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  1. mswillis5

    Once a year for the rest of forever

    My wife and I went directly to the surgeon and he is not part of a bariatric clinic. He also has annual follow-ups just like your clinic. He does have us use our PCP to gather the labs that check for nutrient or other issues.
  2. mswillis5

    Worried loosing too FAST

    I know that exact feeling. It is called Body Dysmorphia and rapid changes can have that effect on our brains. I am slowly coming to terms with it myself as I have lost 120 lbs since my highest weight. Even buying clothes was not easy for me at first because the fitting rooms were not open and I didn't buy clothes until the clothes I was wearing were basically falling off.
  3. mswillis5

    New Mattress

    I own a purple mattress and bought it in August of 2016. Even at our heaviest weight we never had a body impression and the bed doesn't need to be rotated. We bought this bed due to my wife's back injury and this bed has significantly improved our sleep. Even after losing all of this weight we still find the bed just as comfortable as it was before!
  4. mswillis5

    Eating out

    There is another post here about disney dining as well. If you also look through Google there are many sites with great ideas on options on how to eat at disney post surgery.
  5. mswillis5

    Hunger and mind games

    I will preface my response with the fact that I was never hungry or full before surgery. I ate almost all day and it really affected how my stomach and mind felt. I do experience fullness after having surgery and I believe I have been hungry a few times now but it is not very common yet. Even if I do not get hungry, I am very content with just feeling fullness. I also try to eat on a schedule with a few snacks throughout the day. This helps me to stay on track and at this point I am working on going into maintenance.
  6. mswillis5


    My wife and I also had surgery at the end of last year. What we tend to do is not keep things in the house that would take us off plan too far. Even with cookies or chips, we tend to go more for the protein chips or keto cookies (Highkey cookies are really good) to try to have a slightly healthier option. We also tend to purchase low/no sugar chocolate and only eat a small amount when we do. I also tend to have healthier dessert yogurt "Dannon light and fit" and low sugar protein bars such as fitcrunch bars that are delicious but fairly close to plan. By doing this I am still able to have a treat but not over indulge. The closer to plan I can keep my treats, the better the long term results I feel will happen.
  7. mswillis5

    Loose skin

    It really depends on how your skin is already as well. I have a limited amount of loose skin. My wife on the other hand has a lot of loose skin and will need plastic surgery to remove it after she is done losing weight. So there are many factors you can control such as the health of your skin but there are also things that are outside of your control and if your skin has lost it's elasticity already, then there is a good chance that will not significantly change enough to keep it tight and firm.
  8. mswillis5

    Severe Food Addiction

    I have been diagnosed with Binge Eating Disorder. I started to see a therapist for this and my relationship with food has drastically changed. I am currently working on emotional eating as I seem to eat foods that are not as good for me at night. Seeing the therapist is what has helped me the most as it helps to relieve the stressors that I have. Good luck on this journey and there are books out there about intuitive eating. I have heard that a lot of people have used these books to help as well.
  9. mswillis5

    Gastric Sleeve December 2020

    I agree with ShoppGirl, but if you have questions, you can always ask them here as well. My wife and I had surgery in November and are doing great. I am also working on getting into maintenance with my weight currently.
  10. Congratulations that you are in the final steps that your plan requires. I am going to attach a sample letter that my Surgeon gave me. My PCP followed this letter loosely but if you just have the doctor state some of this information and the comorbidities that they know you have and are treating, that should be all that the insurance is looking for. From my experience, if you have a good rapport with this doctor then they may be more willing to help with this letter. For my diet summary that I had to give to my insurance, I used my Allergist. She was certified in Obesity though as one of her additional certifications and had referred me to a dietician for help at that time. I also had 6 monthly visits with her when I was on a diet and so all of my weight loss at the time was documented with her. Good luck with this letter and everything will work out the way that it is supposed to. PCPLetter.pdf
  11. mswillis5

