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  1. butterisnotacarb

    Protein Water

    Can anyone recommend a protein water? Looking on Amazon, I feel 90 calories is a little stiff for water (premier protein). Gatorade Zero has a 50 calorie option but I'm not a huge Gatorade fan. Looked at Nectar in the Bariatric Pal Store but it's pricey and I'm not sure about the taste. Would love to know if anyone has a favorite. Sent from my SM-N981U using BariatricPal mobile app
  2. butterisnotacarb

    Facial Hair

    I don't have a lot of all over facial hair but I do get them under my chin like crazy and have one or two random super long hairs in my cheek area. I'm almost 40. My mom gets the single long hair too so it's genetic I'm sure. I finally got fed up and decided to dermaplane. I do it myself with an eyebrow razor called Tinkle you can buy cheap on Amazon. There's a few great YT videos with 1 million+ views that show how to do it. No shaving cream, just damp skin. Never looked back. It also is a great way to exfoliate. Sent from my SM-N981U using BariatricPal mobile app
  3. butterisnotacarb


    I have not but prior to my surgery I was on Naltrexone for food addiction for a short period of time. My surgeon told me to stop taking the meds in case I needed it at some point after surgery. So I guess it's not unheard of? Hang in there!
  4. butterisnotacarb

    Gastric Sleevr Vs. Bypass

    Not a psychiatrist but Vyvanse is slow release Dexedrine or Dextroamphetamine. I was put on Dexedrine when diagnosed with bad ADHD at 14 and no other ADHD med, including Vyvanse, has worked for me since. I totally get that part. You'd have to talk to your doc about Dexedrine (the capsules are way better than the tablet for me personally) and everyone is different. Since its not extended release, I take it twice a day. Just thought I'd mention it as an alternative to Vyvanse that may work with the bypass. Good luck to you!
  5. butterisnotacarb

    Questioning Nutritionist Advice

    Thanks for both of your posts! It makes me feel better. My surgeon's PA (who is also his wife lol) also said the same thing about the 8 pounds a month. I love this board, so many helpful suggestions and people but I get anxious reading about people that stay below x amount of calories until a year out from surgery. Or those that have met goal (although a similar SW to myself) by 6 or 7 months. I definitely get the low carb thing but I paid for surgery with the hope that keto wouldn't be any part of my future. I've tried it and it's just so expensive and unrealistic for me personally. I wanted the switch and my surgeon said he thought I'd do fine with the less severe sleeve and promised no keto required. Lol. I'm hoping that slow and somewhat steady will win the race. Thanks again!!
  6. butterisnotacarb

    VSG Week 3 Postop: Able to eat a lot??

    This!! I was so worried at the same point post-op because a container (small) of nonfat plain Greek yogurt, Popsicles, even mashed potatoes to a lesser extent didn't make me full. I kept reading here how people couldn't finish 3 bites of anything post-op and it scared me! I called my surgeon and he said wait until you eat regular food. And he was right.
  7. After reading threads on stalls, I'm questioning my nutrionists advice at my 6.5 month post surgery appointment on 1/12/21. Background info = surgery July 9, SW 205, CW 163 5'5" on a good day. I've been in a maintenance phase (not deliberately) for 2 months. According to my surgeon's PA and nutritionist, I wasn't getting enough protein at 60-65g per day. I've since corrected that. But after a body composition test (reads lean body fat, resting BMR, water weight, muscle mass) the nutritionist he told me 1300 calories a day to continue losing. 25 to 30% protein (81g-98), 40% carbs (130g) and 30% fat (43g). He said no less than 1200 a day. Thid seems like a lot compared to what others have said here about their daily intake. I realize that what he told me will result in slow weight loss which isn't bad but... My surgeon's PA was happy with my weight loss so far since this is for life, not a race. But no loss in 2.5 months is disappointing to me. Maybe my surgeon (best in my city and I paid more for him specifically) has a different philosophy than most? How would you take this recommendation from your nutritionist?
  8. butterisnotacarb

    Major stall!!

    I would make sure your protein intake is where it should be. That was my doctor's main recommendation. My surgeon's PA did say my body was probably getting comfy at my current weight. I just didn't realize I needed to up my protein after post surgery by 20 grams. I do try to look at the bright side of my mistake. Fast fat loss means sagging skin and my face has already aged from the loss I've had so far. And I'm not that old.
  9. butterisnotacarb

    Major stall!!

    I understand what you're going through and honestly, hang on there! I stalled from Thanksgiving day (only lost a pound between Halloween and Thanksgiving) until yesterday. I had surgery July 9 and have only lost 45 pounds. I am thankful for that loss but read on here how others near my starting weight (5'5 on a good day and 205 pounds) have reached goal and gotten to 124 in 6 or 7 months. I started a pouch reset (I'm on day 4) and the scale moved down 2.4 pounds as of day 3. Also saw my surgeon for 6 month check in and he recommended the Baritastic app and I've been tracking. I had only been getting in 60g protein a day and upped it to 81 to 95. Upped my exercise intensity as well. But the thing that did it was the reset. Maybe sub a protein shake for a meal on a daily basis? Changing it up is always good for a stall.
  10. butterisnotacarb

    First Post-Op Visit

    My week 3 starts tomorrow and the most solid food I've eaten is watery cream of wheat. I had it once. I'm too lazy to make cream of wheat on the stovetop top again. Lol. Premier Protein shakes, broth and sugar free popsicles have been my mainstays.
  11. butterisnotacarb

    First Post-Op Visit

    I had surgery on July 9th and at my first post-op appointment, my surgeon didn't discuss my weight loss numbers at all. I lost 12 pounds since surgery and 10 pounds since my first visit to him. Is this odd? My BMI is 33 but the whole point was weight loss. I guess I could've asked but... Is that normal? Did your surgeon comment at your firt post-op appointment?
  12. butterisnotacarb

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    Thank you! I was panicking. I texted my mom and was like OMG!! But you are right, every doctor is different.
  13. butterisnotacarb

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    Congests on your loss ladymgsv! I didn't feel sick, no. I'm in St. Louis, MO and I my surgeon was Dr. Minkin at St. Luke's hospital. I paid more for him because he's one of the top bariatric surgeons in the city. After my surgery, I stayed 2 nights in the hospital and was super nauseous. After going home, I never once needed the anti-nausea or pain medication prescribed. I asked about this at my post-op and Dr. said it was normal for laparoscopic after a 2 night stay. I hate that I'm questioning him or the surgery but... From what I've read, I expected worse. I also feel hunger pangs, not rumbling but pain. I thought the process got rid of the hunger hormones? Hope I'm worrying for nothing.
  14. butterisnotacarb

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    I had laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery on July 9th and I'm down 12 pounds. Tonight I ate my 2nd non-liquid food since surgery and it seems I was able to consume too much. I had cream of wheat (3 Tbsp dry) 2 days ago and that was fine. Tonight I was able to finish a Chobani plain nf greek yogurt container. I thought the sleeve only allowed for 4 bites of food? I'm almost worried that something isn't right with my surgery and I paid cash. Should I be able to comfortably eat a container of non-fat Chobani?