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    Crystalmoon reacted to LaLaDee in Bad acne after VSG   
    Yep, it's likely related to your VSG. Your hormones go crazy afterwards. You can also expect weird periods (timing, duration, flow etc). I think the hormones do calm down. I'm three years out and my skin is back to normal. I find that taking my bariatric Vitamins helps my skin, as well as drinking a lot of Water. Right after my WLS, it was like being a teenager again. I promise it won't last forever!
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    Crystalmoon reacted to Winterfallz in Excess loose skin   
    Hello All,
    Please look at the flyers attached. Frederica is looking for people who are dealing with excess skin from weight loss, specifically women. She intends to gather feedback and information on the experiences women deal with. The goal is the develop well suited undergarments intended to address the needs and wants of women who live with excess skin .If you are interested, feel free to reach out. I am 8 months post op from a gastric sleeve. So far, I am 77lbs down. I have noticed loose skin around my thighs and arms. The skin around my chest is also starting to look saggy. Even though the flyer says 100+ weight loss, any female experiencing noticeable loose skin can reach out. Thank you!

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    Crystalmoon reacted to Maisey in It's a One-derful Life and Other Random Musings   
    I dropped into the 100's this week. I'd been looking forward to it for so long that it almost seemed unreal that there was no trumpet fanfare when it happened 📯. I haven't shared it with anyone and am savoring it. The last time I remember being this weight for certain was just around high school graduation. But just so my ego didn't get too big, surgery kicked in the next and gave me foamies and pain when I didn't eat slowly enough. That hasn't happened in a long time. I think it was a poetic-justice reminder.
    On a slightly less exciting note, "the girls" have dropped to a size I don't recall since early high school . I've always been well-endowed, even before being morbidly obese, so it is quite a change. I have broken down and purchased some new clothes. I realized for myself, despite being told, that I look terrible in all my too-big clothing. I think it was a security blanket of sorts. For so long, nothing was ever too big or too loose. I still hate shopping. I have no idea what size I need from what store.
    I asked the doctor in my program for a suggestion for a therapist. I couldn't get an appointment until February. But I was able to get into a cancellation next week. I'm excited as I had some very specific criteria for a therapist, experience with bariatric patients was only one. I'm looking forward to having someone to process changes with as well as the road ahead. I again want to thank all of you on this board for the ongoing advice and support. I'm grateful for having found you. I belong to a few FB groups and am astounded by the misinformation and lack of preparation/education that is out there.
    That's all ❤️
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    Crystalmoon reacted to s25cooper in EOC Elias Krtiz and Company- Tijuana, MX   
    Me too 5/29

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    Crystalmoon reacted to FlamazingBypassLife in EOC Elias Krtiz and Company- Tijuana, MX   
    Me too! I had mini gastric bypass 5/5 this year!
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    Crystalmoon reacted to Jaye W in 101 pounds GONE pic included   
    I hit the next goal!

    Down 101 lbs. 5 months post sleeve, 1 week post Gall Bladder removal ( Cholecystectomy).

    HW 264
    SW 235
    CW 163
    GW 130-145

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    Crystalmoon reacted to lizonaplane in Driver's License   
    It's crazy that some states require a weight for the driver's license. I've had a license in 3 states - PA, FL, and MA, and none required me to put a weight. Anyway, Congrats!
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    Crystalmoon reacted to STLoser in Do you pee differently?   
    I've experienced almost the exact same thing. I sleep through the night now and I can actually pee before we leave the house and not have to go again when we arrive at our destination.
    I was not diabetic, but I was right at the beginning of being borderline, and your husband could be right in his theory!

