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  1. I am going to Vegas in 2 weeks, I’m not a drinker but I’m sure I will want to enjoy some drinking. When is it ok to drink? I had surgery 7/14
  2. Is maintenance when you reached your goal weight ? I’m far from that lol
  3. I’m not a drinker either but I’m getting married and I just can’t imagine not having a drink of some sort.. luckily I have an appointment Wednesday I will have to ask...
  4. ladyJ2198

    7:14 Sleeved

    SW 265 Day of 259 CW 223 Anyone else losing slow idk what I’m doing wrong
  5. ladyJ2198

    7:14 Sleeved

    Thank you , I just had in my mind one way it would be and it turned out to be another so it’s sometimes a struggle
  6. ladyJ2198

    7:14 Sleeved

    It’s so frustrating my Dr is always encouraging but I can tell even he is surprised.... all I can say is I prob do not consume enough water but aside from that I’m doing everything and I can barely eat so that isn’t the issue... so annoying When were you sleeved?
  7. ladyJ2198

    Anyone go into surgery alone?

    I went alone and I didn’t even have energy or want to even call anyone until 10 or so hours after so let everyone know you’ll reach out when you can
  8. ladyJ2198


    My insurance paid for everything Hope you have insurance that does too
  9. I had my surgery 7/14 and I was doing the same thing lol I would eat the Tuna or egg salad like the devil egg filing it was great it got me through
  10. ladyJ2198


    The first 4 days I asked myself why I did it bc no one told me the pain would be so bad , maybe I just did not do enough research, then I hated the liquid diet the worse but not I’m 5 weeks out and 18 pounds down (which I think is minimal) but I’m glad I did give it time your regrets will disappear
  11. ladyJ2198

    How often do you weigh?

    That’s no lie lol I’m the same way, I have a scale in the kitchen and in the bathroom! I’m on the scale 10 times a day lol I’m 5 weeks post op I’m losing so slow ugh
  12. ladyJ2198


    Mine was horrible too in fact I posted just like you!!! It sucked hopefully this months is better I’m waiting lol
  13. ladyJ2198

    Eating little and lots

    I wonder if my surgery was a placebo I’m 5 weeks out I had my sleeve 7/14. Today I ate 2 kind bars 90 cals ea 1/2 size ones 2 Prosciutto 140 cals ea and cheese sticks and 2 ounces of a homemade chicken and bacon cheese burger 120 cals (I snuck 2 fries airfyed lol) I’m hungry now too smh I’m always hungry.... Im barely losing weight too smh Sw 276 Surgery weight 259 7/14 Today 242 I made my protein which is 70 a day Some days I do my shakes but I’d rather eat something if it will give me the same calories same protein
  14. Go for it!! It will be rough a few days but it will be worth it
  15. ladyJ2198

    GERD before surgery advice

    I have Gerd I take 40mg of Prilosec a day before surgery 7/14 I had the sleeve. I was warned it could get much worse but it actually got better. I haven’t had heartburn once and I barely take my medicine anymore lol
  16. ladyJ2198

    Protein shakes

    I’m one month post op I’m doing 310Nutriton I love it and it’s only 90 or 110 calories
  17. ladyJ2198

    Taking Meds Post-op

    I was told I have to crush any pills to take, I don’t know why but I haven’t taken a regular pill since surgery 7/14 I had gastric sleeve
  18. ladyJ2198

    July surgery progress report anyone?

    Gastric sleeve 7/14 Sw 276 Day of surgery 259 Today 243 Uggghhhhh it’s so slow
  19. Hi Any ladies wear shapewear after gastric sleeve surgery! I am almost 4 weeks post op and I’m wondering how long I have to wait!!!! TIA
  20. ladyJ2198


    Ms.Mocie I just love my spanks I always have I have a stomach I feel better when it’s tamed lol
  21. ladyJ2198

    Drive to Eat vs. Actual Hunger

    Mr Alley Gator how long ago did you have surgery? I’m wondering how I could ever eat and 6 inch sub but thinking I would love too lol
  22. ladyJ2198

    July surgery progress report anyone?

    Sleeve 7/14 Sw 274 Day of surgery 259 CW 244
  23. ladyJ2198

    Newly sleeved

    I was sleeved 7/14 and I did the same thing, worried about my calories bc I wondered how was I surviving lol but honestly you don’t need any. Just focus on your protein shakes and water and take your vitamins:.. you will be great!!!! Soon you’ll be able to eat soup I did Bariatric soup low calorie and high protein... best of luck
  24. ladyJ2198

    Swimming after sleeve

    I went 2 weeks after
  25. ladyJ2198

    Shopped Post Op Diet Plans

    I was eating egg salad too on day 4 I’m almost a month in since my sleeve and I love egg and tuna doesn’t bother me a bit and I can’t eat much at a time anyway

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