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    Twenty-something trying to reclaim my health and life. I'm on an education, health, skin, faith, debt, and lifestyle journey!
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  1. MissSmartyPants

    Early Tummy Tuck

    Wow nice work! I'm such a slow loser :(. My surgeon prefers that I'm within 10-15lbs of my goal because he anticipates that post skin removal and lipo that will place me at or slightly below goal. I told him that's lofty considering my rate of weightloss but I'm intensifying my health and fitness plan to get as close as humanly possible. Thats good to hear! I have a big head lol so my goal is higher than most at my height but its all good. I'm thinking by February I'll be 20-ish lbs away.
  2. MissSmartyPants

    Early Tummy Tuck

    Sooooo. I'm around 70-ish lbs from my goal weight and I've already scheduled a tummy tuck and lipo for February '22. I know it's early in my journey to do so (I'm only 9 months post-op). But, I can't stand the flapping and hanging. I figure, since I haven't had kids yet, that any more loose skin I develop would be a great starting point for a pregnant belly a few years down the line (thats how it works right?? Like reinflating a balloon??). Or, this will just be my excuse to get a mini tummy tuck and an boob lift. Anyone else have an "early" surgery? How did your results fare after losing more weight? Regrets?
  3. MissSmartyPants

    Gaining weight

    I had my surgery on the same date and am currently experiencing the same thing I've been all but stalled for 2 weeks. Hopefully, it lets up for us soon. I'm working on being more active.
  4. MissSmartyPants

    Accountability Post

    13 days out from surgery 10 lbs down... I haven't been eating. Eating is a hassle. When I do eat I either give up or don't eat the right thing. I don't put me or my staples in danger of course. I'm just not meeting protein requirements in the slightest. I'm writing this post because I know there are a lot of other who feel like they've just been getting it wrong since Week 1 of surgery, and I just want to say that its never too late to turn it around. This isn't like all the other times! I'm not looking for motivation, encouragement, a lecture or anything else. I'm just calling myself out for bad behaviour because I'm a big know-it-all who is miserable, tired, and losing hair. I'm re-commiting myself to toughing it out this week and the coming weeks because I've been on this forum long enough to know that it all passes.
  5. MissSmartyPants

    February 2021 bypassers?

    Hey! Have you prepped any recipes for purees? I prepped avocado and beans , gave it a taste tonight and OOF they hit me like a rock. Literally felt like a chainsaw was being ripped through me. And, this is 1/8 teaspoon through sieve. Maybe those just don't agree right now? That's a shame because I'm vegan and was looking forward to relying on those savory staples. Hopefully tofu doesn't do we wrong! I look forward on following your progress since our stats are so close!
  6. MissSmartyPants


    Quite possibly the lowest quality before photos out there, but my silly self decided to wait until I had surgery to take pictures.
  7. MissSmartyPants

    My goal outfit is/was . . .

    No hopes! Only guarantees! We can swap pics when we get there 💪
  8. MissSmartyPants

    Vivid Food Dream

    I'm 5 days post-op and in too much pain to be hungry, but last night I had the most vivid food dream. I was at a vacant apartment but on a table in the apartment was a sandwich I used to make with all of the fixings. Needless to say I ate the entire thing. But, I was post-op in my dream too so I panicked and raced to the store to buy a protein shake? It was apparently Christmas time so I bought an isopure advent calendar because my dream logic said to counteract the effects of junk food I need to chase it with protein? Then the dream ended with me opening each day to reveal a new flavor of protein shake.
  9. MissSmartyPants

    I'm sure we are all sharing the same view today!

    I definitely still need Tylenol 😂 but I'm def using less than before which is awesome.
  10. In pain at the hospital, but yesterday was worse. I hope the rest of you 02/22 people are doing well. I'm able to sip and walk around just fine though! They weren't kidding about the gas, it's more painful than the incisions to be honest.
  11. MissSmartyPants

    February 2021 bypassers?

    Hi all, just popping in to remind myself and others to take some before pics! Also if you haven't already: Get your vitamins Your clear liquids Your protein powders Walking shoes An app to time your eating and drinking (I just got baritastic) And most important of all... GET YOUR MIND RIGHT!
  12. MissSmartyPants

    Any Bypassers in their 20s?

    Thank you! Congrats on the 20 kg, shopping is definitely something I'm looking forward to. While I always "made it work" when it came to clothes. I'm def looking forward to the convenience factor. Cheers to increased confidence! 30 in 3 weeks? That's so impressive! Congrats. I went back to school last year and ever since I started this journey my grades have been through the roof lol. It's crazy where our focus goes after virtually eliminating food! What have you been doing for purees? The thought of pureed meat and fish scares me lol. I was vegan when I started this, but found it hard to maintain.
  13. MissSmartyPants

    February 2021 bypassers?

    We have the same date!! I started my full liquid diet on 02/08. I currently feel miserable and hungry lol, so I joined this site today to help distract myself. I also bought my vitamins, extra protein powder, and comfy clothes for the hospital today. 02/22 is just around the corner my friend!

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