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    Crystalmoon reacted to shanfries in 6 month surgiversary - time to share   
    I don't post here much, though I do check in quite a bit to see what others are and have experienced during their journey. Lately I have seen a number of people "on the fence" about whether or not to go through with WLS, so I thought I would share my story in hopes it will help make the decision easier and / or more informed. This is a personal decision and the journey is different for everyone.
    I am a 5'4" 43 year old female and underwent the Gastric Sleeve surgery back in January 2021. I have struggled with my weight all if my life. I was always the "curvy" girl throughout my adolescent years. After having 2 kids, I weighed around 200 pounds. I went on every yo-yo diet you could think up. I had some successes, and lost and gained hundreds of pounds over the past 20 years. Each time I gained it back, I weighed more than when I started. Eventually I kind of gave up and "accepted" that I was never going to be at a healthy weight. I was tired, and sick and tired of the constant battle. I started having numerous health condition and was put on multiple medications. About a year and a half ago, I weighed around 240 pounds and was climbing. My doctors told me I needed to do something. In addition to the health issues, I was so depressed, that I was missing out on everything in life. I didn't want to go anywhere or do anything, partially because I physically felt awful, partially because I didn't want anyone to see me.. Finally someone recommended WLS. I was shocked. I didn't even know it was an option for me. After doing a lot of homework, and meeting with several doctors I decided to do it. It was time to take my life back. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered my insurance would not cover it. Long story short, I was able to work it out so that I could still do the surgery as a "self pay". I knew it would be a small price to pay for a better quality of life. Because I wasn't going through insurance I didn't have all of the hoops to jump through. So I was scheduled fairly quickly. And due to Covid I was cancelled. And then cancelled again. Finally in January I had the procedure done. Other than having to have a hernia repaired, I had zero complications. Six months later I am down to a much healthier 140 pounds. I have never been happier and healthier.
    Yes, it has been a rough road. This is not an easy or "magic" fix. The recovery was painful. I dont eat sugar, or bread or Pasta or a number of other foods I love. I can't "chug" Water like I used to. My portion sizes are quite small. I am very uncomfortable if I "over eat" or drink. I had multiple stalls and got discouraged. I don't go out to restaurant's much. My hair fell out for about 3 months. I have to take Vitamins every day. I had several "what have I done" moments along the way.
    But I know now that it was the best decision I have ever made. I don't have to take ANY medications anymore. I have so much energy, and I live a full and happy life. Oh and I got to buy an amazing new size 6 wardrobe! My husband tells me I am a completely different person, physically, and emotionally. My only regret is not doing this years ago. Someone asked me the other day "how long do you have to do this for?" and my answer was "forever". This is not something I am "doing", this is a life long commitment. I am never going back to where I was. If you go into it with a mindset that this is temporary then not only are you going to be disappointed, but you will likely be one of those people that gains it all back in a few years.
    I am posting a couple of pictures as inspiration of what is possible. I know I scoured the internet for before and after shots every time I felt discouraged or needed some extra motivation. If anyone has questions they want to ask feel free to message me! I don't know it all or have all the answers I can only tell you about my personal experiences.    
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    Crystalmoon reacted to ThanaK in Stricture (anastomotic stenosis) topic   
    Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m a little over 3 months post op. I’ve had a good and smooth experience so far. Except until recently.
    In the last few days I’ve started to experience pressure in the upper stomach area, just below the bra line area. At first, I thought it was caused by something I ate that didn’t agree with me or digest well such as raw vegetables, which seem to be a bit a problem for me still. But 3 days later I’m still feeling the pressure. I wouldn’t say I feel a lot of pain or nausea . It’s mostly pressure and discomfort that I feel that comes and goes in that area and not necessarily after I eat. I just feel uncomfortable. I’m a side sleeper and even that position is uncomfortable. Even though I’ve been on solid food for awhile now, I’ve reverted to soft foods and Soups since I’ve experienced these symptoms because I don’t want to aggravate my symptoms.
    But it hasn’t gotten any better. Do you think this is a stricture? What symptoms did you experience before they discovered the stricture? Should I be worried? Should I reach out to my health care team?
    Thank you!
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    Crystalmoon reacted to xFatBoy007 in slowwwww weight loss   
    Stick in there it will come. How much exercise are you doing? I was in a 2 month rut where I lost only 4 lbs and I was 8 months out. I kicked up my exercise and cut my carbs to 50g a day and it started to move again. Remember it’s not a race it’s a marathon. Keep your head ⬆️

