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  1. I often use vitamins to improve my energy levels. Vitamin B seems to me much effective in this case. There are lot of vitamins with different purpose each the thing that matters most is how you utilize them in a way to avoid side effects. Here https://sportsinside.co.uk/blogs/magazine/vitamins-for-energy you can see the list of vitamins for improving energy levels. I manage the dosage of vitamins according to the the guidelines from my physician.
  2. What was the trigger for your back pain? During my experience in gym I've seen many weight lifters facing this issue, and the reason behind the issue is lifting heavy weight without proper training and wrong posture. Many weight lifters wear weight lifting belt to prevent weight lifting belt, because it supports the back. You can see its benefits here https://www.aqfsports.com/blogs/news/definitive-weightlifting-belts-guide , There may be many potential causes of back pain and the way of treating it will be different for each case.
  3. John76575

    Working out again question.

    I would like to know the reason behind your longer recovery. I often see many athletes in my gym who face same problem of late recovery after injuring their muscles. I'm confused about the role of diet in healing the injury.
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    Weight Lifting

    i've been doing weight lifting for 1 year, and it has changed my life much. I feel much focused in my daily routine tasks and feel much good.