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  1. What made people decide to get the bypass over the sleeve? My sister recommends sleeve but shes had many issues.
  2. Chrissylynn80

    Never me

    I feel like everyone else can get the surgery but there is no way it will happen for me. I will be the last fat person in my family and i'll die unhealthy, pathetic and hiding from the world. I lost 150 pounds before then got married to a food addict and gained almost all of it back. I can not do it anymore. If i can not get it i do not want to be alive anymore. I have no quality of life and now i have gout. I need some good news. I go in september 11th to see what the surgeon says. Anyone else feel this way?
  3. Five people in my and my husbands family have gotten WLS. They all had their doctors document the issues and the weight loss plans. I am so worried about being approved because the said gout and bleeding ulcers don't count for co-morbidity. So i put weight on to get to a higher BMI. I call my doctor about help because this extra weight feels awful and they told me to just deal with the weight loss surgeon that they can not help. Why did everyone i know need help from their doctors to get is passed but mine says i don't need it? Has everyone here who has had it have help from their docs? Thanks for any help!
  4. Chrissylynn80

    Need personal docs help?

    Self pay is no option at all for me but thank you. My husband's health went down seriously the last couple years and he can not work. My credit is shot. This is my only option .
  5. Chrissylynn80

    Never me

    Thank you both. That helps a lot. I feel the odds are against me and yet it was so easy for everyone i know. I hear all these horror stories on here and i think that will be me. I waited too long. I gained my weight back 8 years ago and i should of done it then. I kept trying to do it myself and it was hard to admit i could not. I am ready to do what i have to. It has been a rough lonely day and i am so glad i found this place. I can finally get some sleep. Thank you guys again.
  6. Chrissylynn80

    Need personal docs help?

    Oh no. My ulcers will be a problem. I did not even think of that. No. I can not live this way. I can not be stuck like this. Oh God.
  7. Chrissylynn80

    4 Weeks and only 10lbs!

    If it helps my sister took a while to lose hers and she is 147lbs now from 230. She is really happy. She lost it slower but it stayed off 2 years now.
  8. Chrissylynn80

    Need personal docs help?

    Sounds like my sister got lucky. Her doc helped her through all of the getting approved part. My biggest fear is they will fight me and i will be stuck this way, Disgusted and hiding from the world. I just need to see what the surgeon says and go from there. I appreciate you guys commenting and helping me.
  9. Chrissylynn80

    Need personal docs help?

    Thank you. My sister swore she needed her docs help but maybe that was just her case. She was at a smaller weight but had health issues. I do not have proof yet of my issues due to avoiding doctors and the scale lol. yeah that was dumb but i am ready to face this finally and i am scared i will not get help. I feel i can never be better. I do not picture it happening for me. Maybe that is normal?