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  1. SunnyinSC

    Wow! Size 6?????

    You look amazing. Congrats! I don't have any daughters, but fitting into my sister's clothes would be amazing. You gave me an idea for a non-scale victory
  2. SunnyinSC

    I Reached My Goal!!!!!

    Congrats! Super happy for you
  3. SunnyinSC

    Endoscopy and Sleeve?

    I had an endoscopy yesterday as part of the pre-surgery process for me. I've had GERD issues for a while, and my nurse wanted to make sure there wasn't something more there going on before getting a sleeve (which was the surgeon's recommendation based on my weight). Turns out I have a medium-sized hiatal hernia of the paraoesophageal type. Based on this we're actually going to go with bypass. According to the nurse, while it's possible the GERD would go away with the sleeve if the hernia was fixed, it's also not entirely uncommon for sleeve users to get another hernia later on due to the reduced size of the stomach, and then we'd be back to square 1 with the GERD issues (with them possibly being worse due to the new stomach). Where I am self-pay and a revision would not be covered by insurance, we have decided to go with bypass instead as I essentially have one chance to get this right. That is just for me though, and everyone is so different with multiple other factors at play that it may not be the right choice for others. Either way, I'd say an endoscopy will likely be beneficial. Doesn't hurt to have more information going into such a big decision, and the results may help you decide what type of surgery would work best for you.
  4. SunnyinSC

    Failed My Psyche Eval

    I'm throwing this here cause it's more of a rant than a question. Just wanna complain to some people who may get it. To get it out of the way, I am not mad at the psychologist, or the clinic or anything like that. I understand why I need more therapy prior to getting surgery and I fully agree that addressing problematic behaviors is important for long term success. The support of bariatric psychologists and support groups is why I decided to go with a hospital close to me that offers that stuff as part of the program instead of going to Mexico where it'd be much much cheaper as a self pay patient. All that being said, I can't help but feel a bit down trodden and frustrated. I go to therapy frequently, and have for years. The past few years I've felt like I was doing really well. I hadn't had any major bouts of depression or anxiety that lasted for notable periods of time. There had been a few hiccups but they were promptly addressed and such. I thought I was gonna pass this thing with flying colors. Alas, nope. My psychologist that was evaluating me asked if any of the doctors or surgeons I had visited over the years had asked about my relationship with food cause she was seeing some concerning things, and honestly they haven't. That isn't to say I haven't talked with my therapist about my weight, it's just that eating patterns and behaviors themselves weren't ever really discussed. It was more just acknowledgement that depression and anxiety had contributed to weight gain. The bariatric psychologist also stated she doesn't think my current medications are working as well as I think, and that based on what I described as "normal" eating for myself, I am self-medicating with food in addition to the medications, and she'd like to make sure that I won't spiral once that food aspect is no longer a possibility. So I am now scheduled to see a therapist who specializes in bariatric surgery and disordered eating (she doesn't think I have Binge Eating Disorder, but she does think that my eating is disordered), and we'll check in 90 days later. The psychologist did repeatedly thank me for being honest though, so there's that 😕 I had a bit of a cry session yesterday when I found out. I am continuing to remind myself that the behavior and mental support part is why I chose to go with the hospital I did over other places. This is essentially what I wanted. I don't want to fail at this. I know it'll pass and a few months (hell even a year or two) is a drop in the bucket compared to the rest of my life. It just doesn't seem that way in the moment and I'm just super bummed out.
  5. SunnyinSC

    Failed My Psyche Eval

    I honestly don't know if I'll every truly feel totally ready. It is a large change. But I am hopeful that I can feel more ready than I do and that the additional therapy ahead of time will pave the pathway to success. I am -still- bummed about pushing it back. Delaying 90 days (assuming I get approved then) means I'll need to cancel the vacation we had planned in September cause I won't be able to request time off so close to the time off I'm taking for surgery. But we can also push the vacation back a bit too. It's just a lot and I needed the safe place to rant to people who get it. I appreciate all the supportive comments and I hope you also get the help you need for dealing with the big life change. I know I posted that in your thread too, but figured I'd add it here. It sounds like you're at least taking the steps you can to address it, which is wonderful!
  6. SunnyinSC

    Mental health deterioration.

