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  1. SummerTimeGirl

    Update On Me (Surgery: 5/19/21)

    I have been lucky with the fact that I have NOT had issues eating at all. I also haven't had any sort of aversion to any foods. My frustration with it all comes with the fact that even way before surgery foods that normal dieting people would eat like brown rice, sweet potatoes, whole grains, fruits, stuff like that, would stall me or make me gain weight. I expressed those fears to the nutritionist before surgery and now after. But she keeps suggesting I add and have those things in my diet and that there is no reason why I shouldn't. I guess I'm just trapped in my old bad ways of thinking and my bad habit of trying to omit them and it gets to my mind at times. I'm always like, it must be nice to be normal and not have to think of every morsel of food you're about to put into your mouth. Or worry over it and how it's gonna make you stall, not lose, gain, etc. My long stall also has me wondering if my PCOS and IR may still be causing me issues when it comes to my hormones and inability to lose due to it. I've been looking into supplements for it but have yet to bite the bullet. The one that seems to come highly recommended by many docs is kind of expensive but I hear great things about it. I am wondering if that coupled with the Rybelsus will help get my hormones and stuff in check IF that is or may be what's stalling me?
  2. SummerTimeGirl

    Update On Me (Surgery: 5/19/21)

    UPDATE: Another quick update since it's been a while. Well, I tired my old dose of Metformin for over a month and it did nothing for my weight loss. I was really hoping that the cut in dose was the issue/reason for my stall since October. But I'm still stalled despite still eating right (and logging everything) and exercise. So I contacted my doc through the patient portal and told him it wasn't making a difference and he switched me to Rybelsus. He said I DO NOT need it for my blood sugar as it's been great, but he feels it may help with the weight loss as it has done so with many of his other patients. It's also supposed to be good for those with PCOS and Insulin Resistance. He told me I am doing everything humanly possible to lose weight on my own and he doesn't know what else I could or should do otherwise so we both agreed I'd give this a shot. I will have to give it a good three months to see. I will be on the 3mg for 30 days. Then 7 (or 8?) mg for 30 days. And finally, the highest does of 14mg for at least 30 days. We will reevaluate after that. He also talked again about how he believes some bodies/people just may be predisposed to a set weight and that there may be nothing you can do to change that. I get where he's coming from but I'd hate to think my body is done losing and I'll be stuck here still at least 50-60 lbs overweight (from MY goal......which is still an overweight number wise by normal standards). I have a meeting with my surgeon in a week or two. I think by their standards I will be on target (although I feel like a failure) because he told me before that he expects me to be between 201 and 234 at a year out. Well my lowest weigh in has been 235 but that was weeks ago (March 16th). Haven't lost more since and, once again, I am hovering around 241 and 245. Sighhhhhhh Still have til May 19th (my surgery anniversary) to lose more but I am doubtful that will happen. Anyway, that's that and I feel so defeated. Of course I'd be the freakin' oddball that would STILL have problems losing weight even after surgery.
  3. SummerTimeGirl

    Update On Me (Surgery: 5/19/21)

    Thanks so much! Glad you found it helpful. I use it as kind of a log for myself too so that I can look back and see what happened and when. That's so funny with the Liverwurst. LOL As I said before, I don't usually like it but every now and then I get a taste for it. LOL
  4. SummerTimeGirl

    Update On Me (Surgery: 5/19/21)

    UPDATE: Just wanted to give ANOTHER quick update to my situation. LOL So as you may know I met with my dietician on March 3rd and we discussed my food logs and exercise and how it appeared I was doing everything right. Also told her that the only new different thing that happened back when my stall started was the fact that I halved my Metformin. She didn't seem to think that was the issue. But for sh*ts and giggles I started myself back on my old dose the next day. So guess what, on March 4th I weight in at 243.2. But then two days ago I weighed in at 235.4!!!! Pretty much an 8lb loss in only 12 days!!! Coincidence or what? I did NOTHING else new or different. All I know is that the scale has NOT moved like that in like 5 months!!! I also had my doc appointment today and we discussed what happened and he said if I feel like it's helping my weight move again then to stay on it. Otherwise, if I stall again, we can then discuss some other medicinal options to possibly help me start losing again. Overall he is happy with my progress and tells me to just keep doing what I've been doing. I HOPE the Metformin was the issue all along but I'm not getting too happy just yet. I'll keep updating periodically.
  5. SummerTimeGirl

    What are you treating yourself with?

    I can't say that I have "treated" myself with anything when it comes with food. I mean, if I feel like having something I just do if it's let's say, a cookie or two (an actual true serving size or less). Like the dietician says, it's not like you're sitting down eating an entire bag/box/etc. of said "bad" food 'cause now I have limits and stick to them. Anyway, that doesn't happen often anyway as I really haven't felt the desire to have such things. Haven't treated myself to clothes yet either because I can't see wasting money if I could potentially still lose weight (I have about 50-60 lbs to go). BUT, what I WILL FINALLY treat myself to soon, now that I lost the weight that I have, is a kayaking trip with my husband!! I was always worried about my weight before and would never give it a try. Was also always embarrassed to ask about weight limits when it came to it before too so I just never did. So now, within the next month or two when it opens, my butt is gonna be out there on one! LOL THAT will be a real treat for me. Would also like to eventually get on a jet ski. Another thing I always avoided due to my weight. Haven't been to an amusement park in decades either. Something my husband and I used to always love to do. But of course I have avoided it due to my weight but now, unfortunately, he can't really do it either due to some heart issues he has. So, not sure I'll ever get back to one of those but we'll see. He said he'd still go with me even if he can't get on anything so maybe one day I'll take him up on that.
  6. SummerTimeGirl

