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  1. So the beginning of my 12th week I started having pain in my right side. It would not get better. Saturday morning I called my doctor and she said let's do a quick test and see what's going on. I show up at the hospital and they admitted me immediately. I was surprised by that. They did blood work a CAT scan and ultrasounds. The blood work came back immediately with my potassium at 3.0. I don't know a lot about that kind of stuff but I learned that anything 3.6 and under you are admitted for. Apparently you can have a heart attack. My kidneys were at stage 2 failure shutting down from dehydration low electrolytes and potassium. Hence the right side pain. So they started me on the drips and the potassium and kept me Saturday through to Sunday afternoon. By Sunday at 6:00 a.m. my kidneys looked better and my potassium was at 3.6. how did this happen That's the question. I was on blood pressure medication that also had a diuretic included in it. My doctor knew this, my doctor and I discussed this before surgery and immediately after surgery. She put me on a regular blood pressure med with no diuretic for one week after surgery and then told me to continue with the regular one with the diuretic. Why would she have done that. You're already struggling after this kind of surgery to get all your fluids in only to have a diuretic move all of them out of you quickly including all your electrolytes. So for 3 months I have been fighting a diuretic and my kidneys have been working overdrive to make up for it. I'm very angry. I live in the Central Valley in California and in this next week our temperatures will be upwards of 114°. In the hospital they told me if I hadn't come in I would have come in in an ambulance within a few days simply because of the heat and how low my potassium was. And who knows if I would have made it. I'm still tired it will take awhile for me to fully recover from this and it was completely avoidable.
  2. Qamilian1

    12 weeks post-op and hospitalized.

    Thank you everyone for your comments. I really don't understand how I became dehydrated when I was drinking 74 oz of water a day or a more. Except for the fact that I was drinking water. Not Gatorade not electrolyte waters just regular plain water. I don't like all of the sweeteners and the tastes that they add to the Gatorades and the waters. I just like clean water. But that was flushing everything out of my system especially with the diuretic. So I guess that's the key there. I'm feeling really really tired super rundown. I figured out how to get nearly a thousand milligrams of potassium in my morning shake which takes me about 3 hours to drink. So that starts the day off right. But all these macros and nutrients gosh I didn't think it was going to be that difficult. For whatever reason my stomach just clamps down if I'm going to eat regular food before noon. That's new since after surgery. So the shakes work great. So I'm just going to find ways to keep adding what I need to that shake. As far as the rest of the day I eat salad and protein and I try to get a piece of fruit in. I also like that milk has a lot of potassium and protein. So I'll squeeze in a cup of milk as a snack. But other than that I've been doing great, my weight's been consistently going down. Of course I put on 6 lb overnight in the hospital with all the fluid bags they had running through the IV and it's coming off now at about a pound and a half a day. If anybody has any suggestions on how to get your nutrients in more simply please offer them up I'm open to anything you got.
  3. Qamilian1

    Stomach noises

    I absolutely love this topic. I have gastroparesis. It's the reason why I had VSG. Surgery was very successful and it's 9 weeks now and I feel amazing compared to how I felt always sick before. Anyways the funny thing is about 3 days after surgery my stomach started making noises. Like crazy noises. I know a lot of people will think oh that's normal but I hadn't heard a single peep from my stomach and over 5 years nothing... silence. So now to hear so much noise it's hilarious and sometimes if I don't hear noise for a little while I get a little scared. I get a little worried that maybe The surgery wasn't as successful as I'd like to think it was. But then my stomach starts making noises again and no time and I realize that's just a normal stomach thing. Enjoy the noises people enjoy the noises.
  4. My surgery was March 18th at 8:00 in the morning. I have had problems swallowing from the beginning since surgery. Will this change? I swallow it goes about halfway down then gets stuck and I have a lot of pain and then it goes down the rest of the way and then the pain goes away.
  5. Mine got better after about a week. I'm 9 weeks out and doing GREAT! Occasionally I have a little swollowing issue and I just need to slow it down and relax.
  6. Qamilian1

    Hospital Bag

    So most people are giving you the basics. But the one thing that saved my bacon was a nice pair of slippers. I'm talking about the ones you just slide your feet into. Cuz you're going to be walking walking walking. And you want your feet to be comfy and you want to be able to get in and out of your slippers easily. The next thing that is critical and I mean super critical is bring a pair of jammy pants or some kind of comfy easy to get in and out of pants. Because you don't need your butt hanging out while you're doing all that walking. I had the nurse help me into my jammy pants and I am so incredibly grateful I brought them and my slippers. Of course your general toiletries like toothpaste face wash face moisturizer and bring a hair scrunchie.
  7. Qamilian1

    Fingers locking?

