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  1. They call the time from your surgery to your first fill bandster hell for a reason. Stop focusing on the number. Focus on other things such as increasing activity, having more energy, and motivation. The weight loss will come just give it some time.
  2. Brockbabe82

    a little progress.

  3. Brockbabe82


    you can defintely feel naseous after a fill. Just take it easy and sip you fluids slow.
  4. Brockbabe82

    Almost 2 Wks Post Tt Pics

    You look wonderful!!! Im about a week away from my tummy tuck and I am soooooo nervous. Thanks for sharing
  5. It definitely is going to take a couple of fills before youdind the feeling of fullness. Relax you will get there. It takes a couple of fills before u reach that point.
  6. Brockbabe82

    3 years later

  7. Brockbabe82

    ma t/t op nearly 2wks post op

  8. I have had no issues with hair loss, however it is important to take your vitamins and stay on top of that. Good luck
  9. Brockbabe82


    congrats and good luck!
  10. Brockbabe82

    down about 150 lbs

    From the album: 18 months out

  11. I would definitely check in with the doc as a percaution. Hope it works out for you. Good luck!
  12. Brockbabe82

    Port Pain at 1 week Post Op

    When I had my surgery, my port area was extremely painful. I would get sharp pains that lasted for abou a month. Everyone is different but typically that is the incision that hurts the most. I hope things get better for you.
  13. Brockbabe82

    Having a hard time with water

    Are you drinking immediatly after drinking the other liquids or jello? If so try spacing these out farther. Also make sure you are taking tiny sips. If that doesnt get better soon I would call the doctor. Good luck!
  14. Brockbabe82

    Reathy think before

    I think some people want that sugar coated "oh think positive" stuff. The lapband is a tool, a tool that must be worked with. This is not the answer to all problems, nor is it a magic wand that will magically make you skinny. I struggle with my decision everyday, but at the end of the day this was the best decision for me. I believe you have to be your health's advocate, and no offense but realisitically should you have gone into surgery without knowing exactly what you were getting into. Perhaps you have not tried all avenues such as exercise, counseling, support groups, etc. I also feel like that negative attitude will not help your experience it will only further detour your path of success. Like it was stated before it is unfair for you to project negative feelings to others out there. I do wish you success, but your own happiness will have to be something you create.
  15. Brockbabe82

    Realize Band Slip

    Glad to see you have such a posititve attitude! Keep that up! Good luck on your revision and keep us updated!
  16. Brockbabe82

    WORST PERIOD of my life!!!

    my first month after being banded was a little rough with the period. Also after losing the first 100 pounds, it through my period into a crazy cycle. I used to be the same day every month, and it would last for 5 days. Now its all over the place and only lasts for 3. If you still feel that bad in a couple of days i would get checked though! Better to be safe then sorry! Feel better hun!
  17. Brockbabe82

    Due Feb 2011

    Congrats! keep us posted!
  18. Brockbabe82

    Right or Wrong

    good job advocating for yourself! Yes you will need a lot of patience for this whole process, but you will also need to know your body and be it's advocate! So bravo to you!
  19. Brockbabe82

    Another Introduction ...

    Welcome back and congrats! I think it is great that you recognize before your surgery what you weaknesses are. This will be the best thing for you, and if you want it bad enough you will do this 100%. Good luck on your journey and keep us posted!
  20. Brockbabe82

    weight loss vs inches lost

    I do am guilty of relying on numbers for gratification. I have a hard time with recognizing that I have lost weight. I mean obviously I feel it in my clothes, but mentally I still think I am as big as I was. I look at pictures and I can't believe the change but I think the fact that I still have so much to lose kinda effects the mental aspect of it.

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