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  1. Hi everyone! so I would like to discuss the possible negatives of the surgery and how to fix/avoid. the first 3 weeks are crucial IMO. the healing process can be tricky. I wasn't able to eat at all and I barely drank. I was admitted this past Monday for severe dehydration and they agreed to do an upper endoscopy to check if there is anything blocking. it turns out that the food passage (the new connection) was nearly the size of a pin and they immediately fixed it. now I can eat and drink so much better. they opened it to about 10-12mm. A fellow member here gave me the heads up (thank you). I decided to share because the Doctor told me that it is common and it's an easy fix. I hope whoever is experiencing this finds this post and helps them out. this is such a good surgery and the lifestyle change leads to a healthier life. After 4 weeks I don't have sleep apnea, no plantar fasciitis, and lost 40 lbs.
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    Hi shanell, I am sorry you're going through tough times. My condolences, you are very brave to start a life-changing journey. Have you been taking vitamins. B-12 Iron Calcium B-1 all these will be missing from your diet in the beginning and all these affect your mood. I know the pain will still be there but it will give you the energy and the clarity to continue through this arduous task.
  3. Hi everyone. Hope everyone is well and enjoying the process to a new healthy lifestyle. I am 3 weeks post op and I’m worried that things are not going properly. I’m currently in the purée stage however I can only eat 2 tablespoons of food and still have some uncomfortable feelings when drinking anything. I took a gi series and it came back good. However I still feel that tightness in my chest for about an hour or two if I eat more than 2 tablespoons. Has anyone else experience this? I have been given the option to do an endoscopy to open it up a little but I rather not if it’s just part of the healing processes.
  4. Hi Everyone, I hope everyone is safe and having a successful journey to a better, healthier lifestyle. I am 3 weeks post-op and have learned a few things along the way that I would like to share. 1- I have an intolerance of dairy ( I hope it's only temporary) but I switched to Lactaid milk and it was the best decision I made. I love milk and I am glad I get to keep the flavor. I am not a fan of the alternative soy, almond, etc. 2- another one of my favorites eggs is a hard no for me. I learned not to force it and will try again in a couple of weeks. 3- VITAMINS!! I was feeling sluggish and I wouldn't say depressed but definitely heading toward that way. I bought Calcium, Iron, b-12, and b complex along with Multivitamins and I must say I feel as I did pre-op totally normal until I eat lol if anyone is feeling this way I would suggest to try this. 4- lastly, learn and trust your body, It definitely tells you when something is up. that's all I have so far I hope it helps someone, please feel free to add on any of your experience.
  5. thank you for your advice. I will call my Doctor to set up the endoscopy.
  6. Hi everyone, I had a gastric bypass on March 1st and I have been struggling. I have Noticed that any dairy products I try, my body rejects them. I usually vomit and only the dairy that's all. has anyone experience this?
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    cant stomach dairy foods

    thank you everyone for your replies and advice. I have noticed that I was not drinking enough and was not following the puree diet properly. I finally received my protein water from amazon (so far so good). I also properly puree some turkey meatballs and it went down well. I guess mentally I still think I may eat the way I used to and quickly learned that this is not the case and need to embrace the new life style.