    I'm sorry you're going through this! Depression slumps are difficult normally, so going through one along with such a major change I'm sure is a whole different ballgame. I'm happy to see you have scheduled an appointment with the therapist, and can recognize the signs you're heading towards a slump. Getting ahead of it, even if just by a bit, is a good call. I hope eating and drinking get easier for you, and definitely do not feel bad about venting here. That's part of what this forum is for! Venting to people who are going through similar stuff Please keep us updated on your progress if you don't mind sharing the journey (both the mental side, and letting us know when you are feeling better and getting some food in). Sending love your way!
  7. It sucks that the honeymoon period is ending, but you got this! You're one of the names I see posting a bit when I lurk and read through success stories and such, and it seems like you've got a really solid base that you're starting with now for maintenance. I don't have tips or anything cause I haven't even had surgery, but I wanted to at least throw another supportive voice to the mix.
  8. SunnyinSC

    Failed My Psyche Eval

    I appreciate your concern. That said, I honestly don't believe she was on a power trip or anything, and my follow ups will be with a completely different therapist/office/practice so I don't think it was money. This psychiatrist is used by the hospital for surgery approval quite frequently and the nurses and dietician I have spoken to did not give the impression that patients are often delayed by the psychological evaluation. I think I'm probably the exception, not the rule. While it is true I've been in and out of therapy for years (21 to be precise), that has always been for depression and anxiety, and has never really addressed my eating habits or eating behaviors. Which does explain why even when I have my depression and anxiety under control (or what I feel like is under control), I was still gaining weight over time. Given some of the questions she asked regarding how long certain behaviors had been going on, and the responses I gave after some thought, what she was saying made sense and does apply to my situation. I very much appreciate that she was honest with me, and while I may not like the outcome, I do think that addressing some of the behavioral eating problems, in the same way I've addressed depression and anxiety, will be better for me long term. I don't expect they'll want me perfect prior to surgery, just in a better place since it's not uncommon for depression and anxiety to get worse after surgery for patients with both those chronic illnesses and disordered eating habits.
  9. SunnyinSC

    Failed My Psyche Eval

    I didn't! Haha. I got in a bit of a squabble myself in another thread. They tend to happen, but I'm glad the thread was able to get back on track. It really is an important discussion to be had and you're right in that I'm surprised there isn't a forum for the mental health side. Seems like putting together a place to share resources to find help, and perhaps find suggestions on good bariatric therapists who are knowledgeable about overeating would be a good fit for a WLS forum.
  10. SunnyinSC

    Failed My Psyche Eval

    @OAGBPal Thank you for the links. I will definitely be adding to and reading all the discussion in the eating disorder thread. I did read @Creekimp13 food addiction post and it really did hit home in a lot of ways. I didn't respond to it cause I wasn't sure what I could really add there. I love her posts in general though. Always well worded, relatable, and on point! I don't know that I'm handling things particularly well, but I'm trying! Part of the reason of wanting to write up something, and why I continue to mention that I know this is ultimately better, is I need to remind myself. I know all the folks reading this stuff don't need to read about how mental health is important and therapy for it is an important part of the recovery process.. but typing it out like that helps me remind myself. Fake it until you make it, or something similar, because the emotional side of me is not being logical today, haha. So I apologize if I sound like a broken record. It definitely is a scary, and anxiety inducing process, but I know in the end I'll be grateful I held on.
  11. SunnyinSC

    Failed My Psyche Eval

    Thank you both. I definitely do feel it's a bit luck of the draw, but in a way I am happy to have had one that listened and actually seems to want me to succeed. A friend who also went through the process recently is going through a different place, and her evaluation was just a multiple choice questionnaire, while mine was a questionnaire, but then an hour sit down with the psychologist to discuss eating habits themselves. Really trying to look and find silver lining to fight off the blues, cause logically I know it's better to address this stuff now, and obviously I wasn't addressing it as well as I thought because the right topics weren't being discussed previously. I do very much appreciate the support this forum offers and knowing I am not completely alone in this journey. My husband is super supportive, but he's never had to deal with weight issues and he honestly doesn't really understand a lot of what I'm going through. He listens and he'll offer comfort and hugs (which do help!), but he doesn't identify with it cause his relationship with food is healthy and he's never struggled with weight.
  12. In my pre-op education class, they said that to be counted as pureed, the scrambled eggs would need to be the consistency of cottage cheese. But everyone's doctor's are different and all. Good luck!
  13. SunnyinSC

    What is your why?

