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    Hungry 7 days PO

    I had RNY Bypass Sept. 30th. I am feeling great! I was sent home on a liquid diet (strained cream soups, broths, yogurts, puddings, protein shakes, jellos) to last 2 weeks. I see my nutritionist on the 15th. I was told I would be comfortable eating 1/4 cup. Honestly, my liquid diet isn's cutting it. I am able to eat 1 cup of cream soup comfortably and still left feeling hungry. I am not feeling comfortably full, at all, and it is driving me crazy! I am getting all of my recommended proteins and fluids in. But, I am dying for something with more substance. I have heard of so many struggling to get fluids in and never feeling hungry, that I am feeling frustrated with my hunger 7 days post op. I'm getting approximately 600 calories in, daily and easily. I worry that 600 calories is to many? Ugh, what can I do? I put a message into my dietician, but received a return message that he is out until the 12th. I hope someone is covering for him. I'm dying and ready for purees!!!
  2. I'm due for surgery in T -5 days. I've been desperately trying to quit smoking! It's not required by my insurance nor has it been addressed by my surgeon. But, they did say in orientation that if tested positive, surgery would be canceled. I finally made it a day without and feeling more determined than ever. 5-6 days before surgery. If they test day of surgery (5 days), might I pass or have I completely sabatoged myself? I wish I was stronger and managed to get my head straight sooner. I'm disgusted with myself right now.
  3. I was wondering who actually had a nicotine test the day of surgery? I quite using the patches for support. I'm listed as a non smoker. My insurance did not require a test. I have not been tested. I am done smoking, but very anxious about surgery on the 30th and having it canceled because I used the patch.
  4. Stacia143

    Pre-Op details

    Thank you BigSue! This really helped to put my mind at ease!
  5. I am having a lot of anxiety surrounding the surgery. I want to know every detail. I think this is me trying to have control over something so drastically life changing. I am having surgery in Washington State on Sept. 30th. I anticipate when I get there, they'll do a urinalysis, and blood work. What exactly will they be testing for? I imagine pregnancy, blood count...what else? Will they be checking vitamin levels? Please let me know what all you were tested for day of and all details you are willing to share. If my vitamin D and Iron is low, will my surgery be cancelled? I've struggled (even with supplements) to bring my Vit. D levels up. I imagine an IV, heart monitor. Can they give me something for anxiety? I guess...I've waited so long for this, it doesn't seem real. I am terrified something will take this from me.
  6. Stacia143

    Smoking struggle

    Good advice Mando, thank you for replying. Praying they don't cancel.
  7. Stacia143

    I f**ked up

    Did your surgery go off without a hitch? Did they test you?