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  1. Hi everyone! Brand new to the forums here. I am gearing up for my December 15, Roux-en Y surgery at Stanford Medical. I know that a majority of patients get the RNY for weight loss. I've been having a hard time finding people who have the surgery to purely address GERD/Acid Reflux. Is there a thread here specifically for this? I'd love to find some people going through the same thing so I can be supportive as well. 😍
  2. How are you doing today so far? Yesterday I had a great day, today I'm tired.
  3. AmandaQB

    Belly wrap

    I had the gastric bypass and was given two binders at the hospital. They are light compression and help with not needing the pillow when getting up from a chair and such. I would totally check in with your surgical team with your pain concerns, if only for piece of mind.
  4. Oh boy, that is no good. Did you get anti-nausea medications prescribed to you? I have Zofran, and have had to use it for the past three days. My nausea seems to happen around early afternoon, usually while drinking fluids, not protein. It's like my pouch is too full and I get a dry cough that turns to nausea. Really weird. It's just hard for me to get it all in. I just can't get even close to the 48oz of fluid and 60-80g protein. I've got timers going to remind me and everything.
  5. Day five, post op RNY. I'm really struggling with keeping up my water intake and protein. My pain is under control and my incision sites look great.

    1. Jady927


      Hi, yes it was a pain in the beginning, just like many of us it just takes time. Make sure you atleast are trying to sip every 15 mins as inconvenient that is, you will target getting your fluids in. Once I had this routine, by week 3-4 I was able to drink more frequently so just give your body time to adjust to the new changes which btw congrats on your surgery, but it'll get better. Best of luck!

  6. I'm five days post op. How are you doing? I'm really having a hard time keeping hydrated and up with protein.
  7. I'm so sorry! I hope the RNY helps!
  8. @Gretamarie3 I was supposed to, and then they moved my surgery up one week so I just ended up doing just one. I had my bypass on the 8th. :)
  9. My surgery date got pushed up a week. I'm sprinting toward the finish line right now. Today is day 4 of my liquid diet. Telehealth appointments with the bariatric team and Dr. Azagury done yesterday, anesthesiology team this afternoon....additional blood work to be done and covid test this weekend. Post surgery meds on order with the pharmacy. Surgery on Tuesday! I have to say my Stanford bariatric team is amazing and so thorough. I feel a bit overwhelmed, but super excited to be on the other side of this!

  10. Glad to hear you are feeling better and have some relief! I'm sure it's awesome to be on the road to being healthier!
  11. We are surgery twins! I am having my RNY at Stanford on the 15th. Best of luck to you!
  12. Yes! That's what my surgeon said as well. Do you have a surgery date yet?
  13. Hi RavensLady Annette! Thanks so much for reaching out! How exciting you are nearing your surgery date. 🤩 I'm going to start following your profile so I can stay updated on your progress!
  14. Thank you @foxbins and @greentealael ! So thrilled to find others going through some of the same issues! 😍
  15. AmandaQB

    I GOT A DATE!!!

    Congratulations! Super exciting!!
  16. AmandaQB

    Anyone have surgery with a Nutcracker Esophagus?

    I also have been diagnosed with Nutcracker throat, among slow emptying stomach and a hiatal hernia by my bariatric team at Stanford University Medical. I had initially asked about the Nissen, but my surgeon, Dr. Dan Azagury strongly advised against it. Thus, I'm set for a Roux-en Y, with my surgery date next month. I'm sorry you've had such a rough time of it! Sorry I'm not much of a help, but I am hugely sympathetic!

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