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  1. So you really believe that the OP’s surgeon...preformed surgery, without them being aware of WHAT they could eat after surgery?? You believe the OP never had to talk to a dietician BEFORE surgery and was made aware of what she was able to eat after surgery?? You believe the OP was discharged from the hospital with NO instructions on how to eat or paperwork outlining their diet??? You’re kidding me right??? As far as this post being “resurrected”... until your a mod and van lock posts..it’s not really your concern who comments on “old” posts.
  2. I agree...you notice no one ever says I got hungry and at a can of chicken or tuna (which is pretty much ALL protein)? They always go for the WORST possible choices, and almost always eat something with bread 🤦‍♂️
  3. I stick to my program and am seeing results. If you want to pat people on the back and say “you ate something pretty bad..but it’s ok” ... that’s called enabling. If you want to enable people go for it..but your just hurting them in the end. Seems to me the OP knew it was wrong to eat it but came here to get approval to defend her decision by asking “Is it ok”..and of course you have people saying “sure it is” or “it could be worse”. But hey...people spend there thousands of $ just to screw up and have people tell them it’s ok..go for it 🤷‍♂️
  4. You ask if it was ok to eat an egg mcmuffin for breakfast. So I ask you...does your program allow you to eat egg mcmuffins in the first 6 days of post op? What would your doctor say if you told him? These programs are designed for your safety as well as to help you lose weight. Just my opinion but considering the amount of money people shell out for this surgery...why not do the right thing and stick to the program?? Seems like a waste trying to lose weight if your going to go and eat crappy food right after surgery. 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️
  5. I am 23 days post op and I can certainly relate about the taste of the protein shakes after surgery. The only thing that helps me even remotely tolerate them is adding P2B power to them. About to start soft foods tomorrow so will be getting some protein from that..means less protein shakes.
  6. Scooterbugg

    No loss yet

    I had my Gastric Bypass on September 1st...at my first post-op appointment (Sept 10th) I hadn’t lose anything. Dr told me it takes a little bit to get all that extra fluid out of your system. As of today my scale is showing 20lbs down..but I will wait until my next appt on Oct 5th for an official verdict...I don’t trust my scale lol.
  7. Scooterbugg

    Pizza soft foods

    Do a search for No Dough Low Carb pizza. You will find a pretty good recipe for pizza where the “crust” is made out of cream cheese...it’s delicious!!
  8. My dietitian was pretty adamant about not using Premier Protein shakes. I was given a list of close to 20 brands of protein shakes I could choose from after surgery. Before surgery I was on Optifast for a month. After surgery (the last 10 days) I choose to use some Optifast HP and Pure Protein. There is something in those Premier shakes that dietitians don’t seem to like.