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    Scooterbugg got a reaction from Hellie1028 in Eating egg muffin at 6 days Post Op   
    I agree...you notice no one ever says I got hungry and at a can of chicken or tuna (which is pretty much ALL protein)? They always go for the WORST possible choices, and almost always eat something with bread 🤦‍♂️
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    Scooterbugg got a reaction from tarotcardreader in Eating egg muffin at 6 days Post Op   
    So you really believe that the OP’s surgeon...preformed surgery, without them being aware of WHAT they could eat after surgery?? You believe the OP never had to talk to a dietician BEFORE surgery and was made aware of what she was able to eat after surgery?? You believe the OP was discharged from the hospital with NO instructions on how to eat or paperwork outlining their diet??? You’re kidding me right??? As far as this post being “resurrected”... until your a mod and van lock posts..it’s not really your concern who comments on “old” posts.
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    Scooterbugg got a reaction from tarotcardreader in Eating egg muffin at 6 days Post Op   
    I stick to my program and am seeing results. If you want to pat people on the back and say “you ate something pretty bad..but it’s ok” ... that’s called enabling. If you want to enable people go for it..but your just hurting them in the end. Seems to me the OP knew it was wrong to eat it but came here to get approval to defend her decision by asking “Is it ok”..and of course you have people saying “sure it is” or “it could be worse”. But hey...people spend there thousands of $ just to screw up and have people tell them it’s ok..go for it 🤷‍♂️
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    Scooterbugg got a reaction from tarotcardreader in Eating egg muffin at 6 days Post Op   
    You ask if it was ok to eat an egg mcmuffin for Breakfast. So I ask you...does your program allow you to eat egg mcmuffins in the first 6 days of post op? What would your doctor say if you told him? These programs are designed for your safety as well as to help you lose weight. Just my opinion but considering the amount of money people shell out for this surgery...why not do the right thing and stick to the program?? Seems like a waste trying to lose weight if your going to go and eat crappy food right after surgery. 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️
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    Scooterbugg reacted to The Greater Fool in Eating egg muffin at 6 days Post Op   
    First, you dropped my entire post except what she did wrong. That is an interesting choice. It tells me that you, at least, have an issue with an honest appraisal of our actions. You apparently prefer the "oh, there there, you poor thing" approach. You dropped the action items she could take to actually help.
    I saw the picture, and it appeared to be a mostly eaten thing.
    We each have different approaches to life. This is a message board where one of the main functions is to explore those different perceptions and approaches.
    Honestly, how do YOU know she learned a lesson? And what lesson do you suppose she learned? You don't know. I don't know. She may not know. She certainly didn't indicate what she learned. Nothing indicating how this might affect her future.
    Sure, she felt terrible. I heard regret that she got sick. I didn't read regret about breaking the rules. I didn't see a plan for not repeating the same 'mistake.'
    Telling her to talk frankly to her Doc is not out of place, I'm heartily rejoicing that she plans to do just that.
    Suggesting mental health help is by no means out of line. I'm shocked that you so boldly declare such as not helpful. That is pure and simple amazing of you.
    Telling her to get back on plan and stay on plan, well, you're right. It's pure and simple evil of me to even suggest this.
    When I made greater and lesser errors, they weren't things I needed sympathy for as if it happened to me. I didn't except nor want people making excuses for me. I expected honesty. They were things I screwed up, things I did to me all by myself. Things for which I had to take responsibility.
    I enjoyed your giving me your honest perceptions. Interestingly, why don't I deserve the whole compassion and empathy thing? It's OK, I know why.
    Keep up the good work,
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    Scooterbugg reacted to The Greater Fool in Eating egg muffin at 6 days Post Op   
    I remember going to my 1 month follow-up. I was still my my 6 weeks of pureed food. The morning of the appointment, I was a little rushed so I took a bite of a banana, chewed thoroughly, and everything went swimmingly. In fact, I was so proud that I told my doc.
    I don't remember the exact words of the lecture I received. It as a scathing rebuke of me thinking I knew more about his surgery than he did. He explored my deficits both moral and intellectual. He made it clear that MY decisions got me to needing surgery. What in the blue hell made me think my opinion about the plan was the way to go at this point. That if I can't follow simple rules I will fail both fantastically and completely.
    As I said, I don't remember the words, but I got the message loud and clear. Follow the damn rules. Darned if it didn't turn out Doc was right.
    So, let's look at the rules the OP not only broke but demolished:
    1) During puree stage, EATING a Breakfast sandwich. Why not puree it first? Then you would at least be within that rule;
    2) Were the actual foods on your plan? 2 slices of bread? Really?
    3) Taking 2 hours to eat it. This is not eating a meal this is like climbing Everest. You were set on conquering this breakfast sandwich regardless of cost. This is the fast track to not losing weight, and in fact, gaining it back quickly;
    Tell the Doc about this post. Maybe he can include it in future documentation on "How not to do it."
    It's STILL not too late. *IF* you take the following steps:
    1) Talk to your Doc about this 'achievement';
    2) Get thee to a mental health professional. Get help.
    3) Get back to and stay on plan.
    Good luck,
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    Scooterbugg got a reaction from tarotcardreader in Pizza soft foods   
    Do a search for No Dough Low Carb pizza. You will find a pretty good recipe for pizza where the “crust” is made out of cream cheese...it’s delicious!!