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  1. Hi, I think @fluffychix is away — I’m looking for the info about the online meeting / support group she’s mentioned in past posts. Please DM me if you have this info. I DM’d her but haven’t gotten a response yet. Thanks! BB
  2. Hi All, Looking for some advice about some symptoms I'm having. First of all, there is the weirdness of temperature -- my nose, hands, and feet are freezing but the rest of me feels overheated -- yet I do not have a fever. Also, I feel sick. Just crappy and ill. Just gross and like I have the flu or am sick to my stomach. Yes, there is gas and burps but it's more than that. I am struggling with both hydration and full liquids, though I am getting my 64 oz in a day. I don't want to drink or eat because I feel so horrible for the hours after. I have slowed down my eating and drinking, set a timer for bites (again, full liquids so sips really), set a timer for sips of water (I can not do flavored things like Crystal Light even though I lived on them pre-surgery) and still just feel bad. Any advice? Is this all normal sounding? Honestly, I felt better before I started eating and drinking again. The first 3 days post-op were super smooth sailing and I had essentially no pain, gas or otherwise. Now I'm in the regrets -- which I knew were coming but it's still emotionally a lot. Thanks!

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