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  1. First and foremost I understand that stalls happen and patience is required. I'm only 4.5 months post so I know my journey is unlikely to have stopped this early. That being said I'm at a weight I've gotten to before when I've been successful with dieting. Twice prior to surgery I was able to lose 40-50lbs and get down to right around 200lbs and then that's typically when I started to regain. So I do think this is a bit of a set point for my body. Is there anything to do in a stall beyond waiting it out? Increasing protein, decreasing carbs? Or is it best to just stay the course and let my body do it's thing? I think it's extra frustrating being so close to one-derland and not being able to get over the tipping point. 😫
  2. JDLane


    I'm bad at remembering to sip sip sip all day like is recommended. So I'll instead set goals for myself like within the next half hour I'll drink my entire 12oz bottle of Gatorade zero. And I'll go through the day drinking bigger chunks every so often instead of constantly sipping.
  3. I took my toddler to a local amusement park for the first time yesterday and was able to fit in all the kiddie rides with him!
  4. JDLane

    Irregular periods

    Yes this is normal, I had a very similar experience. I got my first period then a small break then another one that lasted for what felt like forever. It was more like light bleeding for about 2 weeks. By the time my next cycle came around things leveled out and have been back to normal since. I would give it another cycle or two to even out then reach out to your surgeon or gyno if you feel you are excessively bleeding.
  5. Can you provide an example of a typical day of eating? This may help people to pinpoint some advice. Speaking in general terms I was told my team that 6-8oz per meal is the maximum quantity I should be consuming. Even years out I was told not to surpass 1 cup in volume at a sitting. A calorie is a unit of energy, only a finite amount exist in a piece of food. Your body can fail to absorb the energy if the food were to pass right through but I don't think it can create extra in a given piece of something. Perhaps your doctor just meant you have a slower metabolism and your body doesn't burn the energy off the same way as others may.
  6. JDLane


    Fantastic! Congratulations!
  7. JDLane

    Family event

    Came to say the same thing. People don't notice or care. I do the same thing, take a bit of everything, eat what I want and toss the rest. Luckily I also have a toddler to share with so truly no one notices.
  8. JDLane

    Psych Meds after Gastric Bypass

    I take zoloft, my dosage has not adjusted at all. I've had no adverse effects or changes. I only take 50mg if it makes a difference.
  9. JDLane

    May Surgeries - check in!

    Here is a random day in my log: Breakfast: 1/2 a scrambled egg, 1 turkey sausage link, 1/4 biscuit snack: premier shake lunch: 1/2 seared tuna salad snack: coffee with milk, a bite of a donut dinner: 2-3 oz grilled chicken with grilled veg 1/2 ear corn on cob so this totaled 633 calories, 69g protein, 37g net carb and I had about 64oz water. And honestly I probably ate another snack after dinner that I forgot to log so it may have been closer to 800 calories. I always have 1 protein shake a day and that's half my protein needs so it's easier to get the other 30g through food. My hunger levels vary so some days I may only eat 600 calories and some days it's over 1000.
  10. My pre-op diet was one of the less restrictive ones. It was shake for breakfast, mid morning high protein snack, shake for lunch, afternoon high protein snack, dinner is 4-6oz lean protein, veggie and small carb if you want it, if still hungry another protein shake for after dinner snack (I generally skipped this). High protein snacks included hard boiled egg, jerky, lunch meat, string cheese, 2-3oz lean protein, greek yogurt etc. Basically at least 10g protein and less than 200 calories. It worked out to around 1000-1200 calories per day, 80-100g protein and less than 100g carbs. Definitely less restrictive than all liquids but I still lost around 10-12lbs I think and it was livable. Something like that may be easier to stick to since it's not enforced by your program.
  11. JDLane

    Periods and bleeding

    Hello, Anyone else's menstrual cycle totally messed up after surgery? I've always been very regular, I have one child (he's 2, I'm 34 for reference). I had my period a few days before surgery, then about 4 weeks later I got another as expected although it was very heavy. About 2 weeks after that I began bleeding again, it was like a light period for a few days and then I've just been bleeding lightly on an and off since then. I mostly see it when I pee and wipe, but sometimes there is breakthrough bleeding as well (it's mostly darker in color). Now I'm due for what should be a regular period but I can't even tell if it's coming because I'm still having irregular bleeding. I am on the mini pill for birth control. I did speak to my surgeon's office and he suggested the hormones in my birth control may not be enough now but he generally didn't seem super knowledgeable on the issue. I do have an OBGYN appointment scheduled soon for my annual so I'll talk to them as well. I understand you cannot provide medical advice but I'm just curious if others have experienced this after surgery? If so how long did it last for you? I would love to get back to my normal cycle and not this BS. Thanks!
  12. You should reach out to your medical team. Why would you try to eat 4 hard boiled eggs or any ice cream at all 10 days post op? You still have internal sutures you could be damaging. It's possible you have nerves that are not yet healed and thus you are not yet feeling the restriction but you should be sticking to a nutrition plan regardless. And while I know plans can vary widely from surgeon to surgeon I don't think any would recommend ice cream or 4 whole eggs at one time. You shouldn't be trying to test the limits of your stomach.
  13. JDLane

    Really Need Some Help

    I'm sorry for your loss. You went through a lot of trauma in the past 2 years, many people would have struggled with that too but you should be proud of yourself that you've already taken some steps to turning things around. While weight loss is harder after the first year of surgery its absolutely still possible. Your restriction is still working which is great and you have a plan to start exercising. Therapy will be a big help as well to keep you on track. It sounds like you've taken the steps needed and you're reaching out here for support and accountability. Give it some time and I'm sure you'll see the weight start to drop off again soon. Good luck!
  14. I've had one coworker comment on my small portions but it wasn't even questioning me she just said something to the effect of wow I'd be starving if I ate just that. And I simply said yes I'm eating smaller portions but more often, I'll be eating again in like 2 hours and she just said oh okay that makes sense and that was it. I eat a morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack all while at work so it's pretty clear I'm not attempting to starve myself. Eating out with friends people either haven't noticed, haven't commented or I'll just say I'm not that hungry. I'm also open about the fact that I'm trying to lose some weight and that's generally accepted without question.
  15. JDLane

    May Surgeries - check in!

