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  1. learn2cook

    Stressing about a shut down

    Hang in there. I’m scheduled for August also, and the Delta uptick has me worried too. I keep thinking that we’ve gone to far to go back. We are very determined and persistence will win in the end.
  2. learn2cook

    Any August 2021 Bypassers?

    I knew I would do best with the RNY. My doctor tried to talk me into the sleeve. After the endoscopy he was shocked at how bad the Barrett’s, GERD, hiatal hernia was and agreed that the bypass was best for me! Thanks for starting this thread @TinDe. My date with surgery is August 12, if insurance agrees. I’m a teacher so I’m concerned that the start of school is so close, and I hope I heal enough by that time. I’m more concerned about the insurance to tell you the truth.
  3. Thanks so much for sharing! You look younger and happier.
  4. learn2cook


    Anybody else getting cold feet? I was not loosing weight anymore on the pre-op plan because I was thinking about how loosing all this weight is making me go through peri-menopause again. (I had it bad with arthritis aches, sweating, migraines, and moodiness.). I was thinking that I’m paying and working hard to go through it again. Then I had an asthma attack and couldn’t sleep for three nights in a row. Finally my epiphany happened and I remembered that the terrible asthma is why I want to be healthy. The pre-op plan reduces inflammation and helps keep asthma away! Peri-menopause is temporarily, I want to see my son grow up. I’m back on track. What is keeping you on track?
  5. learn2cook

    Tragic accident

    I am so sorry for your loss.
  6. learn2cook

    No pleasure at eating anymore

    I am glad it was something fixable that will heal with time. Yeah puréed foods are boring. In time you will have more variety.
  7. learn2cook

    No pleasure at eating anymore

    So, are things getting better today? Was it a stricture? Is it more like good and bad days?
  8. learn2cook


    Yes, I’m worried about the same thing too. I have to remind myself that WLS is a strong tool. I’m having RNY and it will correct the hiatal hernia and GERD. The only way to get better is to go through.
  9. learn2cook


    My surgery is for August 12. I keep hoping it will really happen. I started this process September 2020. Good luck to you all!
  10. learn2cook

    Rant re: chairs in the doctors office

    One of the things to look for in a good school, even a preschool, is approximately sized chairs and tables. It’s actually a significant sign you should look for. The same goes for your doctor’s office! You are worth it! If long term weight loss were so obtainable we would not need help and surgery to achieve it. There wouldn’t be a giant commercial industry surrounding it. I once went to a job interview with an African American woman who stood up for her rights during the interview. She was right! I decided after that to stop waiting to get on the inside and to make changes. Make positive changes now! By the way, the woman who spoke out got hired, not me. I’m so glad she got the job. She taught me something important.
  11. learn2cook

    No pleasure at eating anymore

    Bruno, You are very sensitive and eloquent in your writing even with English not being your first language. Our world needs more writers and artists like you. You are very important to the future of our world and to your family. I believe you feel so many things, or did before depression came like a loud thunderstorm. Maybe food was your previous creative outlet? Maybe it was how you expressed yourself in the past and feel blocked now? Please, please, please get help right now. Call your doctor’s emergency number and meet him/her at the hospital. Tell them you don’t feel safe. Get the therapy immediately because you are saying you will harm yourself with a lack of food and water. Let the hospital help you get your electrolytes and proteins back in order to physically feel better. I love your writing. Please keep writing. Love, Meg
  12. learn2cook

    My Story

    What I see is a daughter who loves her mom so much she would do anything, and a mom who wanted to leave her daughter in a healthier body. You and your mom have had such a loving relationship and nothing can take that away. She tried to bless you with health.
  13. Your resilience and courage inspires me so much! Thank you for sharing your story. Love-Your Bi Sister
  14. learn2cook

    My WLS Story

    You’ve made so many positive changes! How do you feel post-op?
  15. learn2cook

    Approved and Anxious!

    I just got scheduled for surgery on August 12th. I don’t know any more than you but I plan on watching my son’s baseball games, learning guitar, and riding my bike/walking whenever I get antsy about it. It’s just short term, one moment, one day at a time.
  16. learn2cook

    Charley horse cramps

    I talked with my nutritionist and I can eat 2 prunes or half a banana with FF milk. She also suggested I have Gatorade zero over four days when this happens. I suggest you talk with your nutritionist.
  17. learn2cook

    Liquid diet help

    Super great ideas! Good for heat waves like NE is having right now. Thanks!
  18. Oh I am so sorry you are dealing with that now! I am pre-surgery and have problems with GERD and ulcers, so my hope is the bypass. The liquid meds that coat your esophagus helped me, and the Prilosec. I easily gave up tomatoes, citrus, and severely cut down coffee. I’m already lactose intolerant so avoid milk and hidden milk like the plague. That can make you vomit/GERD too. I wish you the best.
  19. My surgery has been delayed many times due to a hiatal hernia, asthma attacks, GERD, and a questionable Barrett’s esophagus. I had to refocus my attention on my feelings to say weight loss is a goal. It’s a long term goal like achieving my bachelors degree and master’s degree. It’s a long term process that has nothing to do with my worthiness but how much effort I put forth, AND my perseverance. Sometimes I journal my disappointment, distract myself with tictock videos, do a short term task that has immediate results like cleaning. I picture each moment as a small pearl slowly sliding onto a necklace. I get scared thinking about the absolutely giant necklace of healthy living for a lifetime, so instead I try to concentrate on one pearl of living healthy in this moment. I distract myself enough living in the moment, then look back and become proud of the pearl necklace I have built so far. It’s ok to feel all the feelings. Just sit with them, let them become a pearl moment. Yeah, therapy is awesome :)
  20. Hi I’m learning to cook again. I’ve lost 30lbs. pre-op and am fully menopausal. Then I got my period again. The Gyn said it was due to weight loss. Did this happen to anyone? I was blessedly free for 4 years, now yuck.

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