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  1. DogMomDoesRNY-2021

    May Surgery Buddies?

    Omg! Hahahaha! I just noticed that this post is from 2020! Lol. Not 2021! Sorry guys, obviously new and using this app!! 😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️
  2. DogMomDoesRNY-2021

    May Surgery Buddies?

    I’m scheduled for May 12th!! Congratulations to alllllll of us! It’s getting so close! And so real!
  3. DogMomDoesRNY-2021

    Painted in a corner--marriage issue

    Hahaha! Ugh, men! Lol. Kidding! That’s true, people don’t always have the “right words”. For the record, I could see on his face that he regretted making that comment! As soon as he saw the response on my face... he looked like he felt bad for potentially hurting me.
  4. DogMomDoesRNY-2021

    Painted in a corner--marriage issue

    I am also a few months out from having surgery (I have to wait until March, I have to accrue more vacation time to take off for after surgery, bummer) I am not married but in a relationship. My boyfriend adores me and loves everything about my body currently (so he says, lol. Of course women never 100% believe that, right?) But he made a somewhat similar comment and I was definitely a little hurt and surprised, he said it like he was kinda kidding but it's stuck with me. He said that he's a little worried that I'll lose weight and get cocky and thing I deserve better and leave him (he's a bigger guy) Then he said, "But if that happens, I have photo evidence..." I was hoping he was going to say, photo evidence that I loved him before, no! He meant photo evidence that I was once fat also! Ouch! He's extremely supportive and wants me to do whatever I feel is right for me! But clearly, a tad insecure too? I'm trying to not nail him to the cross for that one, but instead be understanding that he will have his doubts and fears about the process just like I do. Just in different ways.