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  1. Well if you can do it, I can do it
  2. Sassafras1

    Not Eating Enough

    I know I don't eat enough either. I'm trying to be more mindful and eat slower, I tend to just have 2 or 3 quick bites and then be over it, I also have teeth aligners in and have to take them out to eat so I've turned that into an excuse not too a lot, especially when I'm out with people. Shakes and smoothies are better so I've been adding protein and greens to them to get the intake up, this has helped me a lot!
  3. Sassafras1


    Welcome and congrats on your surgery!
  4. Sassafras1


    Wow this is all so crazy to me. I'm in Australia and not once did anyone do a pregnancy test on me or even ask if I might be pregnant pre op, the nurse mentioned early on that they recommend waiting a year to get pregnant but it doesn't always happen and they've had a few patients get pregnant in the pre-op liquid stage and still have surgery and everything was fine. There's so much sewing that goes on in America, it's just not something that people here do much of.
  5. Sassafras1

    am i overthinking...

    I really feel this. I told a very close friend of mine my plan (she is quite a lot bigger than me) and she was horrified, said it would ruin my life and I'd never be able to eat without throwing up (totally not true). So I never mentioned it to her again, had the surgery and told her about a month after. I was under the very wrong assumption that she may decide to do it too and we could support each other. It's a very personal decision and I now am a big believer in telling as few people as possible about your plan. I am only 4 months out and I couldn't be happier with my decision, the first week or so after surgery was pretty rough but I've never regretted the decision. You'll know if it's time, sounds like you already do TBH. Yeah it's hard at times but good hard and certainly not harder than being obese.
  6. I'm pretty new to this but from what I've read here, everyone who takes their recommended vitamins is doing well and their regular blood tests are all good. Being obese also develops into major complications which are not easy to address... I know what I'd prefer.
  7. That's great news about the pale skin and fading scars! Finally a perk!! Thank you.
  8. Sassafras1

    Food Before and After Photos

    I just want to say that I love all these options you have in the U.S. Here in Australia I haven't managed to find all these great no carb options! You've all inspired me to extend the search!
  9. Sassafras1

    What is the best feedback your therapist ever gave you?

    Great thread! Mine is Every decision we make is a towards move or an away move. We need to make sure most of the moves we make are taking us towards what we want and not away from it. "Towards moves" and "Away moves" I've found this very helpful, it's almost a mantra for me now.
  10. Sassafras1

    Food Before and After Photos

    Little cheese plate lunch box today. I ate about half of everything except the crackers, only 7 of them.
  11. Sassafras1

    May Surgery Buddies?

    Hi All, I had my sleeve on May 21st this year. Just thought id check in and see how you were all doing now that we're a couple of months out. How are you all?!
  12. Sassafras1


    No you're not, not one little bit. You love that you've been super successful and now you've forgotten what it was like the hundreds of times you tried to lose weight and failed pre WLS. You forget too easily that you had to have an entire organ bypassed from your digestive tract to get you where you are today. Don't forget, have compassion and empathy.

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