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  1. I was sleeved at blossom oct 26th. Down 34 lbs already. Blossom is super easy. U fly in, they provide all transportation, have consultations and tests, have surgery, then fly home. Easy peasy. They put u up at Hyatt Place at Silverton. Gorgeous hotel with a cracker barrel next door. The Silverton casino next door has several options for meals. My hubby went with me to vegas but because of covid he couldnt go to the clinic or surgery center. Everyone is very supportive and positive. I was only in pain 1 or 2 hours after surgery because of gas pain. I never needed the pain meds. The next day i walked to the casino with hubby so he could get some dinner. Target was a quick Uber ride away so we could stock up on jello and gatorade zero. The hotel snack bar had some unjury protein shakes. Once u get home u follow up with ur own doctor but also have access to blossom support . The nutritionist does video chats to continue your support. I am so glad i found blossom.
  2. OregonAngie

    Terrified- surgery Tues

    I was sleeved 10.26.20, so about 3 weeks ago. Was out patient. I am 49 and weighed 292. Only pain i had was gas pain for about 2 hours afterwards. I never took anything but tylenol. The next day my hubby and I walked to the casino next to our hotel . Surgery was in vegas. We flew home the next day. No prob.
  3. I am getting sleeved Oct 26 at Blossom in Vegas. Since quarantine and homeschooling my son I have become quite sedentary. I am concerned about the treadmill stress test before the surgery. Is it an easy stroll or a death march? Thank you.
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    Blossom bariatrics in Vegas question

    Question about Blossom transportation. Do we tip the drivers? I never know how to handle these things.
  5. OregonAngie

    Blossom bariatrics in Vegas question

    Thank you. How was your Blossom experience ?
  6. OregonAngie

    Favorite Grocery Products

    I tried this last night. So yummy. Smoky, thick, and delicious. Family had no idea it was sugar free.
  7. OregonAngie

    Date set

    Hi. My surgery date is Oct 26. I know how you feel. I go between excitement and terror. I think we all feel the same, pre-op. I tried a few protein shakes and hated them. I dont like the thick, milky texture. I talked to a nutritionist and he suggested Syntrax Nectur. So much better. They taste like lemonade and fruit punch. Amazon has a sample variety with a bunch of different flavors. There is also unflavored Isolate whey protein that you can add to crystal lite, ice tea, or broth.
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    Anyone for October 2020?

    Oct 26 at Blossom in Las Vegas. Excited but nervous.