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    Crystalmoon reacted to smarks in Tragic accident   
    I had my surgery Monday. Tuesday while in hospital I found out my son died in a car accident. I’m grieving so bad and reaching out to you all for prayers
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    Crystalmoon reacted to Maisey in Vomiting   
    For many people, a runny nose or hiccups is a sign that you have already eaten too much. I also get a gurgle in my stomach.
    I went through a stage similar to what you are describing. I THOUGHT I was eating slowly enough and chewing thoroughly enough. When I examined closely what I was actually doing, it turns out I was chewing very well but I was still eating too fast and therefore, eating too much before I realized it. I had to make a very conscious effort to pay attention while I was eating and eat less than I thought I wanted or needed. chicken was involved more than once even though I had successfully eaten it often before. Another mistake I was making was not waiting long enough to drink after I ate. Drinking before meal time does not seem to have an effect for me. But drinking too soon afterwards seemed to contribute to my problem. And my immediate reaction when I start to feel uncomfortable, was to drink something to "wash it down." Big mistake, that only makes it worse.
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    Crystalmoon reacted to ms.sss in Food Before and After Photos   
    Too lazy to get my a$$ off the couch so Uber Eats it is!
    A Wendy’s Apple Pecan chicken salad w/ half a packet of the dressing: 470 calories.
    Am starving (though don’t know why, I’ve basically sat still for the past 4 hours!), so I anticipate eating most of this…

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    Crystalmoon reacted to mi75 in 7 years ago today...   
    Seven years ago today I got a second chance at life. I had multiple comorbidities and 2 organs were quite literally failing. I would have died within a couple years for sure. Surgery saved my life. Literally.
    I've had a great post op course. I had some regain, one of my health issues returned, I focused and got even more serious and have been on track since.
    What an incredible seven years I've had. Without VSG I may have very well not seen my child graduate high school this year. Or been here to support my mom when my dad died very quickly from cancer. Finished Nurse Practitioner school. Helped my husband through a complete 180 in his career. Or a million other things.
    What a massive gratitude I have for this surgery. I will always identify as a WLS patient. I'll never take it for granted. Yes, I'll always have to work at it (I'm unfortunately not a patient who reached goal easily and moved on) but it's worth it.
    My life is worth it.
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    Crystalmoon reacted to njgal1983 in Post Op Phase 3 BBQ 😩   
    Hi all! I am new to this forum and looking for some support. I’m having my sleeve surgery on July 26. I am hosting a bbq pool party for family (first time we’re seeing each other post COVID) but I will still be in phase 3. What are some good food choices that don’t scream “I just had bariatric surgery”? I was thinking deviled eggs with light mayo would work…. Any other thoughts? Thanks!
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    Crystalmoon reacted to Nsch1018 in 8 months NO WEIGHT LOSS   
    Hi Mom of 3:
    im a mom of 3 and 5’ 2” so can sort of understand your frustrations. However I’m only about two weeks out from surgery. You have lost 40 to 45 pounds — that is amazing. I hope to lose that much in the next year as well. Others on this forum can probably give you some tips, I know there are bariatric coaches who will be able to help and give you ideas.

    who gives a d*** what your supposed “normal weight” is supposed to be. You are brave to have taken this step and with your experience you can probably help a lot of newbies like me.

    this is a great place to share your thoughts because everyone is so encouraging.

    hang in there - you’ve got this!
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    Crystalmoon reacted to xring3 in 3 weeks Post Op and so sick   
    I understand your pain. I had the surgery over 10 years ago and had similar reactions. To this day if I eat or drink just a very little bit too much I get sick. This was one of the worst decisions I have ever made. I would recommend to everyone not to have this operation. Want to lose weight? Eat less and exercise.

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    Crystalmoon reacted to Sleeve_Me_Alone in Collagen Peptides   
    Actually, for skin/hair/nail/joint support, the studies are pretty encouraging and the emerging science wholly supports collagen as a viable supplement. There is less data around collagen for muscle building/repair, but that's not my goal in taking it, so not a concern. I understand it's not a complete protein and therefore not a suitable sole source. Just wondering if, generally speaking, it should count towards overall protein goal. I don't want to short change myself, but also don't want to constantly be striving to hit a goal that I might already be achieving.

