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  1. Luckz


    Hello, oh no lol I gave away all my boxes I purchased before surgery in preparation for after lol. I did get genepro it just came in the mail yesterday yay! I threw a scoop in a lil Gatorade zero and I managed to get it down. I also managed to make some egg salad puréed with some chicken broth and it was so good I managed to get it down. It’s been so weird I can tolerate yogurt and sf pudding one day and the next I can’t touch it. It’s literally been a battle daily but I’m throwing powder in everything I can lol to get my protein up. I can finally drink water normally now except I can only drink alkaline water regularly purified water hurts. Anyways it’s nice to have people going through the same thing to talk to. Let me know if you try those shakes again.
  2. Luckz


    Hello 👋🏾 I also had my bypass done on Nov 23rd in Fremont CA. I was on a horrible 2 week liquid diet before hand. I am currently on the stage 2 puréed foods. I’m having such a hard time getting anything in especially my protein. I used to love the premade shakes before surgery but now I can’t tolerate them. I thought I was so prepared for this but nope my body doesn’t like anything I used to like before surgery so it’s been an interesting 9 days.