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  1. After surgery, I used some THC syrups for the first couple weeks. I smoked my first joint about a month after. Ironically, I passed out after smoking but it had nothing to do with the smoking. I thought I was just panicking because I was high, but it was actually dehydration and i went kerplunk walking from the front porch back into the house. We tested my blood sugar because I thought maybe it was low, but it was fine. I realized I should check my blood pressure and it was very low! Half a bottle of gatorade zero and I was getting back to normal. I saw my doc the next day who confirmed it wasnt the smoking but dehydration. I personally waited a month before smoking just because it takes at least that long for the stomach and staples to heal. I didn't want to take a chance with the coughing.
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    Cream of wheat with protein powder added Turkey lunchmeat with a tiny bit of mayo and seasoning so it was like a spread Pureed eggs that tasted like deviled eggs Cream soups with added protein Cottage cheese And I also freeze protein shakes in a little ramekin or popsicle bag to make it feel like a treat. If it freeze it in a bowl I try to stir it a couple times and then eat when its the consistency of soft serve. Eating it with a spoon made it feel like eating. I used baby spoons to extend it.

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