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    kar89 reacted to SuperFab in Any Oklahoma Sleevers   
    That was so funny! I did have a woman ask me when my baby was due and I looked at her and said "about 4 o'clock when the bus pulls up n drops her off"!!!! The look on her face was priceless.
    My last appointment is dec 2 and then it'll be time to talk to her and get everything scheduled.
  2. Hugs
    kar89 reacted to taraRN84 in Any Oklahoma Sleevers   
    I'm using Hamilton Le and am currently waiting insurance approval. I really have been happy with his program thus far!
  3. Hugs
    kar89 reacted to luckyme2g in Any Oklahoma Sleevers   
    Hi! I am in OKC and think I will be going with Dr. Hamilton Le. Still early in the process though.
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    Yay! It's like a weight lifted off your shoulders, huh? :-)
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    kar89 reacted to fredawyatt in What dr are you seeing Oklahoma City?   
    I went to Dr Hamilton Le and I love him he AWSOME had sleeve on the 7 th of January would recommend him highly .
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    kar89 reacted to Spreble21 in What dr are you seeing Oklahoma City?   
    I am also seeing Dr. Hamilton Le at Integris Baptist and I also have Aetna insurance. My plan requires 3 months of non-surgical weight loss prior to surgery. Aside from that, I will be finished with all of my requirements tomorrow afternoon. My 3 months will be up when I see the nutritionist for my last visit on Nov 11th. I'm hoping to have surgery before the end of the year. How far along are you in your journey?
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    kar89 reacted to Onephatmom in What dr are you seeing Oklahoma City?   
    I'm going to Dr. Hamilton Le. I like him a lot. I started with Dr. Broussard but switched after I found out the info they told me about them being covered by my insurance was not correct. That's a costly mistake. Be sure to check your insurance and not take the dr.'s word for it. Also, I had to start all my requirements over so that was irritating. I have Aetna, they referred me to Dr. Le and integris is a center of excellence.
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    Congrats Sherry!! It'll be here before you know it. I went to my first nut appt and a physical therapy checkup. The nut put me on a diet similar to Atkins and the phys therapist wants me to use a spirometer three times a day to strengthen my lungs before surgery.
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    Where in OK? I'm in OKC and going to Dr Hamilton Le at Baptist Integris. I just started the process and will meet with doc on April 18.
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    Oklahoma City OK, Dr. Hamilton Le, Integris Baptist Hospital
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    I had my sleeve done yesterday. Just sore and hungry. They won let me eat just drink. Going home today.
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    kar89 reacted to ashly1119 in Oklahoma City Sleevers   
    Im just now looking for a surgeon!
    Dr Hamilton is the only one in network with my insurance company. How long from the start did it take you to get a surgery date? does he make you do 3 or 6 months?
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    kar89 reacted to joysdelights in Oklahoma City Sleevers   
    I got my surgery date. January 29. I am so excited!
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    kar89 reacted to angeleyes67 in My Journey Begins   
    Glad your surgery went well. It was the best decision I have made in a very long time. I'm already down 3 sizes!!!!
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    Yesterday I got sleeved at Integris Hospital in Okc Ok by Dr. Hamilton Le. I must say that I had a wonderful surgeon and support staff. The nurses were all wonderful and I had minimal pain after the procedure. Drinking all of the litle cups of Water immediately after getting to my room was kind of wild. I had to drink water out of those little plastic cups that they use for meds. They wanted me to drink 8 every two hours plus I had to walk twice a shift. The first few laps were a little wobbley but soon I was goiing aroud the place like a pro. I must say that today after all of the gas was gone and the anethesia wore off I did have some pain today and had to take a dose of liquid lortab. The liquid pain med gets into the system much faster than the pills and it took care of my pain right away. My first meal at home was some blended cream of chicken Soup wich tasted great but I think I over ate a little. So I was overfull for at least an hour. My wife made me some home made cream of mushroom soup and this time I only had one half of a cup. I bought one of thse coffee cup warmers to keep my soup warm while I at. I took plenty of time to do that but I still didn't finish it, it was just too much. I am completely happy with my decision and I can't wait to start wearing smaller and smaller jeans and shirts. I have quite a collection of pants and shirts in various sizes so I plan on donating them as I "shrink our" of them. I will keep you all posted as time goes on. I really appreciate all of the suppott from you folks as I got prepared for the journey.
    Mark Thomas, Edmond Oklahoma
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    kar89 reacted to Wchild22 in And they're off!   
    That is awesome news! Your ac1 is looking great BTW.