVER constipated!
  17. It definitely counts!
  18. learn2cook


    I was so worried before surgery of dropping weight super fast and having to buy so many expensive outfits for work. Well, it hasn’t been that fast. And thrifting at Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Savers has been fun. The trick is to go to the ones in wealthier towns for barely worn quality clothes. Amazon or Walmart the undies and socks of course!
  19. learn2cook

    This is all overwhelming

    You just learned that you can ask for help, and it’s a strength. Your wife sounds like a good help too. I read “Weight Loss Surgery for Dummies “ to get started with all the lingo and comparisons of surgeries. Online YouTube videos are great too. It looks like we’re neighbors too. I’m in Quincy. Which program did you get referred to?
  20. learn2cook

    Where’s the weight loss??

    I agree with the above posters. There’s no magic elevator down, just the same hard work. The difference is that the WLS tool helps your efforts make significant change over time. Keep up your healthy eating, you’ve got this. I look for non-scale victories like how fast I can walk a mile, wearing smaller clothes, and carrying heavy books, or ease walking up stairs. The scale only looks interesting about once a month because of stalls and fluctuations.
  21. learn2cook

    estimated weight loss

    Just looking at dates and math, she lost 100lbs in one month?
  22. My father (from Hungary) raised me this way too. I’m a teacher and it’s a new/old movement in the US called the Waldorf School. It was a wonderful way to grow up! It’s super crazy expensive to send your kids to it now in the US. Back to food, I was craving Japanese food and seaweed. Turns out I was deficient in iodine.
  23. I’m curious about other WLS centers. My center has an online support group that meets while I’m working or on my way home. I’ve gone to it during school holidays but found they talked about breaking stalls or simple facts. I try to bring up meatier topics like feelings about food changes or non-scale victories and it’s crickets. Just wondering…Thanks
  24. learn2cook

    Dreaded hair loss - question

    Sorry, I think I was hit by the double whammy of final menopause and the surgery or dumb non-luck. It was curly like 3b and now it’s like a 2 wave. It is so thin you can see through it, but so far not my actual scalp. My old ponytail was a wrist around, and now it’s one finger thick. Most of the brown fell out and the fuzzies are white. It had been salt and pepper like dental floss, but now it’s a bright white that feels like cob webs. Luckily I like the new color as it reminds me of my father. I bought toppers, and pieces to fill in a bit while the shorter hairs grow out. Yes, I ate the protein and took the vitamins. There are worse things in the world.
  25. I think I lost 20 lbs at 2 months. You sound like you are doing well. Everyone looses at their own pace, and exercises at their own capacity too. I love to move and be active and have found that if I feel “starving “ I should eat a little more protein or veg and the weight stall ends. My plan is mostly protein and veggies, but I can eat anything. That said, I dump and have problems digesting simple carbs so I tend to avoid them or pair them with protein if I really want them (just me). Most of the time it’s not worth it (still feeling the noodles from 2 days ago).

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