    So, what led up to looking into it was a lot of different stuff. Much of what is reflected in other's posts here. Just general health problems. High blood pressure, pre-diabetic, kidney stones, gallstones, and pain with what should be everyday life stuff. I got to the point where my back and knees would just ache if I was standing or walking for more than like, 20 minutes. Prescriptions I'm on can do damage to organs with long term use, so I don't wanna be taking those forever. What ultimately got me to pull the trigger was trouble with some hygiene type stuff though. Not being able to care for myself like I should or complete some very basic tasks pushed me over the edge and into an actual surgery consult instead of just continuing to put it off.
  14. SunnyinSC

    Low CO2 Levels

    So just as an update, in case anyone else runs into this issue. I still haven't been able to get hold of the doctor who ordered my labs (incidentally, I have an appointment with a different PCP on Wednesday this week to establish care with them instead). But, my nurse practitioner from MUSC did call regarding the labs they were faxed because a few were missing, and she let me know that I wasn't that low and it was nothing to be concerned about.
  15. SunnyinSC

    Hot Cocoa

    Ooo, good to know! My surgery is still a ways off (mid-April at the earliest, no set date until after an endoscopy). Hot cocoa is definitely something I like to enjoy occasionally in the winter, so finding an alternative that's healthier is a plus! It's going on my list of things to try post-op (when I'm ready).
  16. So I had my consultation with my surgeon on Monday. Based on my own research I had thought gastric bypass was the best option for me. However my surgeon said that at my weight (I'm currently 265lbs at 5'3.5") and given my heartburn/acid reflux isn't bad enough to warrant daily medication, he feels like a sleeve would be the better option because there is less risk involved and the weight loss expected would be about the same. I now have an endoscopy scheduled for later this month so they can see if there is a hernia in play, and check damage/issues with my esophagus to confirm my issues aren't severe. This was thanks to the nurse, who was sort of advocating on my behalf for double checking the issues weren't severe. After the endoscopy we'll make a decision on bypass or sleeve then. I'm self pay though, so I'm really nervous that we'll go with sleeve and then my heartburn issues will get worse and I'll need a revision (which I'll also have to pay out of pocket for). So I wanted to check with some folks that have had the surgery about heartburn after. Currently I get heartburn/acid reflux 3-4 times a week and I medicate with tums/milk. It started when I was pregnant and didn't ever go away (even though I lost some weight while pregnant). Usually issues happen if I eat too close to bedtime, eat too much at dinner, or eat acidic foods. Sometimes it's bad enough that I'll wake up coughing in the middle of the night, feeling like I have stomach acid in my lungs (this is when I attempt to drink some milk to get the throat burning to calm down, not that it works well). If you have had similar heartburn prior to surgery, and went with the sleeve surgery, did the issues worsen? Did they get better with weight loss (my surgeon suspects it's a weight issue and will go away after the weight is gone)? Am I being reasonable in my concern or should I just listen to the surgeons recommendations regarding which surgery to get and keep my own fears out of the decision?
  17. SunnyinSC

    I made it through!

    Congrats to both of you, and feel better soon Chantrella!
  18. My first appointment they actually sat me down with a nurse, dietician, and the surgeon. The time with the surgeon was actually really brief, and the nurse handled more of the appointment and education side. Surgeon basically came in and went "yup, you're a good candidate and this is the surgery I'd recommend", and the nurse pressed a bit on getting an additional test done to make sure that was a good choice since I'm self-pay. Looking back, had it been with just the nurse, I think I would have been just as satisfied with the appointment. The surgeon was nice enough, but the nurse was the one to really listen and take my concerns into consideration, and she was super knowledgeable.
  19. SunnyinSC

