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  1. Mine took nearly two months (no kidding) to submit to insurance after my final appointment. Took insurance a calendar week to approve it. Then it took 4-5 months to schedule my surgery for 2-3 months later. It’s been so long I’m ready to get this over with lol
  2. Finally got my surgery date! Will be 10/21. I’m sure my mom will find time to be with me immediately after surgery but come Monday I’m on my own. My surgeon’s office has informed me I may need to be out 4-6 weeks and that they want FMLA papers, which is more time than expected as I was planning to take a week off, I’m only a desk jockey. My mom has missed a lot of work and doesn’t want to miss more, she’s been dealing with her own health issues and her company’s BS. She’s also less than enthused I’m going this route which is why she isn’t fighting harder to be with me I think. What tips do you have for post-op recovery alone? My mom wants a home health nurse to come check on me but I’ll have to see if the surgeon will be willing to write an Rx for it, or will that be necessary?
  3. Excellent! I passed my psych eval and will visit the surgeon soon. Now pushing out my deadline… with any luck I’ll get my surgery by March of next year.
  4. I’m having my 3rd session with the surgery psych soon and I just want to be done. Not a fan of this guy and he seems to be fulfilling a role that the dietitian is supposed to fill. He’s drawing this out as long as possible. Hoping to see my own psychologist about issues I’m having but I’ve been controlling my food intake, counting calories and have been losing weight on my own. He’s just unhappy that I told him I don’t know what I’d do if I was on vacation and needed to eat or that I wasn’t substituting my breakfast for protein shakes. I just really need to get past him as they won’t even let me meet my assigned surgeon to see if I like her or not and then face the next hump - either switching surgeons or going forward.
  5. I have my final psych appt in 2 weeks. After, I’ll be set to have a first meeting with my surgeon. I did some research on her and she’s relatively new - she’s been practicing for 6 years. Another thing, she has very few ratings. Two of three of them are poor, one was excellent, and they were all from this year. Bad reviews spoke of complications, her bedside manner is awful, the positive spoke highly of her patience and listening. The funny thing? She was a lead researcher in how patient ratings predict outcomes. So I’m nervous now. One of her colleagues has about 50 reviews that are largely positive and she was what originally drew me to that clinic, an hour away. She’s also had bariatric surgery herself. Prior to meeting the surgeon and submitting to insurance would be the best time to make a switch. I originally got this surgeon bc I had a recent endoscopy and that’s all this surgeon required and the other surgeons required more. I feel like I should give her a chance but that review about having complications bc she was careless has me frazzled. I know any surgery can have them but my mom and I are already nervous enough.
  6. It might be a waste of time since IDEALLY, I should only have one appointment left. However the psychologist I’m seeing is a grad student with a complex who loves to schedule unnecessary follow ups. I don’t vibe with him either. I’m wondering if I should just grin and bare it possibly lie my ass off to get past this or get someone I’m comfortable with. This is the only thing left that stands between me and meeting the surgeon. I’d like this done by the end of the year…
  7. Not Omaha, but within an hour! My surgery will be at UNMC.

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