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  1. 17th day post op.   Feeling pretty good.  Nearly 30lbs weight loss (since two weeks before surgery).  The first few days were a challenge, questioned my decision a few times.  However from about day 2-3 on, I improved exponentially each day.   Pain management wasn't terrible; I could feel discomfort internally from the start. I didn't feel any incision pain until day 4, (he used a local anesthesia called Exparel).  Initially it hurt to drink anything and the volume of water/protein supplement they suggest seemed unreasonable.  However by day 3/4 I was able to get down the full amount.  I was nervous about the pain that vomiting would induce but I never did vomit.  Energy level was very low. Everyone had told me, "Walk, walk, walk."  I couldn't even imagine taking any type of lengthy walk. Only made it around the house; as a mom of two I couldn't get away with just staying in bed.     So now... fast forward 2 weeks and I am feeling pretty good.   I got through those initial days of recovery.  Now I am beyond the clears, the full liquids and now on the purees.  I have survived on sugar free popsicles and Pure Protien shakes.   Now I am just trying to figure out what I can cook that will be within the parameters of what is suggested.  Soup.  Energy level and stamina are still not what they were preop.  I am getting more and more active each day but everything seems more difficult than it should be.  It is a bummer because I am a busy person and I have lots to do.  II have been pain free since about post op day 9; until yesterday.  I began having some lower left quadrant pain.  Any discomfort I have had thus far weather it be fleeting (after meals/drinks) or even right after surgery has been high in my abdomen, almost to the sternum.  Now it is low, quite low and on the left side.  Has me a bit concerned... will keep y'all posted.    I will try to write more.  I like the idea of journaling throughout this transition.    

  2. How do I update surgery info?

    1. Gorgonio


      I'm curious of the same thing. Someone send us some help lol

    2. Lucedawg


      I figured it out. You go to the top of the screen, where your user name is. Upon pointing your cursor at your user name there will be a drop down. One of the options will be "my surgery". It will allow you to update the info.