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    ltaylor9597 got a reaction from GreenTealael in Need to lose weight for new program   
    Thanks for the input! The person who advised that it would help if I weighed less than my last supervised diet visit was a bariatric coordinator. She said it was because they have to document a downward trend...but...you all have a good point as she likely does not know that my insurance simply requires 6 months of visits. I did not have to lose a certain amount of weight and was already approved. I'm going to try to not stress about it and just see how the appointment goes. Hopefully once I meet with the surgeon it will work itself out.
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    ltaylor9597 got a reaction from GreenTealael in Need to lose weight for new program   
    I've been working with a bariatric clinic since mid 2020 and completed my 6 month supervised diet with them, however, I've decided to move to a more robust and supportive program somewhere else. I have my first visit with the new place on 1/28 and am hopeful that everything will transfer over and they will simply need to resubmit the authorization to my insurance. (I had already received my authorization letter for the initial clinic) The person I spoke with at the new program made the comment that it would "help a lot if I could lose some weight and weigh less than my last appointment with the old program". This is not a requirement of my insurance, so, I'm thinking this is more a requirement they have set.
    Anyone have any pointers on how to lose several pounds over the next 10 days? I have an immensely hard time losing weight. I have been able to maintain the weight I had at my last appointment, but, my scale has not consistently gone down. I'm lucky to lose and keep off a pound a month and my scale has crazy fluctuations from day to day. I already do the following:
    - carbs at or under 100g a day
    - 128-152ozs of Water a day
    - only eat 3 meals a day with no snacking
    Appreciate any advice or guidance.
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    ltaylor9597 reacted to mswillis5 in Need to lose weight for new program   
    If I am reading this correctly and the first clinic had full authorization for surgery, then I would just talk with your insurance and the new clinic to get it transferred. My wife and I had surgery in November but used our 6 month programs from almost 2 years prior (our insurance allowed that).
    I wouldn't vastly alter your diet unless they specifically give you a date. You can work on reducing your intake of food below what your body needs to maintain weight and you would still lose weight. So you shouldn't have to make any drastic changes. Increasing your Water is definitely a good idea as well as it will help prepare you for after surgery and keeping hydrated.
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    ltaylor9597 reacted to Uomograsso in Need to lose weight for new program   
    I had to switch surgeons after completing my insurance companies requirements because the initial surgeon wasn't part of a "center of excellence." The second surgeon got all my records from the first and submitted them with no problem from the insurance company. Don't worry about losing weight, just make sure you have met the requirements set by your insurance company.
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    ltaylor9597 reacted to GreenTealael in Need to lose weight for new program   
    You seems to be doing all the right things. Perhaps don’t make any extreme changes until after your first appointment. They will usually give next steps and details at that point.

    Also If the guidance was casual the person giving it (unless it was the surgeon or nutritionist) may not have exact details on your specific needs or insurance requirements.
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    ltaylor9597 reacted to Acooper8577 in Success Story   
    I had a gastric bypass in 2010. I was 32. I weighted 270 lbs. I had a few post surgery completed the first 2 years. I lost most of my weight in the first year. I have never gained any weight back. I currently weigh 138. I have had many ups and downs. If anyone needs advice I have plenty and willing to help!
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    ltaylor9597 reacted to Alex Brecher in How to Tell Your Loved Ones about Weight Loss Surgery   
    Your weight loss surgery decision is your own. So is your Weight Loss Surgery journey. Those facts, however, do not mean that others do not count. Having your loved ones on your side can pave the way for success, while their disapproval or outright sabotage can make your journey that much more difficult, from finding a ride to surgery to keeping trigger foods away from the home.

    Try to see their side.
    You are asking them to see it from your perspective, so it is only fair that you try to see it from theirs. What are the reasons they may be against your Weight Loss Surgery, and how can you address them? In many cases, their concerns are legitimately about your well-being, and things you should consider if you have not already. They may worry that:
    You will not hit your goal weight this time since they’ve seen disappointment before. You will suffer complications from surgery. You will regret having a permanent Sometimes, their concerns are selfish but still worth discussing. They may worry that:
    You’ll stop feeling attracted to them. You will pressure them to give up their own favorite foods while you eat healthily. They will feel left out. You will not want to spend time with them. Reassure them.
    Address their concerns directly. Explain why you feel the surgery is safe, and how much research you have done to learn about it as well as find a surgeon. Tell them why you think Weight Loss Surgery will work for you even if previous diets have not.
    Let them know that you need to do this for yourself, not for them and that this will not change the way you feel about them – you will still love your SO, and respect your parents, for example. Tell them how you see yourself spending time with them after surgery, so they can be comfortable.
    Write it down and practice.
    Starting the conversation can be the scariest part of telling them. Before you bring up the subject, write down what you plan to say. This is a good exercise for you to do anyway since it encourages you to think through all of the doubts around Weight Loss Surgery. Writing it down and practicing can make it easier for the words to come when you decide to bring it up.
    Include them in your plans.
    Often, your spouse and parents, and others who care about you, just want to help. They may be afraid if they do not how to help. When you talk to them, let them know how important they are to you, both in life in general and in this important period of your life. If you tell them specifically what they can do to support you, they may feel more at ease with your decision and more confident in their roles.
    You might ask them to:
    Pick up your children from school when you are recovering from surgery. Go with you to the store to pick out Protein powders and measuring cups and spoons. Ask you each night how you are doing. Cook healthy meals with you. Prepare for anything.
    The conversation may be as difficult and unfulfilling as you feared. Or, your SO, parents or other loved ones may be surprisingly supportive once they realize that you have done your research and are serious about making the lifestyle changes needed for success. They may even be interested in getting healthy with you and ask for your help and support in exchange for theirs.
    Stay strong and independent.
    As much as you long for your SO and other loved ones to support you wholeheartedly, it may not happen. Try not to let it get you down, though. If you are sure about what you want, go for it, with or without them. They will come around sooner or later, and if not, you may be better off without their negative influence. Letting them know that you have made up your mind regardless of their support may actually convince them to help you since there is no point in standing in your way.
    Stay independent in the sense that you realize that you do not need them. Your success does not depend on their approval, and you are not doomed to fail if they stand in your way. Get the support you need from others as you move forward.
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    ltaylor9597 reacted to AZhiker in One last try. Has anyone used the insurance approval time as one last college try?   
    I expressed the idea of "trying it just one more time" at one of my required PCP visits. She wisely responded, "If you COULD have done it, you WOULD have done it by now." She was so right.
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    ltaylor9597 got a reaction from GreenTealael in Dr. Udelhofen - Journeylite Cincinnati - Gastric Bypass   
    Hi all! Just reaching out to see if anyone has had any experience with Dr. Udelhofen at Journeylite Cincinnati. I'm coming up on my 5th supervised diet (out of 6) and just want to get a feel for how surgeries went with him and the general experience through Journeylite. Dr. Curry did my initial consult, so, I haven't even met Dr. U yet. I think this is making me even more nervous than what I need to be.
    I'm hoping to get my surgery in by the end of the year. Appreciate anything you can share.

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