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  1. Doug:)

    Terrified- surgery Tues

    I was in for 4 days, in my take home med was 21 days of Clexane I had tube stockings on from the start and had to keep them on till the Clexane ran out, i wonder if people with low BMI have less clot troubles?. The best way to avoid clots is to keep walking to get the blood moving from your feet/legs Doug
  2. I had a a hiatal hernia fixed with my vsg (I did not know I had one till after the op lol) From reading my discharge notes they pull your stomach back down from your diaphragm then use plastic stitches to shrink the gap so your stomach wont fit back though the hole
  3. Thank you all for your input \o/ I wont rush back to work if I do manage to give my self a new hernia I will end up off work much longer doug
  4. Hi Sue I did tell her what my job was and she said desk worker, Carpenter,plasterer are all ok to work from week 3 onwards even after I told her I still have some pain under the big port hole when trying to twist
  5. Hello all I had my 3 week follow up with one of the bariatric team friday but I'm more confused now then before I went in I was told in hospital:- 2 weeks just walking 3 week mark I could start cardio 6 to 8 weeks I could start resistance training At the post op meeting friday the nurse said 3 weeks from discharge then back to work as in this monday! I deliver propane to peoples houses in metal cylinders weighing between 5kg to 40kg How long did you all have to wait before heavy lifting ? I still have 2 holes not sealed (2 went goopy under the scabs) I'm kind of scared I'm going to hurt my self
  6. Doug:)

    Any October Sleevers?

    Hi sabanfan I'm glade to hear it passed fast for you ,it nice to see light at the end of the tunnel:) I was not allowed any fluids for 24hr post op the next day when I tryed it felt like the water was just sitting in the pipes, keep your sips small very small as your new stomach starts to open it will get easer just take it slow and listen to your body we will all make it
  7. Doug:)

    Any October Sleevers?

    Hi there I'm on week 3 with all the best will in the world I cant get 60g of protein. I do the shake in the morning but it takes an hr to drink 200ml , monday I started eating protein yogurt for lunch 17-20g. Dinner a plain soup,I should mix some plain protein in but the texture it adds to plain soup 🤢 As for hydrated some days I run clear others darker I found Sarsaparilla or orange in the water makes it a little easer to keep sipping
  8. Doug:)

    Any October Sleevers?

    Thanks Losing it in MN I see the team on the 6th for the 3 week checkup and to try to sort out what vitamins etc I'm ment to be taking How many port holes did you end up with ? I has 6 normal and one 2"
  9. Doug:)

    Any October Sleevers?

    My friend pointed me here sooo happy she did. Being able to read about other people experience is nice I feel less alone I had my op on the 15th but thing never go as expected lol seems i had a hiatus hernia, they fixed it but as I started to awake I found I could not draw breath (15 days down I can just now pull 3000ml on the flow thingy)kind of scary ,has any one else had this ? Thanks in advance and hi all Doug

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