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  1. Camillia

    Tricare Waiting Approval How Long?

    Hi Sam! For me the process was pretty quick even with the many appointments Tricare required of me. I started the paperwork towards the end of March and had surgery 8/18. I had something to do with every week. My longest period of waiting was 3 weeks and that was for insurance final approval. Good luck to you!
  2. Camillia

    Anyone for August 2020

    Hi, I also had that fear and just fear of the unknown ( will I be the only one to experience severe pain, will I have to be readmitted to er for not getting enough water and nutrients, what if the gas and bloating never ends.....) among other thoughts. Now I’m 3 days post op and am having to remind myself that I had major surgery and that it’s going to take time to heal. I’m reminding myself of this everyday. Today, my pain seems more bearable, but I have only been able to take my vitamins, medications and eat a popsicle. I have been walking more around my house. I will be praying that your fear subsides soon, and that each day will get better and better for you. You got this!
  3. Camillia

    Pain after surgery

    Hi All, I’m 2 days post op. Still feeling lots of pain and bloating. I was able to drink half a protein shake and bottle of water. But the gas is treacherous. Any suggestions?
  4. Camillia

    Anyone for August 2020

    Hi Everyone, I was having serious anxiety be fore my surgery today and shared that with the anesthesiologist, and she gave me something for my emotions.
  5. Camillia

    Anyone for August 2020

    Thank you to All who sent well wishes, to those of us that had surgery today😊😊 I truly am grateful for the encouragement
  6. Camillia

    Anyone for August 2020

    Hi All! I had my surgery today. Experiencing some pain but the Benadryl and pain medicine keeps me asleep. Anyone else experience this or have experienced this? Sending happy thoughts everyone’s way
  7. Camillia

    Anyone for August 2020

    Hi tarotcardreader! My apologies, but I do not know how to respond to a direct question 😬 But, I sort of meal prepped for my pre-op. I followed the liver shrink diet given to me by the dietician. But it’s been difficult to drink 2 shakes a day, I did 1, ate a packet of tuna for lunch, plum and sugar free gelatin for my snacks and baked salmon or salmon veggie patties with roasted garlic for dinner. With the addition of my anxiety, my appetite has been very low
  8. Camillia

    Anyone for August 2020

    Sending you well wishes! I will be ha big my surgery tomorrow morning. We got this!
  9. Camillia

    Surgery done today

    Thank you so much! I will definitely reach out! wishing you continued success!
  10. Camillia

    Surgery done today

    Thank you for sharing your journey. My gastric bypass surgery is scheduled for August 18. My goal is 125 pounds also. You are really helping me to know what to expect. I’m scared and excited at the same time
  11. Camillia

    Anyone for August 2020

    I am scheduled for gastric bypass on August 18
  12. Camillia

    The Waiting Game

    Hi All! I’m new to this site, but I also waited 3 weeks for someone to call me about surgery. I reached out to my pcp and weight loss dr. Finally received my call late Monday afternoon, had my appointment and preop procedures today and scheduled for surgery tomorrow. Stay encouraged, when you get your call things are going to move quickly