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  1. I just wanted to know if anyone is going through this or has? I’m pretty scared every now and then I eat or drink something and it’s kinda painful when it gets to the opening of the stomach, I have called my doctor and he had called me right away and will be running test but has anyone gone through it and might know maybe what it is.
  2. Just wanted to know how much are you guys eating ounce wise a year out or what were you eating for those who are years out. Wanted to know since I’m afraid I’m gonna stretch my pouch.
  3. I had gotten a fleur de lis tummy tuck on January 5th of this year, lucky my insurance covers it fully along with the breast lift and thigh lift I will be needing later in the months. I would highly suggest checking with your insurance and plastic surgeons who work with those to save you some cash then if you want to have scar revisions or smaller ones it will be much much cheaper.
  4. I am about a year and two months in and I’m scared to death about gaining. My food intake in a sitting with a chicken breast and salad is about 6 ounces and rice yes I said rice but never everyday about once or twice a week at max I intake about 2 ounces if not 3 and the meat is about 3 ounces at max. Other days I’ll take in about 7 ounces and I’m scared I’m stretching my stomach with these ounces. I do walk my 11-15k steps in the day but I catch myself snacking on a piece of toast or pickles as my meal with nothing else for hours on end. Maybe I have to take it back a bit and control it but even tho my weight has been between 158-161 lb I feel like imma stretch it and that 6-7 ounces will kill me. How has your struggles been? Anyone else have some venting. It’s just what’s on my mind.

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