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  1. GivinItMyALL

    Constant heartburn

    That happened to me. Told my surgeon, and he put me on omeprazole. It's been helping.
  2. GivinItMyALL

    November 2020 sleevers

    You're looking fantastic!
  3. GivinItMyALL

    Don't Want to Tell Family with a Twist

    There are many people (including my mother) I am not telling for various reasons. When I eventually see them, I will likely use the "medically supervised diet" explanation, as it is not a lie.
  4. Welcome to the "losers' bench" I am really sorry you had to go through so much from such a young age. I started gaining weight after starting birth control pills my senior year of high school. People started wondering (not so silently) if I was pregnant, when I was still a virgin at the time. Ugh... went up and down in weight my entire life. The only times I could successfully lose was if I had something SIGNIFICANT coming up -- wedding, HS reunion, etc. Tired of the up and down, and adding in pain from fibromyalgia and foot/ankle complex issues, I got determined and got sleeved this year on 2 Nov. It's been... interesting... but I am doing fairly well so far, and looking forward to being able to MOVE better! I already experience FAR fewer fibro flares, and my foot isn't aching 24/7. Looks like you're doing great so far!! ❤️
  5. GivinItMyALL


    My multivitamin has never made me nauseated... I take it after I eat. It's a capsule, and I think it is called Shinyleaf. I got them on Amazon. The calcium I got, however, made me SOOOO nauseated. I use the yummy chews now. Bariatric Fusion in the vanilla flavor (though I got a sample pack from my dietician in 4 other flavors, and they were all pretty good!)
  6. So I'm supposed to start taking my supplements tomorrow. My nut said to take the Multivitamin with food so I don't get nauseated. It's a capsule, so I need to take with water... Do I wait until I am supposed to drink Water again (30 min after eating), or just go ahead and take a small sip to swallow the capsule while I'm eating? [emoji848]
  7. GivinItMyALL

    Timing of multivitamin

    Both my surgeon and my dietician said tablets and capsules are fine. They don't want their patients taking gummies or softgels, though. I've been tolerating the multivitamin just fine, thankfully. I did NOT tolerate the calcium I had, though. I'm now taking soft chews for that. Sent from my SM-T290 using BariatricPal mobile app
  8. GivinItMyALL

    Hit onederland!

    Way to go, man! I can't wait to get there myself. Sent from my SM-T290 using BariatricPal mobile app
  9. GivinItMyALL

    How Often Do You Weigh Yourself?

    I can't wait until mine is all green like yours. Mine is mostly red hahahaha! I am so thankful you mentioned this in my scale post a while back, though. I love this scale!
  10. GivinItMyALL

    How Often Do You Weigh Yourself?

    Since I got my scale (about a month before surgery) I weigh every morning after I use the bathroom. I am aware that there are fluctuations due to many things, so I don't freak out if it doesn't move or it goes up a smidge I am approaching 3 weeks post-op, so I anticipate a stall here soon...
  11. GivinItMyALL

    November 2020 sleevers

    OMG you guys... I am sure this has been done before, and I thought about doing it a while ago, but only just tried it today. I am getting my water and my protein in at the same time now! I took my water bottle, added a scoop of unflavored protein, shook it to death, then added some Mio, shook it again, and it is... ACTUALLY TASTY! I am so excited that I will finally be able to meet those goals easily ❤️
  12. GivinItMyALL

    What is restriction?

    In the case of a sleeve it is the physical restriction you get after the surgery. Your new stomach (pouch/sleeve) is only ~20% of the size of the old, so it is restricted in the amount you can eat.
  13. GivinItMyALL

    November 2020 sleevers

    I'll check that out shortly... but I was given guidelines, and suggestions. They suggested opurity vitamins, but with the guidelines, I searched a bunch of different types on Amazon, and this is the one I chose 🙂
  14. Hi, all! I have fibromyalgia and a right foot that has literally 5 things wrong with it. I have lost 20lbs since I started weighing myself on the 6th of October, and my foot feels better already (I am really trying to avoid foot surgery, or at least postpone it for a long time). I am scheduled for my VSG this afternoon. My question is, has anyone else with fibromyalgia had a significant decrease in pain levels after losing their excess weight?
  15. GivinItMyALL

    November 2020 sleevers

    I'm freeee! Being sent home tonight with oxygen (I live at a higher elevation than the hospital, and I needed it here, so... Yeah.) Just waiting for hubby to pick me up. I've never needed O2 before, so this is interesting, but if it helps, I'm all for it.
  16. GivinItMyALL

    November 2020 sleevers

    I feel ya... My surgeon wants me to stay until tomorrow. I'm glad I'm in a room by myself...
  17. GivinItMyALL

