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  1. MizzKay

    Any April 2021 surgeries?!

    Hi everyone, I guess i can say im doing good. But there's always room for progress. Im thankful that i am not experiencing any hair loss.🙏 Im still trying to get use to taking the horse pills everyday 😩...One thing I can say is it feels good to say "NO MORE PLUS SIZE FOR ME". Currently i can wear a size 11/12 in fashion nova jeans. 😄 I haven't been in this size since since the age of 26 yrs😁. One thing I hate is that my farts smell awful @ times🙈. Also I hate the fact that my ass which I mean literally has shrunk.😩and I want it back. Hopefully, I dnt lose anymore.
  2. MizzKay

    How long will I be off of work?

    Well I took fmla just to be ln the safe side. I got the gastric sleeve which in return led to a hernia repair. So I think I would have been out for lesser time. But because of the hernia repair I had pain. Therefore I was out of work a total of 3 weeks.
  3. MizzKay

    Any April 2021 surgeries?!

    Hey @Exudos194 you look amazing! Keep up the good work. I think I need to step up my strength training. Lol
  4. MizzKay

    Any April 2021 surgeries?!

    Hey @Flounder. Sometimes it really can be rough to get the protein we need in. But to meet my goals I do food prep just like @Blueslily stated. It really helps when are working. In the mornings before i start work. I always just drink a protein drink unless im able to make me an omelet w/ spinach and crab meat. For snacks while at work I get things like almonds, onikes greek yogurt, tuna salad w/ 2 broil eggs, egg salad, grill shrimp salad, chicken salad, quest protein bar,canteloup, spinach, white and yellow cheese sticks. These are just somethings i get my protein in with while i work. So i hope it helps. But keep pushing and you are doing good💪.
  5. MizzKay

    Any April 2021 surgeries?!

    Thanks @Incredibleshrinkiningkiley
  6. MizzKay


    Yes i have a problem eating chicken too and if I eat it too fast. It causes me to throw up. My nose runs when I am full, ill get hiccups or feel like I have something stuck in my throat.
  7. MizzKay

    Super tired

    Im almost 4 months out and I be so tired/sluggish at times. I do not like it but its worth it in the end. Hopefully it fades away eventually.
  8. MizzKay

    Any April 2021 surgeries?!

    Hello @ Blueslily I am doin awesome and I will be 4 months post op this month. I have been doing good with fluid and protein intake. But theres always room for improvement. Right now I just hate this fatigue I been experiencing. Im down almost 60 pounds. Here is a before/ after picture.
  9. MizzKay

    Any April 2021 surgeries?!

    Hello @blueslily, I started out with the bariatric specific chewable multivitamin from bariatricpal. They was so nasty and had me nauseous. So I was relieved when I was told I could take the tablet form. The bariatric specific multivitamin tablet is kind of big. But i rather take those then them chewables. You can always crushed the tablet and put into applesauce. However, I still do take the calcium citrate chewables and sometimes the tablet. They are really big but can be crushed as well.
  10. MizzKay

    I'm new

    Well Im almost 3 months post op since gastric bypass surgery. What I can tell you is my pain was not that bad. But the nauseous feeling was terrible. I hated it.
  11. MizzKay


    Hey whatever u do...do not get the chewables. They are so nasty in my opinion. I literally almost puked everytime i ate them. So i switched to the tablets and they are so much better, but cost a little more.
  12. I am 1 week post op today and I can say im down almost 10 pounds. I am drinking the different protein premium drinks, sugar free Gatorade and water. Trust me when I say its a struggle at times getting 64 oz in if I dont start drinking by 6am. But what I hate so far is this nauseous feeling. Also I hate these muxed berry chewable vitamins by bariatric advantage. They are nasty as hell and makes me want to puke. The wild cherry chewable calcium citrate vitamins not too bad. I call myself getting bariatric specific so i want have to take alot of pills. Im thinking now I probably have should went with the flintstone vitamins.
  13. MizzKay

    What I hate so far...

    Yea I was told that the protein drinks wasnt included in the fluid goal. But if so that would really help a girl out. Lol
  14. Hey everyone I had my surgery yesterday. It was rough but I made it through it. Im not having much pain and im getting my fluids without any issues. I also had a hernia repair. Now just waiting to go home tomorrow
  15. Hey yall the countdown has started. I have 10 days til surgery. I am so excited! I got everything I need biotene spray, vitamins, tylenol,shakes and everything else. I take my covid test on sunday.
  16. MizzKay

    After surgery diabetes

    Thats one of the many reasons why I chose gastric bypass. I have been borderline diabetic many times and im so scared of developing type 2 diabetes.
  17. MizzKay

    10 days to surgery

    Thanks and good luck to you as well. I took my covid test today. So im hoping and praying its comes back negative. I dont have any symptoms but i just nervous about it. Lol
  18. Ok I need some help...lol. Im trying to order my vitamins, calcium citrate, B12 and vitamin d3 off of bariatricpal.com. So do i just order vitamins and just the calcium citrate because the vitamins have the other stuff needed or do I order all four items separately?
  19. MizzKay

    Bariatric pal

    Thanks @njlimmer i appreciate the info
  20. MizzKay

    Bariatric pal

    Yes @catwomen7 thats what I was told. So im trying to figure out which bariatric specific vitamin to order.
  21. MizzKay

    Bariatric pal

    Yes I will be taking all three but I thought I was told if I order vitamins from bariatricpal and unjury. They have everything you need except calcium citrate.
  22. MizzKay

    Bariatric pal

    Well I will be having gastric bypass on the 29th and I just want to have everything I need before hand.
  23. MizzKay

    Any April 2021 surgeries?!

    Congrats...I wish my doctor get a cancellation, so I can get bumped up. Cuz it seems lik the 29th cant come quicker. Lol
  24. So i have to do a liver shrinking diet 2 weeks prior to surgery. Which is substituting 2 meals w/ protein drink from an approved list. 2 snacks low calorie or fat free yogurt, cottage cheese or 1/2 of fruit and 1 meal consisting of 4 oz lean protein and vegetables. Except corn, sweet potatoes, lima beans and potatoes. 64 oz of water. I should have no problems because i basically been eating this was since February.
  25. MizzKay

    Liver shrinking diet

    Well @SummerTimeGirl I found out when i had to do a 4 hour nutrition pre op class last thursday. That I had to do a liver shrinking diet which is required by surgeon. As well as attend a support group.

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