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  1. DoodlesMom

    Anyone in MINNESOTA?

    Wow! I knew that they blocked visitors but missed that Allina cancelled all weight loss surgeries. I went through the Allina weight management program a couple years ago but switched to Park Nicollet a year ago.
  2. The liquid diet will test your will power like never before. You've got to push it off for now so you can reach your goals. Keeping busy helps. Find things that work to keep you preoupied. Call a friend, play with pets or maybe audio books. When you find a few that work, write them down. This won't be last time you'll be tempted to eat. It's tough but you can do it!
  3. DoodlesMom

    Review: Muscle Feast

    Thanks for the thorough and detailed reveiw. I'm sure many of us have spent money on products that didn't work fo us. Hope you find one that works for you.
  4. DoodlesMom

    Eat till full or?

    My nurse told me to reach the point of being satisfied not full or stuffed. She also said I might feel pressure or fullness in my chest. Listening to your body has a learning curve and one bite too many and it will feel like food is stuck in the esphagus. Like you, I had my surgery a little over a week ago but I had the sleeve. I'm not sure if the cues are different for bypass.
  5. DoodlesMom

    Best broth?

    I know your past the liquid phase but thought a list of broths would be helpful for those on a pre and postop liquid diet. Chicken Beef Turkey Veggie Pork Lamb Bone Fish Seafood Pazole Ramen Pho Mushroom Miso Wonton Thai lemongrass Thai curry Spicy tortilla Tomato Umami Vegan Thai coconut
  6. Hey, I just wanted to let everyone know that I didn't attend any of the holiday parties. I was sad at the time. Since then, I've heard about 8 attendees wound up with a nasty flu. They've had to cancel their New Year's Eve plans. I'm so glad I didn't chance it.
  7. Are those with surgeries soon skipping holiday gatherings due to eating restrictions or Covid fears? How are you navigating the holidays this year? I thought the Christmas celebration this year would be with immediate family only. Now, it's turned into a sit-down dinner, 75+ person blowout. I'm nervous because I'll be on the liquid diet and will be having surgery in just a couple of weeks.
  8. DoodlesMom

    Back to ER

    Wow, you have dealt with a lot since your surgery. It must have been so scary and stressful. It sounds like your starting to get the care you need. I'm so glad for you. Keep us posted.
  9. DoodlesMom

    January Surgery buddies

    Try not to beat yourself up. The lack of variety, hunger and constantly thinking about food can make this liquid diet so tough mentally and physically. I was really struggling a few days ago so I get it. I went to the store and bought a variety of broths--pho broth is a nice change over the standard veggie and chicken broth. Having something warm and savory made all the difference in hunger and feeling satisfied. I remember someone mentioned wonton broth too. Have you found any protein shakes you like? I have about 6 brands of shakes in as many flavors as I could find. It does give variety making this more tolerable. Stay strong, you're almost there!
  10. DoodlesMom

    January Surgery buddies

    So disaponting. 🙁
  11. DoodlesMom

    January Surgery buddies

    Jan 3rd. I am sooo ready.
  12. DoodlesMom

    January Surgery buddies

    Minnesota. I see you live there too. 😀
  13. DoodlesMom

    January Surgery buddies

    NOOO!! I'm so sorry!
  14. DoodlesMom

    January Surgery buddies

    Yeah, here is mine. Looks like we're in the same program.
  15. DoodlesMom

    January Surgery buddies

    Good one! You won't be that guy for long. Good luck 🙂
  16. DoodlesMom

    I hit goal today!

    Yeah, I've seen you around on here. Wow, you look so great! Your dress is very flattering. No, the loose skin isn't visible. Thanks so much for sharing. 😄 It's motivating to hear what a success the surgery has been for you. Running is great exercise. That's great you found something you enjoy. Nothing beats the runner's high. Keep it up and please keep us updated.
  17. Thanks. 😀😀😀 I didn't think of that. I'll see if I can make it happen.
  18. Congrats on the surgery! It sounds like your doing really well. Thanks, good luck to you too.
  19. It's at my mother-in-law's. It was supposed to be a chill, small Christmas with the 6 of us and it snowballed. Yes, it'll be within 10 days of surgery. I'm nervous about the number of people and I'll be on the liquid diet and don't want the "Why arent you eating?" question. Normally, I'd go to town so it'll be obvious. My immediate family knows, but not everyone who will be there.
  20. DoodlesMom


    I agree with Hop_Scotch here. It sounds like contact dermatitis. You could be reacting to the glue. I'm guessing it was healing well at your postop visit. Being a nurse, you'd likely know if it were infected. If you are concerned, contact your surgeon, they can diagnose it and hopefully provide some peace of mind. As for the itching, ice packs have helped calm my past incisions as they healed. Good Luck!
  21. DoodlesMom

    January Surgery buddies

    Yes, limbo. Thats the word I've beeen looking for. We're all tough cookies for making it through these delays. I wonder what the surgery wait is for new patients. It seems they just keep getting more and more backed up.
  22. DoodlesMom

    January Surgery buddies

    How disappointing. So sorry. 😞
  23. DoodlesMom

    January Surgery buddies

    I have a date but I don't want to get my hopes up. Like many of you, Covid delayed my surgery. Its been pushed twice because of COVID surges and hospital bed shortages. Fingers crossed for January 3rd.🤞
  24. DoodlesMom

    Goal met!

    You look great! You should be proud of yourself. 😁
  25. DoodlesMom

    Who lost a lot before surgery?

    Your surgery is Monday? Yay! I'm so excited for you. It sure has been a long road for you to get here. Sending positive vibes and a virtual hug. 🤗 Good luck!

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