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  1. Shell4451

    Three days postop

    I had surgery then as well. Hope you have a quick and safe recovery!
  2. Shell4451

    Anyone for August 2020

    I am 3 days out from gastric bypass! Good luck Camilla!
  3. Shell4451

    Surgery Tommorrow

    Quinno how did surgery go? I’m doing ok. Not pain meds needed just yet. Drinking water and apple juice. Slowly and sipping!
  4. Shell4451

    Surgery Tommorrow

    Mine is at 7:30 am tomorrow, first thing in the morning. The thought of a protein shake or broth nauseates me. I am able to drink apple juice, so that not bad. Good luck to you as well and your journey!
  5. Shell4451

    Surgery Tommorrow

    Thank you Lychee! ☺️
  6. Excited and nervous. Surgery tomorrow. Felt icky the past 3 days. Can’t stomach another protein shake or broth. Drinking water! 🤞🏻🙏🏼
  7. Shell4451

    Anyone not into milk products?

    Maybe try a protein powder to add to broths?
  8. Shell4451

    IBS and RNY

    Has anyone been diagnosed with IBS and then had Gastric bypass surgery? Did the surgery make it worse it better? No change? Thanks!
  9. Mine is scheduled for August 11 and I’m hoping it won’t be postponed. 😔
  10. Shell4451

    IBS and RNY

    Thank you so much!
  11. Shell4451

    Nausea from protein shakes/powder

    Does anyone have issue with loose bowl movements with the protein shakes? It’s almost like dumping syndrome.....
  12. Shell4451

    Soft Food Suggestions

    Snappish thank you so much! I’ve been looking everywhere!
  13. Shell4451

    Soft Food Suggestions

    I can’t find sugar free popsicles. Where did you get them?
  14. Shell4451

    Got my reschedule date

    I would not want to do the liquid diet again. I’m 4 days in. Difficult!
  15. Shell4451

    Feeling Guilty(as I should)

    Thank you for the encouragement!
  16. Shell4451

    Feeling Guilty(as I should)

    I am in day three of the pre op diet and it’s HARD!! I feel like I need something like a small salad or piece of fruit in the evening to make me feel better. We can do this!!!
  17. Shell4451

    Anyone for August 2020

    Hi PerezL84. I am scheduled for the Gastric bypass. The pre op is tough. Been hungry and tired but hoping that passes, just day 3.
  18. Shell4451

    Diet preop

    I just started the pre-op diet. It is just 4-5 protein shakes, jello, broth, and plain yogurt. It’s tough but we can all get through it as we can see a future at the end.
  19. Shell4451

    Anyone for August 2020

    I am scheduled for Aug 11