    Magnesium and potassium deficiency. Happened to me too. I bumped up the magnesium and potassium and it went away.
  8. Qamilian1

    Hunger pangs

    Hum.. I am at week 8. I have found since being on solid foods the hunger pangs are more pronounced. But they hit and then pass just as quickly. So I try to just make my water goals during that time.
  9. Qamilian1


    OMG!!! Seriously!!! I have never in my entire life left the commode KNOWING that I had not finished my business but after 1 hour and 45 minutes of trying resolved that I was just simply unable to. I have ratcheted up the fiber, added myralax and stool softener and will have the glycerin suppositories on stand by from this point on.. cuz DAMN!! And would you believe this experience actually put my coccyx out... I'm miserable. 😱
  10. Qamilian1


    First thing... BREATHE... A LOT. Second thing, be patient with yourself. Arabesque is correct. And this will pass. You can do this even if the "this" is getting through the stalls. If your not already, doing body measurements is a big help so even though the scale may not be moving you can see that your body is changing. Also pay attention to your BM's.
  11. Qamilian1

    One glass of wine....

    I can definitely agree that unplanned random drinking can certainly lead to some drunk decision making. So I only drink occasionally and plan my experience. I have these super dainty lovely crystal glasses that full only hold three ounces. I fill to the curve line with an ounce. I cut up an ounce of this delightful extra aged Gouda cheese with those crystals in it into tiny pieces . So I know my tasty snack and dont drink enough for an altered state requiring fridge cleaning.
  12. Qamilian1

    One glass of wine....

    You are absolutely right. The bypass definitely makes alcohol a big fat no-no. For sure it can create an alcoholic out of somebody who never had a problem very quickly. But the sleeve is not the same thing Thank goodness and I never had a problem with drinking alcohol in the past but I certainly enjoy a glass of wine from time to time. I had 3 oz of white wine last night over 2 hours. I never once felt buzzed and I enjoyed it very much with a little bit of cheese. As for soda I have never been a big soda drinker. I can't drink caffeine I can't tolerate it for the last four or five years I have had no caffeine in my life and I'm better off for it. And soda doesn't call to me thank goodness. I'm good with water. Every now and then I have Crystal light but I actually get bored of Crystal light and crave plain water.
  13. I had gastric sleeve surgery March 18th this year. Today is 7 weeks post-op. I'm missing pilates. When can I resistance train again? I did light pilates yesterday and slept 11 hours last night.. is it too soon?
  14. Qamilian1

    My stats 2 months PostOp

    I'm 7 week post-op tomorrow. Down 26 pounds. Was wondering the same thing.
  15. Qamilian1

    One glass of wine....

    At about a month out I started having little sips of my husband's glass of wine. One sip one night two sips another night so in a week I'd had maybe three sips. No problems. last Saturday six weeks out I had my own glass with a whole ounce in it. Spilled half of it so ended up having half an ounce over two hours, Lol no problems. I think sipping a glass slowly if you're tolerating it well is no problem at all. Again as long as it's not going to trigger bad behavior. I also need normal in order to feel like I'm not missing out on anything. But the serving sizes are so tiny anyways I just don't see the harm. I followed all of the rules and my doctor doesn't see a problem as long as I'm tolerating it. In two weeks we have a party at the house and my intention is to have my own glass of wine. Even if it takes me the entire day to drink it. 😊 😁 Yay
  16. I'm almost 7 weeks post-op. I have been walking lots since day of surgery. Just this week I'm adding back in pilates. I have a pilates power gym I LOVE! But just ordered the Ring based on recommendations. So I walk for 30 min 5-6 days a week. I will do pilates twice a week for the next two weeks then up to daily after my walks. I just love the way pilates makes me feel like I have worked my whole body.
  17. Qamilian1


    I am 5 weeks post-op, doing fantastic and down 30 pounds. Clothes are hanging off me. I am following ALL the rules and tolerating everything well. Recently I have noticed when I get hungry,or wait too long to eat I get mean.... Fussy, frustrated and I don't like it. I try to not let myself get to that point but sometimes when life gets busy it happens. Has anyone else noticed that.. what are you doing to avoid it? Surgery date 3/18/2021 Gastric Sleeves startweight 207 Current 177. Had surgery for health reasons gastroparisis/gastritis/ weight loss.
  18. Qamilian1