    Heartburn Questions

    Thank you for the responses. The surgeon did casually throw out that if I develop GERD I can be put on a prescription for it, but I wasn't a huge fan of that attitude. Part of the reason for getting the surgery is to get off the medications I'm on that are related to issues caused by obesity. So the thought of having to put on something new due to the surgery when I was really hoping the heartburn would go away was a bit of a downer. I'll try to get my anxiety over it in line and just wait to see what the Endoscopy says. The surgeon I have has been doing this a long while now, so I should probably listen to him. It's just the self pay and thought of needing revision for GERD later that is giving me the ickies.
  20. SunnyinSC


    There do seem to be plenty of people that like them. Hopefully you'll be one! They just weren't my cup of tea. But I am really really picky.
  21. SunnyinSC


    While doing keto I tried out Magic Spoon. The cereal smelled great, and when it initially hit my tongue it was amazing. But the taste went away super super fast and there was a fibrous consistency and aftertaste that was just really unpleasant. Given how expensive they are, I haven't ordered them again. But some people like them a lot, so would probably be worth a try if you're really craving some cold cereal and just need something to itch that scratch.
  22. You definitely aren't alone. I'm going in for a consultation tomorrow, not even surgery itself, and I'm nervous about just that. But I know logically speaking this is the best choice and I don't wanna die of a heart attack in my 30's. I was obese, and had zero health issues in my 20's. Then the last 3-4 years they have just kept coming (I'm 36 now). High blood pressure, pre-diabetic, joint pain, kidney stones, gallstones (I ended up having to get my gallbladder removed).. and the yo-yo dieting has just not worked. Part of what has been helping me is going through the success stories in this forum. Reading about how people don't have to deal with all these medical issues anymore. How it doesn't hurt to move around and general quality of life improves. I spend a lot of time looking over the Outfit of the Day thread, and before and after photos (thank you to everyone who posts in those!). I am still nervous, but so far I am finding that reminding myself of the reasons why this is the logical choice has been helping me keep focused and keep moving forward.
  23. As the title says, my initial consult is on Monday! I'm finally meeting with a surgeon after tossing the idea of surgery in my head for a year and a half or so (and under the recommendations of my PCP). I know it's just the initial... talk with the surgeon, make sure your actually a good candidate style of stuff, but I'm really excited cause this step makes it more "official" for me. In my excitement, I am afraid I'm going to forget to ask questions, so I am making a list today. Are there any questions you guys would recommend asking during the consultation visit? I have written down to ask about possible additional costs to fix a hiatal hernia (if I have one), or additional costs if I can't get liquids in and have to stay in the hospital longer. They gave me a nice document that covers what to expect for most visits (both pre and post op), and they require BLIS insurance, so I'll have that for any super serious trouble within 90 days of surgery. I also plan to ask how much of a "heads up" they typically give for surgery. Ideally I'd like to give my work 3-4 weeks notice at a minimum. I have shared with my boss and two of my coworkers that I've started the process for surgery, and that in the coming months I'd be requesting a few weeks off as a result, but it'd still be nice to give them a heads up and all. I did mention that it may be in April/May, hopefully that wasn't just me being overly hopeful about the process being quicker since I'm self pay. What else did you ask, or maybe wish you would have asked, during the initial visit?
  24. SunnyinSC

    Taste Changes

    I apologize if this is in the wrong section. I've read a lot about people suddenly having a dislike for some foods they liked before surgery (usually of the sugar variety), but I haven't really seen anyone mention a change in tastes the other direction. For those of you that have had surgery and moved onto solids, are there some foods you are now finding you like/love that you use to hate? I was curious about if the changes in food preference go both ways.
  25. SunnyinSC

    Taste Changes

    Thank you all! I am glad to hear taste buds change not just in a negative way. Reading about so many people disliking things they use to like, but not really seeing much in the way of liking new things was starting to worry me a bit. I am a pretty picky eater so there was this underlying fear that I'd lose some of the stuff I like and my options would be even less or I'd have to force myself to eat some things until I hopefully developed a taste for them. And no one wants to have to eat things they dislike, lol. As a disclaimer, I am fully aware that my eating habits have to change, that's just an easier process if I have things that I like to eat to help it along. I'd love to like fish. I currently l like shellfish (scallops, calamari, lobster, crab, shrimp), but I -want- to like salmon, tuna, and other super healthy options. Wishful thinking, but I can dream!

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