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    Portion check in

    Sounds like we're at about the same place. 3-4 oz of grilled chicken and i'm stuffed! I'm the same way with steak too. It just feels so heavy on my stomach!
  2. I just passed my seven month surgiversary, and I want to check in and make sure I’m good on portions. At about 6-8 months how many ounces would you say your meals were? I
  3. FindYourFire


    What does everyone order?
  4. FindYourFire


    Follow up to my original Question.. Does everyone stick to decaf? or at some point did you swap back to regular caffeine? If regular, at what point did you do that? I'm 6+ months out and still on decaf...
  5. I made the decision to not share that I was having surgery with anyone outside of my immediate family. I've lost a ton of weight and people are asking "WOW! How much have you lost?" I sort of want to swerve/avoid the question, but I'm not sure how to... Do I lie and minimize how much weight I've lost? Do I avoid answering all together? What do you do?
  6. FindYourFire

    Fear of Failure

    I've been lurking around here for a long time, and finally made an account.. So I'll probably post a bunch of stuff in the coming days that I've been wanting to ask for months!!! Back to the topic I'm posting on: I've heard stories from a handful of people that have had surgery, had great success, then "fell off the wagon" and gained it all, or most of it, back. I wondered if there's anyone here who has gained back and is now trying to lose it again on their own, and I'm wondering if you have any advice for us to stay on track. I'm terrified, because I've yo-yo'd my whole life, and I want this to be the time it works, I want this to be the time that's different. So I'm looking for the knowledge that any of you have to stay on track.
  7. I mostly used Premier Protein... but my best piece of advice is to find a few different ones that you like, because by about day 6, Premier made me want to gag.
  8. I mostly used Premier Protein... but my best piece of advice is to find a few different ones that you like, because by about day 6, Premier made me want to gag.
  9. FindYourFire

    The best compliment....

    Yesterday I picked up Starbucks. While waiting on my drink, another woman was making small talk with me. She very confidently said to me: "So you play soccer?" It caught me off guard because I wasn't wearing anything indicating anything about soccer, nor had we discussed anything about sports or soccer. (I had on tennis hoes and Nike Running crop pants.) It was honestly pretty random... but later it hit me... She assumed that I was an athlete.. because I looked thin/athletic enough to look like an athlete. It's been the best compliment I've received in the 5-ish months since my surgery. So, what was your best compliment?
  10. FindYourFire

    Appearance of scars

    So, I'm 5 months out and my scars are still very pink. When did the visibility of your scars improve? Mine are SO obvious still against my pale skin... I feel like the color will never change.
  11. FindYourFire

    2 week Liquid Diet Cheat

    I found the liquid diet to be far more mentally challenging than anything. It's hard to get through it, but challenge your MIND to stay strong. Focus on what you are nourishing your body with. You ARE getting what you need even though it doesn't feel like it. You got this. The 2 weeks of struggle are worth every. freaking. moment. You go this. ❤️
  12. FindYourFire

    inches instead of pounds?

    @pdc1605 Yes!!! Seeing this post reminded me to pull them out and check progress as I haven't in a couple months. I was screaming "WOAH, I WAS BIG!!!!"
  13. FindYourFire

    inches instead of pounds?

    I never tied actual numerical measurements to my measurements.. BUT... the day before my surgery I pulled out some string and wrapped it around my belly, hips, thigh, arm, etc. and cut them exactly to the size.. I attached masking tape to each piece to label what was what measurement and keep them all in my backpack. I pull them out every now & then and can re-wrap around each place and see the MAJOR difference in size. Though I've never actually measured, I still can compare so easily.
  14. Every time I hit a couple day stretch, or even up to a week where I don't see any lbs lost I think "this is it... my "tool" is done, I'm not losing any more weight and this is the weight I'm going to be forever" obviously every time so far that has happened the weight loss has continued, but it did make me wonder, how long do you feel that the "tool" of surgery was effective for you? They generalize a year, but I'm wondering if that's the norm for everyone? My impatient ways are probably heightened at the moment because I'm close to ONEderland, and I jut can't wait!!
  15. FindYourFire

    Questions From a Pre-Op Patient

    • I think the number of incisions depends on your surgeon, and your surgery. I had a sleeve. My surgeon mentioned there would be 5 incisions, but I only ended up with 4 for me. Usually heavier people have fatty livers, and the liver is retracted during the procedure for better visibility for making the cuts. However, my liver was so small that they didn't need to retract it at all so they skipped that incision. Part of the purpose of the liquid diet is to help shrink your liver. So be strict on your liquid diet as it makes the surgery easier on your surgeon, increasing the results of an issue-free surgery. • The healing doesn't take long in terms of closing up, and depending on when your surgery is, it's not really a big deal for anything (mine was smack in the middle of summer so I didn't get to swim for the second half of summer, but that's no issues for winter patients! ) • Exercise, and moisturizing will help your skin as much as anything else. Keep a tight strong core - start working out before your surgery. Excess skin was something I was so insecure about in the beginning (thinking about having it made me not want the surgery), but now after having the surgery I'm not nearly as worried about it because I feel SO much better about myself (that said, I don't yet have any loose skin yet, maybe I'll sing a different song when it becomes an issue.) My mother who also had the surgery said it well once. Something to the effect of "You may still feel insecure out of your clothes because of your skin, but I can tell you I feel infinitely more confident in my clothes than I ever have." • Early on, just walking is going to be great exercise. I sort of rolled my eyes at this answer pre-op because I love to lift, run, etc. The surgery itself will WEAR YOU OUT. For the first week post-op I joked that my shower was my daily workout. Literally just washing my hair would make me need to lay down and rest after my shower. Don't rush it and listen to your body. Now at 5 months out I do crossfit with no restriction or issues.. However, I can tell that I've lost muscle from the limited protein intake. I feel like I'm starting all over again building strength! • Others have answered this - you're going to be drinking lots of protein!
  16. Don't panic! My weight loss progress started out very slow. After the 2 pre-op weeks of liquid diet, then 2 post-op weeks liquid diet - where I didn't get nearly enough nutrition because at some point I was OVER protein. I think that when I finally started puree, soft, & eventually solids my body was like "HOLD ON TO EVERYTHING, WE MAY NEVER SEE FOOD AGAIN!!!!" but now I'm 5 months & 2 days out, and 85lbs lighter. Just roll with it and know that your weight loss is coming
  17. FindYourFire

    The best compliment....

    Congrats @pdc1605!! I remember taking that first step very well. I. WAS. TERRIFIED. and totally unsure of myself. I clearly remember repeating over & over "what am I doing? what am I doing!?" Looking back now (5 months post-op) I can say without a doubt it was the BEST thing I've ever done for myself. Congrats on taking the leap. Can't wait to have you on the losers bench!
  18. FindYourFire

    The best compliment....

    @ms.sss Hahahahahhahaah can you imagine?! that would be hilarious!
  19. FindYourFire

    The best compliment....

    I can relate to this from both sides! Part of the reason I had surgery was because I saw my mom's success, and for a solid two years I was shocked every time I saw her because I forgot how skinny she was!! And SAME about going back to work. My last day working in the office (pre-covid) I was about 290 lbs. I was sleeved 7/14/20, so I'm 5 months out (As of yesterday) and have lost 85lbs. Will be exciting to see reactions in the office if/when we ever go back! Especially considering I didn't share with anyone that I was having surgery, and I'm not connected with anyone from work on social media.
  20. FindYourFire

    Fear of Failure

    This is a great idea. Thank you so much for sharing!