    How long after surgery can you eat nuts and seeds? That sounds like a good non refrigerated snack.. I have just started eating pure protein bars and that helps but I don't always want something sweet or processed. I like the string cheese option and will try the quest chips too.. I don't get angry..I get snappy and short tempered,.. very unpleasant. I know I'm doing it and it frustrates me because I don't mean too and it's not my personality at all.. it only happens when I wait too long to eat. I definitely think it's a low blood sugar thing.
  19. Qamilian1

    Surgery cancelled due to COVID surge :-(

    Yes you're right this sucks big time. My surgery was originally scheduled for March 2020 And I live in a great state of stupidville California where somebody hiccups and they shut the whole state down. Anyway I had to wait a year for my surgery date ultimately ended up being 3-18-21. A year after my original schedule date and one month exactly after my mother died of covid. That encouraged me big time because my mom's weight was so high they couldn't turn her over. Her suffering was so bad before we lost her. So I understand about the need for covid shutdowns and I understand the devastation of having this necessary surgery postponed. But everyone here is right saying stick to your guns and to the tools that you've learned. You can take off some additional weight before your surgery. Be even healthier for it, and your outcome can be good and you'll heal really well and fast. Time goes by no matter what we do. So let's make the best of the time that we have.
  20. Bariatric Breakfast—Protein Pancakes Bariatric vanilla protein low carbohydrate pancakes recipe Ingredients Yields: Four 4 pancakes Serving size: 2 pancakes 2 scoops BariNutrics™ Vanilla Protein 1 tsp. baking powder 1 pinch salt 2 Tbsp. unsweetened almond milk, milk, or water 2 large eggs, beaten Directions Prep Time: 5 minutes In a medium-sized bowl, combine first three ingredients. In a small bowl, beat eggs and add milk. Add eggs and milk mixture to dry ingredients and mix until completely combined. Heat skillet or electric fry pan to medium. Once hot, add ¼ cup of pancake mix. Cook on first side for 3 minutes. Flip and cook 1 additional minute.
  21. Italian Chickpea Bread A bread like polenta, but without the corn! This is gluten-free bread with herb flavors based on my take of Liguria, Italy recipes. Prep: 15 mins Cook: 15 mins Additional: 2 hrs Total: 2 hrs 30 mins Servings: 8 Yield: 8 servings Italian Chickpea Bread Ingredients Ingredient Checklist 1 cup chickpea flour 1 cup water cooking spray 2 tablespoons oil 1 ½ teaspoons Italian seasoning 1 ½ teaspoons chopped dried rosemary ground black pepper to taste 1 pinch salt to taste (Optional) Directions Instructions Checklist Step 1 Whisk chickpea flour and water together in a bowl until smooth; let sit at room temperature, 2 to 6 hours. Step 2 Preheat oven to 450 degrees F (230 degrees C). Spray the inside of an 8-inch metal pie pan. Step 3 Skim foam from the top of chickpea-water mixture. Add oil, Italian seasoning, and rosemary and stir until combined. Pour mixture into the prepared pan; sprinkle black pepper and salt over the top. Step 4 Bake in the preheated oven until edges begin to brown, about 15 minutes. Remove bread from pan and cut into wedges. Cook's Notes: Use a metal pie pan; a glass or ceramic one may break with the extremely high temperature! Tips Chickpea flour is also known as garbanzo bean flour. Nutrition Facts Per Serving: 75 calories; protein 2.4g; carbohydrates 7.2g; fat 4.3g; sodium 20.5mg.
  22. So my doctor said bread in most all forms are a no no for the first 6 months. Then very rarely in small amounts after. Till then only low carb or no carb options like cauliflower pizza crust and egg wraps are good. Bread and starchy foods form a bolis (starchy ball) in your stomach that can block absorbsion of food and cause discomfort and digestive problems. So... Im gonna hit the high grain breads and keep most starches to a minimum. As for your grill cheese, I would try making the egg bread alternative.
  23. Oh yeah this one's a real mind-bender. I weighed 207 in the morning of surgery the day I got home I weighed 216 and 2 days later I literally lost 8 lb overnight. It was really interesting to watch. I am now down to 194. I am 11 days post-op.
  24. Yes! my doctor told me I was at a increased risk for covid the first month. that I needed to isolate for a minimum of 2 weeks after surgery because my immune system was compromised from surgery.
  25. I had surgery February 18th 2021. My surgery weight was 207. I am right now at 195. My goal is 135. My reason for surgery was gastroparesis and gastritis and insurance did cover it. I start Pureed Tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it.

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