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    Crystalmoon reacted to Officially Not Fatty Matty in Wanting to try to eat   
    I always feel awkward when answering these. Most of the time I type all this out then don’t send it. But I’m having one of those days where I don’t care about giving perfect advice or worry about upsetting someone so here it is.
    Simple and best answer: follow your plan. Realistic talking to a human answer: yeah you should be fine to have a little nibble. One word of caution, be self aware. That means know yourself enough to know if this little cheat will lead to another. Some people can handle it, some can’t. If you don’t know where you fall on that spectrum I would be very cautious. None of us are perfect but that doesn’t mean don’t try to be perfect with the plan.
    Me? I didn’t like my plan so I found one that fit what I wanted to eat. I’m not assuming my doctor is the be-all-end-all best doctor in the world and all the other doctors who have different post op plans are idiots. I found one that listed cottage cheese early and said “hell yah I like cottage cheese” and switched. I didn’t die, I was very successful with my weight loss. At four weeks I was told to try anything I wanted and if it didn’t agree with me I’d know it. Keep the portion sizes in check though. I believe that is the most important advice I can give. Love the restriction, don’t abuse it.
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    Crystalmoon reacted to ThreeOhThree in Food Before and After Photos   
    Prepackaged meals help me out so much 😩. Rotisserie chicken and salad is prepare from grocery store. I added ground beef to the baked Beans. 10 min dinner, ate it all.

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    Crystalmoon reacted to jg7979 in What was your tipping point?   
    When insurance added coverage…
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    Crystalmoon reacted to ChubRub in What was your tipping point?   
    My husband is very active, and I was previously very active too, but over the years as I gained weight, I could no longer keep up with him. He and a friend went on a week-long mountain biking trip and while he was away I started plotting my plan to be able to do the trip WITH him the following year. I called a surgeon, and was able to get in for my first class within a day or 2 of my call. When I picked my husband up from his trip, I told him all about my appointment and that I was going to have WLS. He was (and still is!) so supportive and so excited for me!
    OH yeah...the next year, we went on that mountain biking trip TOGETHER!!! It was during Covid, so we had to modify the route (campgrounds closed), but we did it!!! I looked super cute in my biking outfits too! LOL!!!
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    Crystalmoon reacted to chunkarella in What was your tipping point?   
    I would say that my tipping point was losing about 70 lbs on Keto, and then regaining all (plus more) back and seeing just how much better i felt when i was doing what was right. I know that keto wasnt sustainable and after talking w/my therapist and reading online, i decided to pursue surgery. i know it wouldnt be an easy way out, but it has made me return to how much better i felt and know that i can keep going. i just moved apartments and i managed to pack and move most of my person stuff and i didnt feel like i needed a week to recoup.

    and you had mentioned eating out. It's soooo difficult for me bc i enjoy eating out with my friends (esp now that covid restrictions are being lifted and we're all vaccinated) but i still have to be wary. Order apps for Entrees (or find a good friend that would split their entree with you!) and maybe a side of veggies. Order only Water and absolutely STOP when you're full. i get these weird hiccups when i'm full and they're very loud and embarassing so i try to avoid pushing myself.. plus, it can always be lunch the next day!
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    Crystalmoon reacted to Lose to Cruise in What was your tipping point?   
    Wow! I'm so excited to find you all! I've been struggling and yo-yoing for years. Almost every time I meet a new doctor, one of the first things they ask is if I want to consider WLS. I've always said NO. I really thought I could do it on my own, and I have, several times, but always gain it back and more. Now my knees are bone-on-bone and I am in constant pain. My quality of life stinks and I hate not being able to do even the most "normal" things, like clean my apartment, walk up stairs, etc. I now work at a hospital and have good benefits and noticed on our website that they are offering a virtual info session on their weight loss surgery options. So, I signed up! I found this website by searching about alcohol after WLS! lol . I have a goal for 2023, to do a Mediterranean cruise. I went on one in 2016 when I was about 30 pounds lighter. I was able to walk and get around, but I know it would have been so much better if I wasn't so heavy/morbidly obese. I want to go back and see the places we missed (I travel with my daughters) and I know if I don't get this weight off, I won't be able to do it.

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