    No Stall

    I never really had a stall either. I just merged my weight loss charts since around Pre-op and have weighed in daily and only missed a few days of recording. This didn't start at my top weight of 280 either as I had lost some weight earlier in the year. This starts a few days after I started my pre-op diet and prior to my surgery on 11/11/20. You can also notice that it was really fast at the beginning and has slowed down the last while as I am at maintenance weight already.
  12. mswillis5


    Congrats Matty! I have also achieved a weight that I feel good to maintain my body with. I have been adding more snacks to my day so that I eat more calories. At this point I am eating 3 meals and 3 snacks a day to slow down the weight loss. So far it has been working and I have had some fluctuations but am staying within a small weight range.
  13. mswillis5

    Alternatives on Full Liquid Diet

    My wife and I had some strained broth based soups. After surgery we did the same until soft food stage and then we blended them. We ate a few soups from a take out restaurant and blended them as our Thanksgiving meal. It was quite enjoyable to have some awesome soup while everyone else enjoyed their food.
  14. mswillis5

    It has started! Compliments

    I spoke with my neighbor the other day and we hadn't talked in person since surgery. She was very concerned that I had cancer. (She had cancer and wanted to make sure I was alright) I am an open book, so I told her that my wife and I had WLS. She said I don't need to lose any more weight and I told her I agreed and am working on going into maintenance already.
  15. mswillis5

    2 wk - 5 days post-opt - Diet help

    My wife and I had surgery together. At our 2 week appointment our doctor told us to push the eating schedule a little bit, but not to go overboard. We started to eat a wider variety of foods at that time. We had tuna salad at about 3 weeks out as well and didn't have any issues with it. If you email your dietitian, that may help to ease your mind as well. We started eating full foods by about 6-7 weeks out.
  16. mswillis5

    Constipation post op

    My wife and I had surgery together and found that these stool softeners worked well. My wife also has been enjoying a smooth move tea every night and she says that has helped her as well. Link to the stool softeners: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B077YDGFZH/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  17. mswillis5

    Hi, everybody!

    Welcome to the forum. My wife and I both had surgery together. We kind of "skipped" the six month wait as we both had done a 6 month medically supervised program within the time frame that insurance wanted. The next 6 months will go faster than you think. The surgery has helped my family drastically and my daughter is also eating healthier. Good luck on your journey! My wife had a higher BMI than I did but I was still quite heavy. My wife is now down 90 lbs and I have lost 95 since preop and 115 over all since last year.
  18. mswillis5

    Healthy take out choices soft food stage

    Maybe not that healthy, but my wife and I did refried beans a few times during our soft stage.
  19. Ok, just a few of my thoughts. Take them for what they are and are not exact facts. First, when or if you speak to your nutritionist make sure to mention that this happened (Just be honest with yourself and your team). Second, and this is where my thoughts come in but while I was on the pre-op liquid diet I didn't have any craving but my sodium level dropped significantly. I have to wonder if that is why you had that craving and that your body may be asking for a bit more salt. If you haven't had many electrolytes or have a "keto headache" then upping your salt quantity may be needed here. Now just take it as my 2 cents, but that is a potential cause of the craving or at least I would think it would be. After I consumed a significant amount of salt my keto headache went away. I did this by taking a broth based progresso soup and strained all of the solids out. This left me with a high sodium broth that tasted just like soup but with only a small number of calories. Good luck on your preop diet and you should be fine, but your bariatric team/nutritionist should be able to verify. I have read a few other stories of people eating much worse than you on the liquid diet here and if you need some validation on this, you can search for others mess ups. If we are honest with ourselves we will be able to achieve great results and be the best that we can be.
  20. mswillis5

    Slowing down weight loss

    This topic is actually very relevant to me. I was just about your statistics when I was at peak weight. When I was on preop I was only 260 but that is what I consider my starting weight. I now weigh 165. Now that I am at a point below my goal weight, I am adding in more calories a day. I recently 1 additional snack a day and if my weight loss continues, then I will add in another. I will continue to add calories until my weight stabilizes and will work on keeping that amount of calories daily when that happens.
  21. mswillis5

    Eating out after surgery

    My wife and I both had surgery. We haven't sat down at too many restaurants lately but we have done take out from restaurants about 1 time a week. We both split a meal and if there are left overs, save them for later. We still try to eat as close to plan as possible and have had some pretty tasty meals. We did not receive a medical card for the surgery.
  22. mswillis5

    Clothing Problems! What to do?

