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  1. I’m two weeks out, I’ve only lost 10 pounds TOTAL, that includes the liquid diet. Sigh!! And I assume all of the IV fluid weight is gone, so I’m just not really losing. However, I have a pair of skinny jeans I try on every day to check the fit and they are definitely looser. So there’s that. It is frustrating to not see the scale move though. I went to my first appointment and my doctor asked how much weight I had lost and I was embarrassed because it was basically nothing.
  2. This is such an interesting convo. I actually waited to get WLS BECAUSE I got so much attention for my figure that it seemed like I should stay at my weight. Although I weighed 250, I am hourglass-shaped with a smaller waist, very large breasts, and I carried my weight extremely well; most people would underestimate my weight by 50-60 lbs and in my community, curves are praised and prized. I was so used to compliments about my body (and in fact I have even been vain about my looks for years) that it felt like WLS would take something away from me that I am happy with. However, I decided that health is more important this than compliments and so I decided to get the surgery. I’d be lying if I said I am not worried about losing my curves because I definitely am, but I also want to live to be old and healthy and this was the right decision. I appreciate this convo- I read threads like the “what I won’t miss about being fat” threads and I don’t relate to them at all- my weight was part of what made me feel beautiful and now I’m afraid I will lose some of my beauty without it, which I guess is unusual. This thread I can relate to, because I, too, didn’t want to lose weight because of societal pressures; it’s just that we have been influenced by different pressures. Loys of hugs- this is a journey that many of us will have to work through as our lives change.
  3. niclovesjustice

    Share your post-op experience

    REST. It’s something that I don’t see mentioned much when it comes to this type of surgery. My dad is a surgeon (kidney) and he has really stressed to me the importance of resting. My nutritionist told me not to nap during the day because it would take away time from drinking (!). My dad said that was the craziest thing he’s ever heard. He recognizes the importance of staying hydrated, but points out that even though this procedure was laparoscopic, it’s still major surgery. The body heals itself when it is resting, and this type of surgery requires major healing. I honestly find myself taking a nap every two hours, and I felt guilty about that at first. He said that napping is totally normal and not to fight it because my body knows how much rest I need to heal and will make sure that I get it. So while you should walk around for gas pain and drink a LOT, you should also rest a lot- it’s literally necessary for your body to heal properly. Follow your body cues. If you are tired, rest. Even if you don’t feel tired, still get extra rest and allow your body to go through the healing process.
  4. niclovesjustice

    Surgery time frame

    I started the process in June and had surgery Thursday. My insurance did not require a supervised diet and I was able to skip the sleep doctor. I had to do three nutritionist appointments, psych, EKG, gastroenterology and tons of bloodwork.
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    My insurance paid everything except $100 for the overnight hospital stay.
  6. niclovesjustice

    Hospital stay

    I had surgery on the 27th (sleeve) and came home last night.

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