    Today marks 8 weeks since surgery for me. For the most part I'm feeling good, down about 30lbs since surgery and 50 overall. I'm still having some fatigue especially in the mornings it's a struggle to get moving. I don't get bloodwork done to check my vitamin levels until August so I guess I'll have to wait and see if anything needs to be adjusted. I'm finding I can eat most things without issue. The restriction seems like it's kicked up a notch the past two weeks or so. I've vomited a few times just because the last bite was one too many and it comes back up. I had a rough day following the 4th of July. On the actual day I did pretty well eating and staying hydrated but I was chasing after my son and on my feet for a large portion of the day so that night I totally crashed and even the next day felt like I was hungover despite no alcohol. I think maybe I just wasn't hydrated enough for how active I was plus being outside. I'm hoping to start incorporating some more exercise but I'm definitely lacking energy and motivation in that department. I'm still super pleased with the surgery thus far and happy with how things are progressing.
  16. JDLane

    May Surgeries - check in!

    Hello! I'm a week behind you 5/12 and I was stalled for a week or so. Within the last like 2 days I dropped about 3lbs. I'm hoping that means the slow down is over and things continue to move this way. I'm down 27 total since surgery. My dietician and surgeon's office both said this was normal for this 4-6 week timeframe. So you may get back to normal soon even without changing anything! They also said even if scale pauses pay attention to your clothes, you may still be losing size without the scale reflecting it.
  17. Even fresh juice is just getting you all the sugar of fruit without the added benefit of the fiber. Low calorie juices were allowed for me so like the 5 calorie Ocean Spray drinks someone mentioned. Or really diluted juice if needed. But in general I would avoid it.
  18. JDLane

    5weeks post op

    Hello, we have similar stats and I'm also just at 5 weeks out. I met with my dietician yesterday and he said my weight loss is surpassing the averages. I've lost 22lbs since surgery. He also mentioned that around 4-6 weeks most patients see a slow down in the loss as their body adjusts. It should pick back up soon. I have noticed within the last week my loss has slowed down too but I'm trying not to worry yet I'm just waiting for it to turn back around. My surgeon's office said that at this point 2lbs per week is what they are looking for. Sounds like you're perfectly on track!
  19. JDLane

    Post op diet

    I wasn't given a caloric guideline but for the first 3 weeks I was probably under 400 calories daily. I was still on full liquids. Once I moved into puree I averaged 500-600 calories per day. My instructions are still not to exceed 4 oz in volume at a time, which is fine because I could not fit more than that in my stomach now at around 5 weeks out. I can do 4oz of greek yogurt but something like pureed chicken I can typically only fit about 2oz and then maybe a bite or 2 of veg. I was planning to ask my dietician about calories at my appointment tomorrow.
  20. JDLane

    May Surgeries - check in!

    My program has us eating 5-6 times per day, about every 2-3 hours and even with that I typically get around 600 calories. 1,000 would definitely be a struggle at this point.
  21. JDLane

    Not wanting to eat

    Yes, I'm 4 weeks out and while I rarely experience true hunger most days I still have a desire to eat. Some days though I just don't want to put anything into my body at all. It's rough. I find it easier to eat on the days I'm in a good routine like going in to my office for work, but if I'm home or it's the weekend it's so much harder for me to find the will to eat. However, I feel like garbage if I'm not properly hydrated and hitting protein so it's a vicious circle. I just kind of have to force myself to eat anyway and get past it.
  22. JDLane

    May Surgeries - check in!

    I'm 4 weeks out today and I had a rough day yesterday. I was exhausted when I woke up in the morning. Had no desire to eat or drink and generally felt crappy. At some point in the late afternoon I took two bigger sips of water and then immediately vomited. It burned like heck, my throat was burning for probably 2 hours afterwards even with drinking more and trying to wash it away. I'm fairly certain I did not drink enough the day before so I woke up feeling crappy and then continued to not drink well for the first half of the day. I focused on fluids over eating in the afternoon and I feel better today. So I do not recommend even slight dehydration, no fun.
  23. JDLane

    May Surgeries - check in!

    Yes I did it for puree stage. I just did 2 eggs mixed with a 15oz container of fat free or reduced fat ricotta, spices as you wish, topped with enough smooth sauce to cover the ricotta and then sprinkled some fat free mozzarella on top. Baked at 400 for about 20-25 minutes I believe. I used a 9x9 baking pan and cut into 9 servings which came out to around 100 calories each 9g protein, 3 carb.
  24. JDLane

    Food n nutrition

    Share with a family member. Order an appetizer or a side dish. Take home your leftovers and have a few more meals. Accept the loss as part of the journey. We ordered out a few days ago, I got something I could handle at my current stage. I ate a small portion of it once per day for about 4 days and only got through maybe 2/3 of it and we threw the rest away. It stinks to waste food but it's not my primary worry right now. Hopefully in the future I'll be able to find better balance with less waste.
  25. JDLane

    Favorite drinks

    I like Gatorade zero and the vitamin water zero, I'm currently still off caffeine but I also like diet snapple when I'm not. Protein water has calories but it's a great option to help get protein in when you're sick of shakes. Good luck!

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