    November 2020 sleevers

    Hey, all... Had surgery on the 2nd. Still in the hospital and will be here again tonight. Had really, REALLY bad gas pains, and I have an extremely high pain tolerance (I gave birth twice at home with nearly 10lb babies). It was so bad last night they actually gave me a CT scan (it was clear). So...a couple hurdles. Ah well. Also drinking makes me hiccup, no matter how slow I sip. Ugh...
  18. GivinItMyALL

    November 2020 sleevers

    Well... I had the no pop part... the rest...? Ehhhh... 😀
  19. GivinItMyALL

    November 2020 sleevers

    Had my pre-op labs and EKG today. The hospital is super speedy, I will give them that. I got a text when I got out to my car that said the results were available for viewing! I waited until I got home. Everything looked good except my white blood cell count, which was high. It seems to always be high on my labs. I am assuming it is from inflammation from my Fibromyalgia. My regular doctor hasn't seemed concerned by it in the past. My temperature was normal, and I don't think I have any kind of infection... I hope! They did not give me any Rx beforehand, but said they would call in pain meds to grab on my way home, and because they are a hospital, they are allowed to do that without a paper Rx. So I assume they will just give me the Zofran and Scopolamine patch when I get there Monday. I got a bottle of hibiclense in a cute little bag from the hospital, and instructions on how to use it the night before and day of my surgery. I asked my doctor if anyone has ever asked for their stomach. LOL... he said yes, actually, but not often... and they can't, but they will take pics if I want. 😂 One thing that totally SUCKS is my surgery is at FOUR PM. I cannot eat OR DRINK anything after 8am. Said if I get thirsty, put water in my mouth, hold it a bit, and spit it out. When surgery is in the morning, the fast is okay, because you're asleep overnight... during the day, going that long without food or water is going to be 😮 Interestingly, he said that if I feel good enough, I can start on soft foods (scrambled eggs and such) early... some of his patients start as soon as THREE DAYS out. 😲 I dunno if I wanna push it.
  20. All the best to you today! I am sure it will go well!
  21. GivinItMyALL

    Feeling that my stomach is protruding

    Interesting... that must be disconcerting. I'd check with your surgical team on it. I've read a lot of folks feel more comfortable with a binder, but I would ask the team first. Keep us posted!
  22. GivinItMyALL

    November 2020 sleevers

    Day two of my preop diet. I'm not EXACTLY following plan, because I hate vegetables (I'm serious. They make me vomit, except for green beans. I've even tried going to a hypnotherapist to try to get myself to eat vegetables. Did not work.) My plan involves protein, fruit, and veggies. I didn't have as much of a problem today as I did yesterday, actually. Maybe because I'm doing heavy on the protein? I had some strawberries as my fruit yesterday, and some green beans as my veggie today, but other than that and protein shakes, it's mostly meat and eggs in slightly higher amounts than on my plan, since I'm pretty much not having the amount of veggies. Even so, yesterday I had only 577 calories and today 642. These seem really, really low to me. I asked the nutritionist if there was a calorie range I should be in, and she said no, just basically follow the plan, but replace the veggies with protein if need be. I hope I'm not screwing myself in some way...
  23. GivinItMyALL

    November 2020 sleevers

    I don't think that works, cuz I end up with an empty quote that way. If you want, when I get home later, I can go through and pull everyone's date and post them all in one post? I just can't do it right now (I'm out running errands), or I would.
  24. I use cannabis at night to help with fibromyalgia (I am in a legal state) so I don't have to take other meds. My surgeon is aware, and is okay with it. Didn't say I needed to stop before surgery, and said I could resume after (my surgery is November 2). I *do* plan on stopping during my pre-op diet, simply because I'll be starving enough... I don't want to make it worse with the munchies (CBD only doesn't provide enough pain relief, so switching to that to avoid munchies would be about the same as just stopping altogether. If I need pain relief during this time, I'll take other meds.) My question is about afterward... Does anyone have any personal experience, or "know someone" who has experience with WLS and cannabis, like, when you're in the rapid weight loss, not really hungry phase, will the munchies be under control? I realize everyone is different, but would like to hear personal accounts from those who have used cannabis after WLS. Thanks!
  25. GivinItMyALL

    November 2020 sleevers

    My doctor never mentioned one for me. Just the pre-op diet (10 days, low carb/low cal) that I start on the 23rd - I also have to take my temperature every day for 10 days. I think that's a hospital requirement rather than my surgeon; pre-op lab work (dunno what this involves) on the 28th; covid testing on the 30th (also hospital requirement); and my surgery is on November 2.

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