    I only sized down one time, but with working from home I was able to do that by wearing my clothes until they were excessively large. I bought most of my clothes second hand and donated my entire wardrobe. I also shopped at Ross/TJ Maxx for some extra new clothes. My wife is still losing weight and I found a couple of work pants for her at Kohls for only $10 each. She is just at a size 16 down from a 26 and is losing almost daily still. Since they were only $10 I also went down a few more sizes and bought a size 12 for her for when she is at that point. These should hold up during this phase and then we will donate what doesn't fit.
  23. I am currently working to get a new sleep study and have been waiting for the company performing it to get it approved. After losing 110lbs I have noticed that my sleep has degraded and I spoke with my PCP yesterday and he told me to try not sleeping with my cpap machine to see if that improves my sleep. My theory that he agrees with is that because I might not need the machine now that it is pushing air it doesn't and is causing my sleep to be worse than it otherwise should be.
  24. mswillis5

    Bad Advice and being honest.

    You give a lot of good points here. A lot of it is that we all need to be genuine in our responses and I fully agree with this. If we can't tell the truth that we will screw up at times, then lying about it just hurts ourselves and can put us mentally into a bad space. I will say that I was never a soda drinker and would only drink soda on occasion. I can also honestly say that I haven't had soda since last October before I started preop and I really don't miss it at this point. This isn't to say that I won't have a soda again, but at this point I don't have a desire to drink it. I really have followed drinking only water or electrolytes at this point. My wife also adds in tea and has had a few other beverages but nothing carbonated at this point. I have my wife to help support me in the process of what I eat and purchase that I think definitely helps our family to eat healthier and make better choices. You are totally right that we really need to do what we feel works for us as we all have different plans and thoughts on how to work with our new eating habits and try to stay in tune with what we are doing. We all had a disordered eating pattern at one point, or still do and I feel it will take continual work to make sure we don't fall back to those eating habits. I know my eating pattern is not the pattern of others here, but I try to make wiser choices in what I put in my body now. Does this mean I don't eat any treats or desserts? No, I definitely have had a small portion of cake and with my wife also having the surgery at the same time, we weren't even able to finish the slice together. Luckily we are able to avoid the excess treats like I was purchasing before surgery. I did have a few bad habits that affected everything that we ate. I would purchase a dozen donuts for just the 3 of us (11 year old daughter) and that didn't last more than 1 to 2 days. I also had a desire to have ice cream a lot (almost daily) before surgery. After surgery, I haven't eaten much and what I did eat was lower carb/sugar and at this point I haven't returned to the ice cream habits that I had before. I am extremely happy that way that I desired foods before is no longer there and I can work on being more mindful of the choices that I make. I think this surgery (the tool) has definitely helped me to get to where I am. I am now working on being honest with my self when I eat something and working on the mindfulness of what I am putting into my mouth. I have definitely struggled with my Binge Eating Disorder and I have a great therapist now who is able to help listen to me and understand what I do and helps to teach me how I can improve. I am in the mindset that if we work on improving ourselves, even if we eat off plan, that we can get to a better and less disordered eating plan as we progress. I feel that this is the hardest part that we will ever face with the challenge of eating (mostly the right things) and maintaining our weight to the best of our abilities. I may not be a Surgery veteran with being only a few months out, but I definitely have my own experience to go from. It is always personal to discuss how we got to where we are today and our eating habits (disorders) always try to return. I know that even though some of my struggles that I had previously are gone, that I will need to continually work on making sure that I take accountability for my actions and eating habits.
  25. Without a preop, this sounds like a lot of water weight. I was 260 before my preop and was 238 the day of surgery and lost at least 1lb per day, every day, for weeks after surgery. I am now down over 90lbs since starting my preop diet on October 27th and my wife who had surgery the same day is down over 80lbs since that day as well.

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