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  1. james2021

    Fairlife Core Power 42 grams

    Omg the 42g drinks are a lifesaver. They are all I drink at this point because yeah they just taste like chocolate milk. They are a little less sweet than the 26g ones but barely -- I prefer the taste of the 42g because of being more sensitive to sugar post surgery.
  2. james2021

    Pain upper abdomen

    i'd check in with your doctor to make sure everything is ok! i could be forgetting but don't remember having that kind of pain. hope you feel better soon ❤️
  3. james2021

    Throat burns post sleeve

    I am 1 year out and have it now too 💔 Tums are my new best friend. And have to be vigilant about not laying down after I eat.
  4. james2021

    6 weeks post op depressed

    after surgery was really, really difficult and you don't have food to rely on anymore in the same way for comfort. but it does get better! i was miserable in the 1-2 months after surgery. if you have access to therapy of some kind i feel like therapy was really critical for me, and the supportive community on forums/instagram. as your body readjusts and you are able to take in more calories it gets easier. ❤️ hang in there.
  5. james2021

    May Surgeries - check in!

    Checking in--happy 10 months to us! I'm down 113 pounds. My goal is to get down to 200, which is another 40 or so pounds. I've started feeling nervous lately because I can definitely eat more as of these last couple of months, but I know it's normal. Trying to move more (I HATE exercising) in small ways, and not slip into old habits with takeout, etc. How are you all doing?
  6. james2021

    Struggling with emotions

    I'm sure the lack of food has a lot to do with it. I'm not sure if you've also had to quit caffeine, etc, as well leading up to surgery but it's a lot of jarring changes in the lead up to surgery day. Journaling was really helpful to me. Good luck with your surgery! You won't regret it!
  7. james2021

    Surgery in 48hrs!!

    Woohoo!! How exciting. One of the best decisions I've ever made, you won't regret it!
  8. james2021

    September Surgeries!

    Post surgery but saying hi as a fellow Ohio person and I remember vividly doing my own version of staring "at the phone number for my favorite pizza place." The liver shrink was the hardest part IMHO. Congrats on being in the final stretch!
  9. james2021

    Pantoprazole, how?

    I split mine in half but it was a pretty small pill to begin with.
  10. I'm 27 -- much higher starting BMI than you (57), but also didn't have co-morbidities. That's one of the big reasons I wanted to do it right now, to get this under control before any of that started.
  11. I am having a different kind of abdominal pain in the last day or so near the biggest incision. Everything looks normal, it feels like soreness under the skin, like a dull pain. It's not very strong pain, 2/10, but it's different from what I was experiencing before (tearing/burning feeling around the incision when I made some movements but not this dull feeling). Almost feels like a muscle strain or something and it's freaking me out. I was thinking it could be gas but it's just on the right side of my abdomen. Is that something any of you experienced?
  12. I was under 'twilight' anesthesia for my endoscopy. Not fully put under, but I don't remember a thing. I can't imagine they would give you one without anesthesia. When I woke up, I didn't even have a sore throat or anything.
  13. Similar experience! I was on a 1000 calorie diet and had trouble hitting that. Bodies just go into another mode entirely when eating that little; it's so weird.
  14. Not sure if you've watched this before but found it to be a really helpful video about stalls right after surgery!
  15. I would guess it has to do with the fluids you were given in the hospital. I was told to expect to regain about half the weight that's come off in the liver-shrink diet after the fact bc of hospital fluids. It'll come off!!
  16. I'm so sorry you are having to deal with this on top of the baseline layer of stress that caring for parents with dementia must bring. ❤️ I can't imagine the things my dad would say with less of a filter, and don't want to.
  17. james2021

    Fever & Chills 1 wk post op

    I would call ASAP to rule out an infection. They probably will want you to go in.
  18. james2021

    Made it to Onederland

  19. james2021

    May Surgeries - check in!

    today is day one of the liver shrink for me... The constant thought I keep having is “I’ve done so well today, what is my food reward going to be?” no more food rewards for a while 😩
  20. Congratulations to you. I can't give perspective as a parent, just as a child. I know that my mother has made plenty of changes in her life that were not bariatric surgery but affected me a lot. At the time (when I was a teenager/in college) I was upset about some of them. But I got older and some time passed and I realized that she had to do those things for her. It might take a little while for them to get on board but they love you and they will get there. You just have to stay the course and do what is right for you.
  21. james2021

    My Weight Loss Story

    Congratulations! Very happy for you and glad you are here.
  22. Super nervous. My coordinator said I should hear no later than May 3!!! I AM VERY STRESSED OUT. I met all the requirements, I'm just worried they'll find some dumb little thing....
  23. james2021


    I'm so glad you made this post! I agree, it'd be great to have some community here. I'm thankful to know who that community is so that I can follow y'all on here.
  24. thanks y'all! @ChunkyCali that's so frustrating. so glad you followed up with them. hope it gets resolved soon!
  25. james2021

    Lots of questions

    I was honest with my doctor about light weed use (1-2/week, sometimes edibles, sometimes flower, but very little at a time). In order to not get denied by insurance, I had to tell my insurance coordinator that I was quitting. She wrote down the date I quit, and then I had to go in for a drug test 90 days later. I am under the impression that I will need to be drug tested once more before my surgery. One of the reasons they gave me for this is because they need to demonstrate that I'm not a smoker before they will sign off on surgery, and the other reason is that marijuana is an appetite stimulant and the insurance company needs to see that marijuana isn't the cause of my morbid obesity and inability to lose weight on my own (lol -- as if). I am under the impression that if I had lied, as I'm sure many people do, about taking marijuana sometimes, I would not have been drug tested. But different doctors likely have varying policies. And, regardless, you have to make sure you're in a place where you're ready to never smoke again. What is unclear to me after attempts to research is what negative effects, if any, could come from edible forms of THC. It really seems like smoking specifically is the problem, but I am not a scientist. Good luck!

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