    Still pain at incision site

    Yup. I had that stupid pain at that location until about week 3 or 4! Up until that time I had to sleep semi sitting up in bed because I dare not lay down flat or on my side cause if I did, YIKES, that pain! LOL Anyway, it was a pain in the you-know-what but it should be giving you some relief soon, I'd say.
  7. SummerTimeGirl

    Update On Me (Surgery: 5/19/21)

    UPDATE: So I had my meeting with my dietician this morning. She said based on the log I provided her from the Baritastic app for the last two months she did NOT see that I was eating anything that I shouldn't or in quantities that I shouldn't. She still seems to think I was/am still being a little inconsistent when it comes to protein. She said that based on a few missing days and some days where it may have been lower. But I tried to tell her overall, I think I HAVE been pretty consistent regardless of those few days/logs. Anyway, she said at one time the 800 calories a day was probably good enough for me but now that I'm working out more regularly that maybe now I should up my calories and protein. Calories to around 1000 to 1100 and protein more than 80/90. I feel like she's guessing, in a way, on what could be wrong too because of the fact that she said she does not see anywhere in my food logs or workout routine where I'm doing anything wrong. She also mentioned body composition. She said maybe I have actually gained more lean muscle over fat and whatnot and that I should pay more attention to that. I told her I DO have a scale like that and, even though I weigh regularly, I DO NOT log the actual weigh ins unless there is a loss so I can't or haven't seen if there has indeed been a change because it doesn't log it on the app unless I allow it to. So, I need to start logging those slight gains too in order to MAYBE get a better idea of what is going on. My husband and I were talking last night and we still think that my cut in Metformin dose still may be playing a part in this long stall. I had my dose cut in September and October was my last real loss. Also the last time my period was normal. So, I brought that up to her and she doesn't seem to think that's the reason. She said it was right that my dose was cut because my sugars have been improving and warranted it. Like the doc said, she also said the weight loss itself could be causing the irregularity in period and stall. That there is no way to know for sure if it's due to the weight loss in general or the Metformin. But I don't know. Just awfully funny that it was cut down and suddenly I stop losing weight and my period has been jacked since too. Anyway, I think I'm gonna go back to my old dose for the next few weeks and see if anything changes. If it does I will then discuss that with my family doc who I see in two weeks. Because, if the scale starts moving again, then just maybe I need to go back on it for now. I know my goal and point of having the surgery was to GET OFF this medicine but who knows. Maybe I still need it for now. I still feel so confused. She said she understood but that I DO seem to be doing everything right and that I should stay the course. Anyway, that's that.
  8. SummerTimeGirl

    Update On Me (Surgery: 5/19/21)

    So I meet with my Nutritionist/Dietician on March 3rd. Guess we'll see what she has to say then.
  9. SummerTimeGirl

    Collagen supplements after surgery...chews anyone?

    I started powder collagen like a month ago too. That and Hyaluronic Acid. I read that to really see the affects of collagen you have to have been using it for at least 3 months. So, guess we'll see in a few months cause I gotta say, not seeing a difference in my hair, skin or anything else as of now.
  10. SummerTimeGirl

    Need drink ideas (alcohol)

    Anyone try those Beatboxes yet? They have zero sugar and low calories. I tried them but it was right after surgery and my husband bought a few different flavors so I took a sip of each one. I don't remember which flavors I liked exactly but none of them were too bad. I may eventually try them again since I only had a sip of the ones I tried. https://beatboxbeverages.com/collections/zero-sugar
  11. SummerTimeGirl

    Genepro - 3rd generation?

    Looking on the packaging it shows............. OLD ONE: One serving......serving size is one scoop (7.2 grams) contains 30 grams of protein NEW ONE: One serving.......serving size is one scoop (11 grams) contains 11 grams of protein. Well that sucks!
  12. SummerTimeGirl

    Update On Me (Surgery: 5/19/21)

    UPDATE: Well, 11-25 was 1 month since I last had a loss on the scale. Inches didn't budge last month either. Only 1.75 inches total for the month. Not sure what the heck is going on but I'm not happy about it. Has anyone stalled this long? Don't know what to do. I even ate off plan several times to try and force a loss like I've heard others doing and that didn't work. My weight on Oct 25th was 241.2 and I have been weighing in between 246 and 249 on the regular since! So discouraging. Been going to the bathroom pretty normally too. But as a just in case I did take some laxatives for a few days and got things moving along but still, the lowest I got down to was 245. Now it's doing the 246 to 249 again. Sigh
  13. SummerTimeGirl

    Update On Me (Surgery: 5/19/21)

    Thanks so much and best of luck to you too!!!
  14. SummerTimeGirl

    Food Before and After Photos

    I have. I mean for me it was not bad being what it is and having zero everything. LOL I only use a little bit anyway if and when I do use dressing so definitely doable. But everyone is different. But to be honest, if I were to only eat salads and require dressing very only every now and then or even once or twice a week, I'd probably just get a lite version from the supermarket or even the regular one. I doubt using so little of it so infrequently would be an issue.

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